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Begge typer kan medfre symptomer p knsorganerne (genital herpes) , ansigt (facial kolde kle) , hnd eller finger (kaldet en herpetic whitlow). Dette er en tilstand som kalles herpes whitlow, og det er en mte der en person med herpes kan selv infisere andre deler av sin egen kropp. Ven om det inte finns ngon behandling som kommer att eliminera herpes simplex virus frn din kropp, kan din lkare fresl lkemedel fr att frbttra symtomen vid whitlow. Psychological Stress As A Trigger For Herpes Zoster: Might The Conventional Wisdom Be Wrong?
Herpetic Whitlow is an infection caused by the Herpetic Whitlow virus – Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2. Pain and swelling in Herpetic Whitlow finger or thumb can also be accompanied with higher body temperatures in rare cases. Rarely, Herpetic Whitlow patients can also suffer from inflammation of lymph nodes under their arm. Herpetic Whitlow mainly results from an infection by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1 and Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 2. Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1 is the main cause of infection in children while Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 2 is the reason behind infection in adults and adolescents. Herpetic Whitlow cases normally clear up without any treatment in a month or a little longer.
Antiviral drugs are administered to people to kill the Herpes Simplex virus that has infected the body of the sufferer. Application of Dynamiclear after outbreak of the lesions can clear away the infection in 3 days. Application of Propyderm NF cream for a month or two is found to cure the condition completely. Applying the homeopathic oral sprays like Herpiset thrice a day can also result in a reduction of the symptoms. Pressing ice packs against the swollen lesions in the initial stages can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain.
Incorporating essential proteins, vitamins and minerals to the diet of the patient can make it well-rounded and boost the immunity of the sufferer. As aforesaid, Herpetic Whitlow medicines consist mainly of antiviral drugs, creams, oral sprays and analgesics. If you are having a Herpetic Whitlow case in your family or are suffering from it yourself, you can try out some remedies at home.
Herpes simplex - symptoms, diagnosis, treatment of herpes - Herpes simplex is a viral infection that mainly affects the mouth or genital area.. Herpes is usually a condition, which is known to affect the sex organs and it appears as a rash. Simply one drop of tea tree oil can be applied on the area that has been affected by herpes. Apart from the tee tree oil, you can also opt for a mixture of peppermint oil, lavender oil and olive oil and apply it directly on the infected area at least twice on the regular basis for best results. The herb of the Echinacea, which is also called the purple flower is widely used in the United States as a treatment option for a range of ailments. If you are infected with herpes, you can eat raw garlic daily as it is very vital for improving the defense system of the body. You should also opt for bathing regularly with warm water that is mixed with some amount of baking soda. Herpes is a type of virus that is contagious and may spread from one individual to another through skin contact. Some of the conditions that herpes virus groups may cause include cold sores, herpes whitlow, genital herpes, chicken pox, shingles, Infectious mononucleosis or Glandular fever, Exanthem subitum or Roseola and B virus infection.
Initially HSV-1 from the virus group may cause tingling or burning sensation around lip areas which can then be followed by small and red pimples which eventually turn into painful blisters.

However there is good news that herpes can be effectively treated with simple and inexpensive natural remedies without causing any side effects to your body.
Aloe Vera is very effective in soothing itchiness and repairing the skin after the outbreak of the infection. Vitamin E, Jojoba, Rose Hip, Hypericum and Calendula are some renowned essential oils known for their healing and skin restoration properties.
Lemon balm greatly aids in the healing of sores and blisters and also reduces the chances of recurrences.  It’s a great herbal remedy for herpes. Infection may spread even from a share of drink, food product or cigarette with the infected person. Selv om der ikke er nogen behandling, der vil fjerne herpes simplex virus fra din krop, kan din sundhedspleje udbyder foresl medicin til at forbedre symptomerne p whitlow. Herpes blemmer klare seg p egen hnd uten behandling, men kan vre behandles med antivirale legemidler som acyclovir, valacyclovir og famciclovir. Sucking or chewing the thumbs or fingers transmits the virus into these areas from the mouth.
But if the symptoms are very painful and take a long time to heal, treatment may be necessary. Topical application of antiviral medicines like Acyclovir can be quite effective in reducing the symptoms.
Know about some of the main herpetic whitlow natural remedies that you can use to get rid of this disorder. These reduce symptoms caused by Herpes Simplex virus infection and also help in curing the condition by preventing the virus from spreading.
However, the chance of recurrence in this case is not as high as in Oral or Genital Herpes infection. But in people with immunity deficiency, the Herpes infection may spread to other areas of the body and give rise to serious complexities. It is caused by a Herpes Simplex virus infection and can spread from one localized region to other parts of the body. This article will give you a brief insight into some of the natural remedies that are known to cure herpes. Good food will help you to boost up your immune system and this will fight the virus and eliminate it.
Include papayas, mangoes, carrots, apricots, figs, cabbage, beet-root, nuts and other healthy food in your diet. It may appear on any and different parts of human body. Herpes is recognized by an outbreak of blisters.
Wrap an ice cube in a thin cloth or towel and hold it directly against the affected region.
Cornstarch also helps in preventing friction below waist and dries out any extra moisture in that area. It is especially beneficial for scab that may form sometimes and any redness or tenderness left after sore has healed. Wear cotton underwear instead of synthetic materials.  As herpes is highly contagious it is advisable to keep some distance from an infected a person to reduce any chances of getting infected. Genital herpes spread by sexual contact if the genitals of any of the partner are affected.
Use the simple natural remedies to cure herpes and follow the recommended tips to prevent contamination.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Herpes whitlow er en infeksjon forrsaket av en herpes simplex virus (HSV) som pvirker hender, det kan enten vre forrsaket av HSV-1, den kalde sr viruset, eller HSV-2, genital herpes virus.
For eksempel er et herpes simplex-infektion, der udvikler sig p en finger almindeligvis kaldes en whitlow.

Den medicinske behandling omfatter, i mere alvorlige tilflde, anvendelsen af acyclovir: i primr infektion, anvendelsen af en salve indeholdende 5 aciclovir er nyttig til at reducere varigheden af symptomer og viral spredning.
Read on to know what is Herpetic Whitlow, what causes Herpetic Whitlow, what are the Herpetic Whitlow signs and more. It is a very painful condition and can impair daily activities of a person for several days at a stretch.
One can mainly see Herpetic Whitlow in children and toddlers who are in the habit of sucking finger or thumb.
There is also a tingling and burning sensation in the Herpetic Whitlow vesicles in some people.
Health care workers like dentists are constantly exposed to the virus and suffer from the condition. Such patients constantly need to be on guard and get professional medical help even in the early stages of the disorder. Check out these Herpetic Whitlow photos and get an idea about the appearance of the disease. Early treatment will save you from a lot of complications in future and help you recover much faster.
In case of herpes, it is advisable to consume foods that are rich in vitamin B and C, iron, zinc, and minerals.
It may again reappear with sunburn or in case immune system is disturbed with other infections. Many women have also reported that they symptoms get mild with each outbreak which can be due to the natural herpetic antibodies produced by the body’s defense mechanism. You can apply Aloe Vera to any area of your body even on mucous membranes and delicate skin.
En fem-dages kursus for behandling er normalt, men kan forlnges med et par dage, hvis vabler stadig formgivning. But in people with compromised immunity, Herpetic Whitlow healing period can be much longer. It may take two to four weeks for healing and then there is almost no risk of the transmission of the infection.
If the infection is located in genital area patient may experience muscle pains, blister, cut, sore, vaginal discharge, pain during urination, headache, swollen glands and also fever. Ice pack works best when applied on the affected region before the appearance of the cold sores. Now saturate a piece of cloth or gauze into the mixture and use it like a compress on the herpes affected region. Remember never re-dip the cotton or the tissue once you have touched it the infected area as this may contaminate rest of the soda. Baking soda is very effective on herpes infection and helps to dry out sores and also soothe itching.
Dette er en tilstand, der kaldes herpes whitlow, og det er en mde, hvorp en person med herpes kan selv inficere andre dele af sin egen krop. Herpetisk vabler rydde op p egen hnd uden behandling, men kan behandles med antivirale stoffer som acyclovir, valacyclovir og famciclovir. Lgebehandling kan vre forpligtet til at behandle symptomerne p herpes whitlow, selv om lidt kan gres for at behandle selve sygdommen. Det anses for at vre en selvstndig begrnset sygdom, hvilket betyder at det vil vre omkring i en begrnset periode eller kre en begrnset kursus.

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