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Does anyone remember when we had Red Bull and Rockstar and that was about it?  Lately it seems like a marketing team just posts their favorite word on a bulletin board and then they let interns throw darts at it.  Although we have to admit some of these are pretty creative (pussy juice ftw). Here’s a public service announcement to all wannabe thugs from your friends at Regretful Morning.
Sleepless nights are no fun!  The morning after has you wondering how you’ll ever get through the day?
Just about everyone seems pulled in one direction or another; they are being asked to work longer hours, be more productive, and have less help. The Revolution Patch is a new, natural way to capture the energy you need to get your work done at home, work, or school.
Revolution Energy Patches are powered by a time released formula that gives you natural power boosts that last throughout you long day — up to 12 hours! This is where place to learn about our “Revolution Energy Patch”; containing time released formulas which gives you regular boosts of energy throughout your busy day – up to 12 hours! Those who feel lethargic  or tired all the time can consume these for natural sugar and glucose. How to make- You will need a ripe mango for this recipe along with pineapple chunks and other tropical fruits. How to make- Take berries of your choice like blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.
How to make- Take 3-4 oranges and use a hand-squeeze rather than the blender to take the juice out. I ate a couple of Energems the other morning when we head into town and noticed a boost of energy in a matter of minutes. Energems are energy supplements that are bite-sized, hard-coated gems made with real milk chocolate. Energems are a delicious and low-calorie way to boost your energy, focus and concentration! Plus it’s absorbed through the skin directly into the bloodstream providing the full benefits of the all-natural ingredients. You’ll get a time released boost to keep you going – and the best is that it lasts up to 12 hours.
If you’re ever sleep deprived, or have low energy days,  it’s time to be prepared, ORDER TODAY   so you’re ready the next time you need a NATURAL power boost to get through the day. Bursting of energy and vitamins, ready quickly and all you need is a juicer along with a blender.
Green Juice Most people rely on tea or coffee to get their share of energy boost, but what they actually get in turn is a boost of caffeine that is only adding to health problems.
Sunshine Juice As the name suggests, this is one of the juices that should be consumed in the morning because it will keep you going all day through.
Sugarcane Juice This one is commonly available in the streets of India and you can really feel that burst of energy after consuming a glass.
This makes use of tropical fruits like mango, pineapple and whatever else you can get your hands on.

Classic Orange Juice Orange juice is one of the most preferred forms of energy boosting juice because it is easy to make and so delicious too. You can order a FREE sample of Energems by visiting the Energems Facebook fanpage and clicking on the Free Sample tab. Designed for the modern, on-the-go consumer, they contain caffeine, B vitamins and a proprietary energy blend. I'm Miriam - graphic designer, entrepreneur, and author of The WiC Project - a faith-based online lifestyle blog. You just need one patch and it bypasses the stomach so digestive stomach enzymes and liver function don’t destroy parts of nutritional supplements taken in the form of pills and powders. For the calorie counters in our midst the nutrition facts of those recipes are included but we highly recommend not to count if fruit is involved. Those have a lot of artificial sugar and ingredients that will really not help you gain much.
Try a green juice variation instead that is rich on chlorophyll, which is green pigments in plants. Mangoes and pineapple are a must have for this recipe because they are high on glucose levels, which are essential for energy boosting. If the sun is taking a toll on you and the heat is unbearable, then take whatever berries that you have and mix them up. There is no denying that it is rich in vitamin C along with iron, which are vital to improve energy levels.
That’s why Energems is a great alternative to coffee and other energy drinks for that quick energy boost. Energems are coated with a hard shell, so they don’t melt easily in the box or in your hand.
3 gems is equivalent to one energy drink, so instead of carrying around 3 cans of energy drinks, I’m just carrying one small box of Energems. Whether it's trying a new recipe in the kitchen or testing out the latest product, we love sharing our honest reviews and opinions.
With the patch there is no need to worry about that loss; you get the full energy boost directly. However, juices that are made from fresh fruits and vegetables offer better health benefits. It is made using strawberries and grapefruits, which boost energy levels and provide antioxidants too. In fact tastes really awesome too and you don’t have to add any kind of salt or sweetener to it. Churn it to form an icy juice that can be sipped on the hottest of days for an energy rush. Recipes.This Little Light of Mine - The WiC Project features inspiriational faith-based stories, free blog giveaways, free product reviews, delicious recipes, and more! Inside, is a smooth milk chocolate is infused with the proprietary Energems energy mix, along with caffeine and B vitamins.

Another great perk is that you can eat more or less gems based on how much of an energy boost you want. Drinks to Boost EnergyFruit contain fructose, carbohydrates and vitamins, which have the ability to long-lasting energy-boosting properties.
There are three flavors of Energems – Chocolate Charge, Mint Fusion, and Peanut Butter Blast.
Energy patches are great because they offer a time released formula providing long lasting energy throughout the day for up to a whopping 12 hours! Avoid fruit drinks with added cane sugar, because this will produce a sudden sugar rush, causing you to be to feel drained and sluggish.
You just apply the self-adhesive patch to a dry, hairless part of your body — the skin absorbs the active natural ingredients to help give you sustained energy with no jolts or crashes. Pure fruit drinks, however, allow a slow, gradual drop to normalcy blood sugar levels.Energy drinks and sports drinks may cause more erosion than soda and fruit juices because of the high concentration of acids. Companies will frequently add citric acid as part of the manufacturing process to have a certain taste with their product. This chemical erosion will modify the teeth most notably along the gumline, where the enamel is thinner. It can result in recession of the gums, discoloration from the teeth and painful hypersensitivity.Fruit Drinks to Boost EnergyThese Healthy Fruit drinks can be viewed as as the most appropriate alternative to benefit from the benefits of fresh fruits.
These drinks are loaded with high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals essential for the development of human body.Banana DrinksBananas contain carbohydrates by means of glucose, sucrose and fructose, providing instant energy. Bananas also contain high amounts of potassium, an electrolyte that helps with maintaining normal nerve and muscle function. As the potassium levels will naturally drop during exercise or excessive stress, bananas refill the electrolytes the body needs for energy.Fruit Drinks to Boost EnergyCitrus DrinksCitrus fruit like oranges, grapefruit and lemon all contain high amounts of vitamin C. This vitamin is essential for that conversion of food into energy, when you are involved in the synthesis of carnitine, a molecule that transfers fatty acids towards the mitochondria for energy conversion. Citrus fruit juices also contain fructose, glucose and sucrose that offer instant energy without spiking blood sugar levels. Acai Berry DrinksAcai berries are rich in natural antioxidants and therefore are known energy boosters. Many athletes use energy drinks containing acai berry juice to benefit from its energy-boosting properties. Additionally, it contains vitamin B1, B2 and B6, that are essential for the body’s energy conversion and it is a source of potassium.

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