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Element Natural Healing Arts offering a variety of holistic therapies including: acupuncture, herbology, massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, Thai bodywork, rolfing, chiropractic, facials and skincare, nutrition, reiki, craniosacral, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, MELT Method, yoga, meditation, personal training, and more.
Due to increased costs to our business over the last few years, we have slightly increased the prices of a few of our services beginning January 1st.  We have also added a number of new services and treatments, expanding our menu to meet the growing needs of our community.
Founded in 2008 by Sarah Asphar with the intention to help inspire people to live in a more happy, healthy way; Seasonal Healing uses holistic methods, massage and education to increase awareness of the needs of our bodies, hearts and minds. Seasonal Healing works to help your being adapt and tune to the seasons by using modalities such as Acupressure, Reflexology, Massage, Aromatherapy and Meditation. Corporate Massage, Detox Programs, Spiritual Counsel, Organic Facials, Exfoliating Body Scrubs and Seasonal Wellness Workshops are available to nurture and nourish the whole person. Patricia McDonald is a West Coast College of Massage Therapy graduate and has been practicing in Burnaby since 1989.
Patricia's approach to treatment is to maximize optimum health through correcting dysfunction in the body and allowing the well being of the individual to emerge. Debbie studied at the Sutherland-Chan Massage School in Toronto, the elite academic school of Ontario, and graduated in 1999 in the top 5 percent of her class. Patricia Coleman has been on the healing path for more than 20 years.A  When faced with medical problems not treatable with conventional medicine she took her healing into her own hands.
Clients come to address an array of concerns including health, emotional, relationships and career issues. Sandra Jewell is a member of the Association of Holistic Practitioners and of the BC College of Teachers and was a teacher in Burnaby for over 30 years.
I believe Eastern and Western Medicine together can balance the body towards harmony and well being.

I have learned many things in life through my own experiences; loss of my 6 year old nephew, my parents, brother, divorce, health issues, financial loss.
I have inspired others, taught by example, healed Cancer and other health issues by working with the Angelic realm.
My mission and greatest joy in life is to help you to connect to your heart, to remember who you truly are, to reconnect with your true self, and make deliberate, conscious choices from that space within yourself. Our primary natural healing course is called the "Art Of Healing" course, and is designed to provide the student with a unique variety of healing knowledge and bodywork skills that would be hard to find at any ordinary massage school or bodywork program. The Healing Academya€™s Art of Healing Course is designed to improve your healing skills as a Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, or any other healing or body-work practitioner. Perhaps you arrived at our site because you are interested in alternative healing therapies to improve your own health and well-being, or to help an important person in your life.
Please visit the Healing Academy Articles page to discover more about what is possible with Rev.
May we suggest that you did not discover the Healing Academy by chance - everything happens for a reason and a purpose. The Studio at Element is available for private rentals for classes, consultations or meetings. For a full list of these services, please click on the link below. Thank you for working with us to help meet your health and wellness goals in 2013. Being passionate about Chinese Medicine, the Five Element Theory, emotional intelligence and the laws of nature, Sarah guides us towards integration of the inner self and the outer natural world.
She opened The Healing Way Clinic in 1997 and then in 2010, she partnered with massage therapist, Debbie Harvey to form The Burnaby Healing Centre.

She has found a way of integrating the knowledge she has learned through the study of Energy Psychology, Quantum Physics, Field and Chakra Balancing, Relaxation Techniques, Qigong and the Laws of Attraction into an effective tool, enabling others to heal and evolve. In a safe, nurturing environment with compassionate support, free yourself from present stress, past paradigms and live the life that is your true potential!
I have helped to turn people’s lives around and assisted them in manifesting their desires. It is my purpose, honour and passion to bring Light, Hope, Peace, Joy, Happiness and Abundance to those searching for a better life. You will come away from this course with a whole new outlook on improving your clienta€™s health and well-being. Brian's unique set of healing modalities, and his amazing natural instinct for "listening to Source" and "tapping into the body" in order to target the precise areas that require attention. It is very possible that you are destined to visit this very special place to learn how to be a better healer, or to enhance your health with a personal therapy session with Rev.
It will help you find your inner guidance and teach you how to feel and listen to your client's body.

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