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Michigan Integrative Medicine provides acupuncture in Michigan, and acupuncture related treatment. At Michigan Integrative Medicine we combine the latest in acupuncture research with the wisdom of over 2000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. The common concept of acupuncture draws on the philosophy that bodily processes are controlled by an energy called qi that flows throughout the human body; disturbances of this particular flow are considered to be accountable for illness. Michigan Integrative Medicine offers individual centered treatment that covers the entire person as opposed to an isolated group of signs and symptoms. Please consider registering for a lovely class for heath care workers, volunteers and caregivers who want to help people living with advanced cancer and end of life issues. An individualized program for pelvic pain management is being sponsored by the Women's Urology Center at Beaumont Health System in Royal Oak. Our very own acupuncturists, Nicole Settle and Mark Boone will be fielding questions on pregnancy loss and infertility and how acupuncture may help.
For more details on this event involving pregnancy loss, infertility, bereavement and adoption issues, please 'click here'. She is Board Certified by the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology, the American Board of Emergency Medicine, and the American Board of Internal Medicine.
Despite her busy schedule at her original medical center in Martinsville, she became the area's best-known activist, raising over $1-million for charitable causes. While trained in traditional, allopathic medicine at the University of Virginia and her residency in Michigan, she developed a more holistic approach to healthcare as a result of her own life experience and close observation of patient's response to various treatments. She had struggled with her weight since puberty and finally got control of her weight with aggressive exercise, specifically running 5K and 10K races in her mid-20's while in training and later practicing Emergency Medicine. Special areas of interest are the prevention of disease using genomic testing, nutritional therapy, alternative and complimentary medicine, autoimmune disorders, sexual health in men and women, how to age gracefully, weight control, vibrational and energy medicine, food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, and detoxification.
As a holistic health practitioners, we use an integrated approach of Craniosacral Therapy, Spiritual-Life Coaching, Vibrational Medicine, Auricular Acupuncture, Jin-Shin Do Acupressure, Energy Medicine to help clients clear a path to wellness.
Whether you are seriously interested in minimizing pain, removing stress or anxiousness, attaining fertility support, or just boosting your all round health – the experts at Michigan Integrative Medicine are here to assist you. Acupuncture includes a family of treatments seeking to correct instability within the flow of qi by stimulation of bodily regions on or beneath the skin (commonly called acupuncture points or acupoints), from a number of methods.
We invest time to pay attention to, and have an understanding of our patients as unique individuals. Mersol-Barg just made sure we were as well informed as we could be about all treatment options, so we could make the best decision, which was IVF.
Acupuncture is not painful!  This is the first question people ask me when I recommend they make an appointment. Because traditional acupuncture considers every bodily function to be connected and interdependent, it recognizes the role emotions play in illness and disease.

Suppose these medicines could provide freedom from chronic and acute pain, and leave you feeling energized and whole.
Today, Chinese herbal companies make powders or pills from the traditional ingredients, in classical combinations that treat most illnesses. She completed all premedical coursework at Wayne State University in Michigan and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree.
There she received recognition for a scholarship based on her deep passion and pursuit of the study of Chinese Medicine.
She also worked at Chicago Women's Health Center, a collective, created in 1978, that provides affordable and accessible health care. We not only need to clean out the cupboards and the cobwebs in our homes, but our bodies and minds could use a similar sprucing up as well. In phase one, the toxins are mobilized out of the fat cells and in phase two, they are eliminated.
Vaughan is the daughter of two physicians and is a fourth generation physician on both sides of her family.
In February 2000, Martinsville's Mayor and City Council presented her with the city's Outstanding Citizen Award. When she left the emergency department, her urgent care practice quickly expanded into a health and wellness program, which focused on treatment of obesity in the mid-1990's. She then began a new course of learning, focused on nutrition, exercise, body-mind-spirit health, environmental toxins, and neurochemical and hormonal imbalances.
She does not treat cancer, but provides supportive nutritional and detoxification therapies for individuals receiving primary cancer treatment at other facilities. Vaughan tries to empower patients in the community to enable them to receive optimal medical care at any physician's office. We deliver safe and efficient acupuncture in Michigan treatment solutions in a very professional yet soothing setting.
The most popular system of stimulation of acupuncture points utilizes penetration of the skin by very thin metal needles, which can be manipulated by hand or by electrical related stimulation.
We value your role as part of your process of healing and will assist you to create a plan for your own personal health.
Chinese herbal medicine is powerful, all natural, and an extraordinary complement to acupuncture. Chinese herbal medicine leaves you feeling vital, energetic, at ease-and with no need of further medication.
She has a particular interest in providing holistic care of infertility and supportive care for oncology patients. Think of a detox as the "Spring Break" your body needs to get you back on track with your diet and lifestyle goals.

During the first third of her medical career, she practiced Emergency Medicine in Galax, VA, Lexingon, NC, and Martinsville, VA. She then completed a flexible internship and a residency in Internal Medicine at Southwestern Michigan Area Health Education Center in Kalamazoo, MI in 1982. Warren Taylor Vaughan, wrote the first textbook on allergies published in the Western Hemisphere. Vaughan III, was a founding Member of the American Board of Pediatric Medicine, and editor of the renowned Textbook of Pediatrics - the Bible of Pediatrics.
That was when she learned that mercury could inhibit thyroid function, Candida could trigger intense carbohydrate cravings, neurochemical imbalances could trigger fat and carbohydrate cravings, and magnesium deficiency could trigger chocolate cravings. She also contributes a monthly feature article to Natural Triad Magazine, based in Greensboro, NC. Knowledge is power, and she tries to teach people on a level that everyone can understand, the importance of living a balanced, healthy, joyful life. This relationship permits us to go beyond your signs and symptoms and address your complete health and wellbeing. Like acupuncture, the medicines support your body as it resolves imbalances and returns to a state of optimal health. Winter often leaves us feeling foggy, sluggish, bloated and phlegmy from lingering colds, inactivity, gluttonous holiday overeating, and lack of sunshine. Medications are often affected on a cleanse, so it is important to have those monitored, as well. In 1991, she left the emergency room and opened the first urgent care ambulatory medical practice in Martinsville, VA. He led the movement to admit females to medical school, and was a leading proponent of the germ theory.
In 1992 she edited the book Preparing for the Written Board Exam in Emergency Medicine with Karen S. Her personal interests include ballroom dancing every week, healthy international cooking, the Arts, hiking, jazz and classical music, meditation, travel, and gardening. This in combination with the needling to treat specific symptoms and strengthen the body can be very powerful. Thanks to her expertise and knowledge, I am able to enjoy my life without suffering from daily migraine headaches.

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