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Jeffrey Carpenter – is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher, and he is available for in-person and distance healing.
Megan Curley – is a certified Reiki Master and Spiritual Counselor based in Northern NJ. Lynn Galligan –  is a Reiki North East Trained Master Teacher serving the Northern New Jersey area. Clive Stevens – is a Reiki Master and can be contacted at 29 Ford Drive South, Massapequa, NY, 11758. Around one hundred people attended and we raised $2,400 to benefit PAWS Animal Shelter in Montclair. With your help we raised over $1,000 donated to The Humane Society and Habitat For Humanity (to help Hurricaine Katrina Victims). A beautiful hand-crafted copper wand with a small crystal ball affixed to one end and a clear crystal point in the other.
Lavender flowers are often used for spells of love and healing as well as to seek inner peace, or work spells of prosperity and protection. Long used within herbal medicine, Lemongrass can be of great use in soothing nerves and troubled spirits, as well as treating cold and flu.
A powerful aid for protective and love magick, Lemon Verbena can be used to help stop dreaming or attract the opposite sex, and increase the power of other charms.
Traditionally used in Chinese medicine, Licorice Root is said to harmonize the ingredients in mixtures and has also been used in Ayrvedic medicine as an expectorant. A powerful herb that is used to create a Homonculus, Mandrake also aids in exorcism, spells involving spirits and increasing magical potency. Marigold Flowers (Calendula) - protection, prophetic dreams, legal matters, psychic powers. Since antiquity Calendula has been known as an herb that could aid in comforting the heart and mending wounded spirits. A favored flower of ancient festivals and weddings, and used in offerings to the dead, Meadowsweet has strong ties to ceremonies of life and death. Mistletoe has long been reported to be of great aid in spells of fertility and love, as well as sacred spells of protection and producing prophetic visions. Popular among midwives throughout the world, Motherwort earns its name by being an herb commonly prescribed to help ease the process of child birth. Often used to protect against evil spirits, Mugwort is also believed to also dispel fatigue from travelers, aid in astral travel, dream magic and divination.
An ancient form of protection against black magic, curses and other negative energy, Mullein also helps keep away demons and instill courage.
Myrrh is know for: Protection, purification, healing, magical potency, and its use as a sacred tool in many cultures. Primarily used as a spice in preparation of culinary dishes, mustard seed has also been known in lore as an ingredient for poultices and compresses for coughs, colds and other such irritations.

Believed to be a powerful magical herb, offering protecting against poison and illness, Nettles are also used to remove curses and help in exorcisms. Reportedly able to aid in digestion, preventing indigestion, and lowering cholesterol Orange Peel is also a good source of vitamin C, helping to prevent cold and flu.
Said to aid in finding emotional balance, helping to bring peace and friendship, Passion Flower is also believed to improve the libido.
Said to be of use for spells of purification, Pennyroyal is known for its uses in spells of protection and exorcism as well. Of potent use in creating visionary dreams and psychic ability, Peppermint is also useful in treating heartburn, colds and flu or creating a calm, restful state.
Great for spells of love and happiness, Red Rose Buds and Petals are also fantastic for those who seek prosperity.
In addition to being a popular culinary spice, Rosemary is traditionally known for increasing memory and being a powerful aid in spells of love and romance.
Commonly used for rituals of purification, or as an offering to Gods and spirits, Red Sandalwood is also good for spells seeking healing and protection.
Mostly viewed as an ingredient for tea, Sassafras can also be used to ease the pains of menstruation and the ache of joint issues, like rheumatism.
A powerful aid in protective magic, Sea Salt is also good for cleansing and purifying crystals and scrying mirrors. Once widely used in the creation of everything from rope and twine to wagon wheels, Slipper Elm bark is now used most commonly in herbal remedies treating the digestive tract. Believed to be potent when used in the creation of magical seals and binding spirits, Solomon's Seal Root is also used as an aphrodisiac, and in love spells. Sometimes associated with hell and the devil, Sulfur, or Brimstone, is actually quite good for destroying an enemy's hold on you or preventing curses and hexes. Sometimes used to ward off nightmares and aid in finding sleep, Thyme is also good for instilling courage and easing the spirits into the next life.
A powerful aid in warding off evil spirits and vampires, Vervain is also a great aid of divination, trances, dream magic and creating love spells. Frequently associated with the moon or the element of water, willow bark can be good for spells and rituals of healing as well as those of binding. Wintergreen was typically used among Native Americans to treat rheumatism, fevers, sore throats and many other ailments of the common cold and flu.
Native Americans frequently used Witch Hazel leaf brewed as a tea, to treat everything from cuts to colds, and in aiding with heavy menstruation. Believed to possess powers of healing for spells and rituals, Woodruff is also used as a mild sedative or in aiding the liver.
Most commonly of use in treating gastric pain and indigestion Wormwood is also believed to aid in reducing fevers and in treating the circulatory system.
Often used in handfasting ceremonies and weddings Yarrow flower is also helpful in spells of divination or in treating wounds, colds, coughs and flu.

The Gods can be seen as Archtypes, as Mysteries, and as seperate evolving entities in their own right.
Maggi received her bachelor's degree from Salisbury University in Fine Art and Anthropology. She leads an Assembly guided study group called Spirit Egg Study Circle which will become a coven in 2011. Jeff is currently practicing in New Jersey, and he and his students are working to expand the practice to new locations, such as Arizona.
She is available to do in-person as well as distance Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Spiritual Counseling, and Law of Attraction Coaching. She is available to do in-person as well as distance Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Tarot and Crystal Readings. She is an advocate for health promotion and disease prevention, and strongly recommends an integrative approach for all individuals seeking health and healing. Frequently used in good luck charms by those favoring games of chance, Nutmeg is known for drawing luck and money. John's Wort is great for warding off against evil spirits or negative magic, and can be quite potent for exorcisms, instilling courage and divination. Maggi Setti, of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel will be offering a 16 course in Wicca, magick, and ritual. Working with these centers can give you access to self healing, awareness, and energetic health. Jeff also consults with clients experiencing paranormal concerns and challenges upon request. Sena DC – has an extensive background in healthcare, having studied in medicine, chiropractic, nursing, acupuncture and clinical nutrition. We will mainly focus on the aspects of the 7 and 8 spinal column chakras but will mention secondary chakras as well. John is a member of the International Holistic Nursing Association, and currently holds a license in nursing. She travels to and from Vermont and is usually in the tri-state area and New Jersey at least two weeks a month. Please call to schedule an appointment at the MontClair Metaphysical Center (prices range from $40 the half hour to $70 the full hour depending on treatment).Currently practicing in New Jersey and Chester, Vermont.

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