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This type of drug is of great significance as it helps treat quite a number of the different types of herpes.
This medication what it does is that it interferes with the viral replication thus the virus cannot replicate.
L-lysine is a protein that is rich in amino acid and is mostly found in foods such as pastries, most of the cereal and in cookies. By doing this, the viral medication allows time for the immune system to get stronger and fights back the virus when it tries to emerge again. Example of pain relievers that will help you in reducing the pain are the ibuprofen and acetaminophen that are readily available at the drug stores. Once the virus has infected you, some of the symptoms you will start experiencing are rashes on the body and some cold sores.

If it is on the skin apply it gently thus, the soda will help treat and reduce the amount of irritation.
Then take a bath using this solution and try soaking your body in the solution for at least 15 minutes. People suffering from these types of herpes are recommended to use this drug as it is very effective, natural and has no side effects. This will help reduce the irritation of the skin and leads to faster healing of the blisters.
The symptoms of infections of this virus are similar to those of other virus like chicken pox and flu. Another product that can easily be found and used in place of the baking soda is the cornstarch.

Apart from the foods L-lysine can also be found in the drug store especially the natural drug store as it is a natural substance. Use the powdered type as it is easily absorbed to the blood bringing the desired effect much faster. Herpes is a contagious disease and is transmitted either sexually from an infected partner or through contact of the skin. This important factor prevents the penetration of the virus to the skin.Zilactin also works best when applied to the blisters as it prevents further increase of the size of the sore caused by the virus thus curbing the spread.

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