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Send to KindleHave you ever heard that your weight has 90% to do with food and 10% to do with exercise? Think of it this way…all the complaints and excuses we make about exercise really don’t matter so much! If we eat unhealthy foods and expose ourselves to toxins & heavy metals, our bodies will undergo inflammation. Corn, soybeans, wheat and sugar are the 4 main crops used in nearly everything…everything unhealthy that is. It’s actually a challenge to be healthy because of all the unhealthy choices you have to weed through and the cost of it all, of course.
Here’s an infographic about American obesity and how changing your gut flora can help you lose weight! Let’s not let the 42% prediction for American obesity come true and start demanding less of the  food that is making us fat!
That’s why we decided to put together a collection of gift sets at Natural Healthy Concepts.
Each one has a specific theme to help you find something for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list.
This gift set includes three essential oils from NOW Foods – peppermint, cinnamon and balsam fir.
Plus, the person you give this to can use them all year long, because these scents are classics.
The entire package also includes a few ways to diffuse the scents as well as a book about the health benefits of aromatherapy. It’s important to be aware of all the potentially harmful ingredients used to make typical bath and beauty products.
Plus, you can also give them a Loofah bath mitt and the popular Fuzz Brush for exfoliation and healthy circulation. This collection includes a big 16 ounce jar of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Garden of Life. The book is a nice resource full of expert advice and ideas for how to use coconut oil in everyday life.
Shampoos and conditioners can also come with toxins, parabens and other unnatural ingredients. We put together some of our favorite hair care products to make shower-time relaxing and healthy.
It includes four kinds of tea from Mountain Rose Herbs – all made with organic ingredients. To make it a really sweet gift idea you can top off the set with some Raw Manukah Honey from Organic Bee Farms. Plus, he’ll smell great when he uses the City Rhythms aftershave with scents of cedar and sandalwood. Striking nail polishes in the new winter colors from Zoya are the big stars of this gift set. Zoya makes natural nail products that are free of potentially dangerous ingredients – which makes them safe for pregnant women who should avoid typical nail polish. Also included in this set is a topcoat, nail brush with all-natural bristles and a Pedi-Care Grooming Kit from Earth Therapeutics.
The sensitive skin on our faces can sometimes take a beating – not only from the elements but from the beauty products we put on it day after day. This gift set from Natural Healthy Concepts is full of beneficial products to help you care for your face naturally. The set includes a facial scrub, wrinkle complex, a cell-stimulating facial mask – even an organic lip balm. Help her recreate a trip to the spa to have her feet pampered with this amazing set of products. However – if this gift is for your significant other – we highly recommend including an IOU for a few manual foot rubs from you! It’s packed with nutritious and delicious products – like Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Energy Nut Mix, organic honey, green tea and much more! We’ve even included a handy book, Living In the Raw Gourmet, which is essentially a manual on the Raw Food diet. In addition to the items in this package – you may want to add some of the all-natural Stress Support Supplements offered at Natural Healthy Concepts.
The handy, travel-sized items in this gift set will make things a lot easier for the person who’s always flying the friendly skies.
Plus, if motion sickness is ever an issue for the traveler on your list, we’ve included chewable Ginger Trips from Solaray. We assembled some of the most effective natural health products for healing and repairing hands damaged by weather conditions, exposure to chemicals and other factors. Of course, there are a few choices for lotion too, including a healing salve for hands and cuticles, an Orange Blossom and Honey Lotion from Naked Bee as well as an organic body scrub to cleanse and moisturize everything! The Vitamix has become a trendy kitchen gadget for those who love making protein shakes, dietary drinks, detox smoothies as well as many other healthy beverages and dishes. This gift set comes with a free DVD guide as well as a book full of recipes for entrees, desserts and side dishes your creative gift recipient can make. As a Type 1 diabetic he has many of his own health and nutrition challenges and he believes in helping people finding their own way to improved wellness. Most of the time parents and their children are in a mad hurry to get packed up and ready to go in the morning. If a situation is continued to be perceived as dangerous or threatening, the hypothalamus will release corticotropin-releasing hormone. Like I mentioned, 77% of Americans regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress.
Some of the most basic natural ways to support your mood involve making better lifestyle choices. Anxiety or an unbalanced mood can seem overwhelming but it’s important to remember that you are not alone! Flower essences and herbs -especially Holy Basil- also helped me get through extremely stressful circumstances.

Stress causes so many bad feelings, both emotional and physical and it can often hurt a relationship. Hi Erin, as a graphic designer, I know what it’s like to have someone steal your work. Current statistics indicate that about one out of eight women will develop a thyroid disorder in her lifetime. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease, is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States. According to the American AutoImmune Association, autoimmune disorders are the fourth largest cause of disability and the tenth leading cause of death in women ages 65 and younger in America. According to the American Thyroid Association, “There are no unique symptoms to thyroiditis. Vitamin D supplementation – Vitamin D helps to regulate T-cells ; a hero in yet another disease!
I encourage anyone to leave comments here about what worked for them and what didn’t. 14 Responses to What are the Symptoms of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and are there Natural Treatments? One of my readers recently recommended you as someone who uses similar research that I’ve written in my book in your own practice.
I have suffered for 20 years with this since the nodes they found and dissolved with Radioactive Iodine, I now am up to 138 mg. These bad food choices, toxic chemicals & inflammation causes the overproduction of  free radicals (unstable molecules) in our bodies that eventually lead to disease. Fast food, movie popcorn, meat full of antibiotics, preservatives, GMO’s, additives, etc.
You could also take a natural anti-inflammatory and make sure to reduce your exposure to toxins as much as possible.
Visit the site today to browse a wide selection of herbal nutrition supplements, homeopathic medicine and natural skin care! Make sure you click through to the main website to see prices, build your own customized set and learn more about the individual products. This special collection of natural bath products will help your special someone shower in good health! That includes shampoo and conditioner from 100% Pure – made with beneficial Burdock root. There are also a few products from Earth Therapeutics – like soft heel gel sleeves and a pumice stone. We’ve included some of our favorites in this set, which allows you to give the gift of relaxation. Plus, the Anti-Stress Sinus Pillow from Earth Therapeutics is the perfect way to unwind and help ease those tension headaches.
There is a tiny tube of flouride-free toothpaste, some shampoo and conditioner, body wash and lotion – even natural hairspray. The winter season is one of the worst times of year for people who struggle with dried-out hands. You’ll find Aloe Moisture Gloves, which can be worn right after applying lotion to the hands.
Besides the fact that it can grind, chop and blend just about any kind of food – the Vitamix TurboBlend can help you make many different things. The set also includes a sports bottle with the patented, wire-wisk BlenderBall for mixing up healthy shakes on the go.
He's also blogged on small business marketing, personal finances and now health and wellness. But, it’s important for parents and even high school and college students to be aware of how to properly pack and wear a backpack.
I was wondering if I could have your permission to use this backpack awareness flyer for an event my classmates and I are running at a local elementary school. What if I told you 77% of Americans regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress? Certain personalities are predisposed to higher stress, but regardless of your personality, stress, to a certain extent, is inevitable.
Long-term stress keeps the sympathetic nervous system activated which in turn activates the HPA (Hypothalamic Pituitary-Adrenal) system. This travels to the pituitary gland which results in the release of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). I gave the example of coming face to face with a lion as a trigger, but there are more realistic examples of stress that occur in our day to day lives too. Chronic stress is the stress that people experience day after day that can contribute to a negative quality of life. 73% regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress and 33% feel like they are living with extreme stress. It’s no secret a healthy diet is important but increasing your fruit and vegetable intake may help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. Write down your thoughts, especially if your past thoughts are causing you stress or anxiety. Most commonly associated with beer, this bitter herb has tranquilizing or sedative effects. If you find yourself still experiencing symptoms of stress or anxiety you may want to seek professional help from a counselor or therapist. I enjoy reading and writing about all things related to exercise, nutrition, and healthy living.
I often wonder why were designed the way we were and why the stress hormone is so strong in some of us.
Seeking help from others who have similar issues will provide a support system to help one feel better. Just wanting to let you know that you’ve used my picture for your blog without asking my permission! That means an alarming number of Americans, mostly women, will develop an autoimmune disease.

Unfortunately, approximately 60% of the population is unaware that they even have thyroiditis!
Often an individual will experience both hyperthyroid and hypothyroid symptoms, vascillating back and forth.
Things like gluten and dairy sensitivities promote inflammation and aggravate immune imbalances. Many people dont believe in this condition and to help my family understand more it would be great. Watch our Vitamix demo as nutritionist Theresa Groskopp makes a delicious detox shake in the video below. Your eyes, ears, or both, send information to the amygdala which can interpret images and sounds.
Yoga can be especially helpful for stress relief but a difficult cardiovascular workout can also help relieve stress. Decreasing caffeine intake is also recommended as is limiting simple carbohydrate and fatty meat intake. The simple act of actually writing down anxious thoughts or worries can help a person process and deal with the negative thoughts better. It’s often used to promote sleep but could be a good option for those who are occasionally unable to fall asleep due to their anxiety and worry. It supports the normal production of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that can affect appetite, sleep and mood.
It’s typically combined with DHA in fish oil and can be used for a variety of conditions. Vitamin B6 and B3 may support your body’s natural ability to conserve tryptophan and convert that tryptophan into serotonin.
Some research suggests that vitamin D may help support normal neurotransmitter function, which in turn may support a balanced mood. Often talking is very soothing and can help alleviate stress and loneliness, which may cause feelings of depression. This is technically a violation of inherent copyrights in artistic works such as photographs.
As an autoimmune disease, thyroiditis is caused by antibodies attacking the thyroid and destroying the gland.
However, those I have talked with living with the disease, say there are some natural treatments that have helped.
The fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin D, A & K complement each other and are best taken together. Many people don’t realize that probiotics support immune health by helping with appropriate T-cell responses. It really should be standard protocol for everyone with an autoimmune disease to take EFA’s. However my research leads me to believe it may not be for everyone so I didn’t include in the common, basic strategies. I also encourage you to provide practitioner recommendations as they are often difficult to find.
So now that yummy steak you were planning to eat for dinner has dead E.coli-feces, ammonia, plus all the antibiotics the cow ate during his unhealthy life.
Or use natural skin care and cosmetics to eliminate toxic ingredients from entering your blood stream through your skin. April is Stress Awareness Month; a great time to evaluate your current stress level and discover new ways to lower your overall stress.
A rational person would perceive this as a dangerous or threatening situation and when the amygdala recognizes something as dangerous it will immediately send a distress signal to the hypothalamus.
To learn more about cortisol levels and the popular supplement Cortisol Manager, read this post.
You may be tempted to eat sweets or greasy food when you’re stressed but that will actually make you feel worse.
Recent research suggests that EPA may also provide support for the brain, helping to maintain a normal mood.
It’s not uncommon to be deficient in this vitamin, especially during the winter months. Just wanted to let you know and ask you that you not use my picture (or anyone’s picture) without their express permission and especially not without crediting them! In addition to being pro-inflammatory, allergens contribute to leaky gut which promote the ideal environment for bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. Not only are they an anti-inflammatory, they also support the endocrine system and hormone production. The more stress a person experiences, the more anxiety they will experience and vice versa. This same response can also occur in circumstances that are less intense than my lion example. This post makes it look like I am personally advocating this workout, so as a trainer and coach, it can be misleading to my clientele and athletes if they think I came up with this.
While medications tend to be common there are also natural solutions for stress, anxiety and low moods that may be beneficial.
Typically, an episode or two of acute stress will not cause long term health problems for people.
However, if the acute stress is severe it can cause heart attacks, mental health issues and panic attacks.
For example, crossing the finish line of a marathon or trying the more challenging ski slope are both sources of acute stress.

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