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I started building this store to keep track of the items that I use and love, as well as the ones that my readers recommend. Visit the online store for some effective natural treatments to get your outbreaks under control, click here for more. Welcome to The Healing Tree, a unique and authentic health shop located in the heart of Sea Point, Cape Town.
This community based health store offers top quality natural products and is run by professional friendly staff.
Our aim is to take the guesswork out for the customer, as there are lots of health products out there which can be very confusing. The Heaing Tree Health Shop offers a wide range of vitamin and mineral supplements, Homeopathic and Herbal remedies, Aromatherapy oils and Flower Essences. Also available are mouth-watering organic health foods, luxurious natural body care products, nurturing organic baby products and environmentally friendly household products. The health shop's name, The Healing Tree, symbolises nature, balance, support, knowledge and wisdom, which is exactly what we offer.

Our skin care products are free from parabens, petro-chemicals, sodium lauryl sulphate, EDTA, propyl glycol and aluminium.
You will find out all the information you need here on our upcoming workshops, events and clinics. The Natural Health Store is a family-run health store in the heart of Wexford's busy Main Street. All four of us have worked together in the retail trade since our early teens, which gives us almost 100 years of retail experience between us.
Patrick, Christine, Clair and Linda, You are a popular local family and make a wonderful team. This Amazon affiliate store was borne out of my own personal search for healthier products for my home and family, coupled with my love of Amazon’s free shipping deals. You can also shop through my Amazon affiliate link here and take advantage of the (hundreds of millions of) items in their database. But if you want to use a specific photo, recipe, or other content, please check out the terms of use below.

We only sell quality natural health products, carefully evaluating each and every product for quality, ingredients and efficacy.
However, if you live to far away to visit our store we can post any of our products to you.
Sign up today and we will keep you up to date with our Newsletter and Special Offers for our Loyalty Card Holders. If you’d like to see an item or three added here to my remedy shop, please drop me a note here, and I’ll add it for you!
Your well stocked and well laid out shop is a credit to you considering your business is only recently established. Salves, herbal blends, and supplements have replaced conventional medications, and we’ve been very pleased and impressed with the results!

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