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Since 2005, NDI has collaborated with the Nicaraguan Government, MINSA, and the local community of Ometepe, to run a naturopathic clinic. This holiday season please choose NDI to purchase your gifts - we get a % of your purchase by using this link!!! We have also a Guidestar Bronze participant - one of the most trusted resources for nonprofits! THANKS to the Emerson Ecologics, LLC team for naming NDI as a 2015 Emerson Grant Program recipient!
These two chiropractors who tragically died the same day in the same state, come 2 days after the death of Dr. Holt’s practice, Revolution Chiropractic, had just celebrated its fifth anniversary this year. Holt took a holistic approach to treatment; he and his staff taught classes on nutrition, exercise, even aromatherapy.
When I read that he was “highly fit” well accomplished, even traveling to London to work with the Olympic team and already emerging as a prominent natural chiropractor, I feel that it’s my duty to report on his sad untimely death whatever the cause.
Again, our hearts go out to his family, friends and loved ones and we hope they get to the bottom of this whatever the cause may be. This same day in Mexico- June 19th (the only case outside the US) 3 doctors were traveling to the State Capital to deliver some papers (we don’t know what they contained) they were reported missing that day.
That clinic has provided over 25,000+ patients free naturopathic integrative primary medical care by volunteer naturopathic physicians and CAM providers and donated $500,000 USD of medicines.
This initiative awards non-profits working to add value to the integrative medicine community.

Baron Holt DC not long after he died less than a month ago near me here on the East Coast of Florida. Bradstreet MD who was found in a river in North Carolina with a gunshot wound to his chest. Previously Dr.
Holt’s story as I had no information and didn’t feel comfortable as there were no recent articles I could reference. Now that I see this article states his family felt he had no health challenge that was life threatening and was a mere 33 years old, I felt I could write this piece. Highly fit at 33, he was deeply connected to his Christian faith, and his career as a Triangle practitioner was booming. Olympic team, and could count Ultimate Fighting Championship athletes among the 500 patients his practice saw each week, said Brigitte Spurgeon, friend and Revolution Chiropractic clinical director. The small town locals ruled the death almost immediately as a suicide but many have their doubts. Authorities said they found the bodies, but the family says those bodies look nothing like their family members and are demanding more tests and proof. A sad but riveting article was written about those details here. Patrick Fitzpatrick MD goes missing. He was traveling from North Dakota to neighboring Montana (which he did often as his son lived in Montana) and his truck and trailer were found on the side of the road. Our hearts go out to the other 5 doctors who were found dead and we hope they get to the bottom of each one and find the killer or killers soon of those who were indeed murdered. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Award recipients are selected based on a number of factors, including how well the organization supports the growth of integrative medicine and how many people the project will benefit.

Bruce Hedendal (also a DC found here on the E Coast of Florida) was found slumped over in his car. Dr Hedendal been doing an athletic event earlier in the day before he was found in his car.
The authorities have been investigating for two weeks “around the clock” and now say that it was targeted, not random, not a home invasion ,and when the facts come out “books and movies will be written about it” it’s that huge of a story. I’ve been given a few causes of death but am not certain and even the friends telling me weren’t confident this was the case. On this very same day, June 29th, Jeffrey Whiteside MD a pulmonologist went missing , vanishing when he simply “walked away”. Dr Whiteside, known for his successful treatment of lung cancer, disappeared in Door County Wisconsin while vacationing with family. They say he was on foot and had no vehicle and numerous reports call it “mysterious” saying he too vanished without a trace. They’ve been searching now 2 weeks and even colleagues have joined in (along with many bloodhounds, drones search parties and helicopters) but not a shred of evidence in 2 weeks.

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