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Best Natural Remedies for Menopause Symptoms Relief beta Login To use full features of CLIPZINE, you must allow to run Javascript. Despite the fact that today there are effective drugs that relieve the uncomfortable symptoms related to the ovarian hormonal activity, the use of medicinal plants extracts has been increasing. Even so, it is recommended that who follow any pharmacological treatment, consult with your doctor or pharmacist if there are any contraindications in taking.
Menopause is caused by the disruption of ovarian function, ie, the ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone, which makes the rule disappears and ovulation. Hot flashes, profuse sweating and palpitations, irritability, sadness that often is accompanied by tearfulness, sleep disturbances and decreased libido are some of the most common disorders.
With perimenopause, many women experience changes related to lack of lubrication, decreased sensation or pain during intercourse . Just in case you didn’t know how wonderfully you have been designed as a woman let me share some good news with you. Although it may be the case that you are reading this and do not feel wonderful right now – you are!
There are three forms of oestrogen and the most potent, oestradiol, is at its highest levels during our reproductive years. Put very simply, we have a natural system in place that provides the strongest form of oestrogen when it is needed if and when we have children, and follows through with a back-up source of more gentle oestrogen as we move into our wise women years. This reduces our lifetime exposure to the stronger and more potentially carcinogenic form of our own oestrogens.
You have been designed to have everything in place – all that you will need over your lifetime. If it is a natural process then why can women feel that they are having the wildest ride on a hormonal rollercoaster? A few simple steps towards looking after ourselves can help us in restoring balance – not just hormonally but for our general health.
In 2001 when I was in my fourth and final year of training to be a homeopath, I chose to write my dissertation was on women’s health. I could remember some fairly high profile legal cases of women who had developed thrombosis, suing the pharmaceutical companies that made the Pill they had been taking.
What I began to question was quite simple – if the hormones in HRT and the Pill are the same, why would it be safe to prescribe the same drugs in a different packet (as HRT) to older women? The answer the pharmaceutical industry and many doctors will probably give you is that the doses in HRT are lower. The evidence is there that HRT carries significant risk of side effects – critically those of developing cancer, heart disease and stroke. When women tell me they could not tolerate HRT and stopped, or that their medical history meant it was not offered, I feel relieved for them.
You can take take a drug to “feel great” but like all drugs (whether it be HRT or cocaine), it will come with a price tag – check it is one you are prepared to pay. Incredibly, more than enough was known about the hazards of taking HRT from the initial trials decades ago. It seemed to me that when HRT was launched, the medical profession was, by and large, swept along by the enthusiasm generated by the pharmaceutical industry. But this has meant that a great many women were prescribed HRT without being fully alerted to its dangers. Years on they may feel they are dependent upon it and are afraid to stop because of the oestrogen withdrawal symptoms they may experience. Menopause is not a deficiency disease but it is a great spin on a natural life stage if you are in the business of selling HRT. When we talk about menopause we are talking about a transitional time in every woman’s life, unique to them.
There are thousands of homeopathic remedies, each with their own profile and realm of action. These are perhaps some of the most commonly experienced symptoms women experience during menopause. Pulsatilla: flushes and night sweats, feeling tearful with sometimes changeable symptoms that are better for fresh air and consolation.

Sulphur: this can be a good remedy to try where there is an intense feeling of a flush of heat, especially around the head, where the skin feels dry.
If any of these feel very familiar or you would like to talk through the help available you can contact your local homeopath –  Find A Homeopath website [5]. In my next blog post I am going to consider some straightforward dietary and lifestyle measures that aim to support not only your well-being at menopause but also your long-term general, cardio-vascular and bone health.
I hope you have found this to be helpful, especially if you are having a difficult time with menopausal symptoms at the moment. Please note any views or advice in this website are based on the author’s training and experience. At the age of 45 starts perimenopause or the period in which ovarian function begins to decrease and manifest the first symptoms of menopause.
And he also claimed that to relieve them, the latest data indicate a rise in the consumption of complementary therapies. To take such as infusion are the Hierbaluisa, chamomile, oregano, pennyroyal hibiscus or mint.
Although the diagnosis is established when you’ve gone 12 consecutive months without menstruation, years before she begins to show discomfort. That is not to say that it does not present difficult symptoms and challenges for us – clearly it can. The ovaries still produce reduced amounts of oestrogen for many years after the menopause has started. Our hormones are chemicals produced by our body to help regulate activity of certain cells or organs, for example sex hormones or growth hormones. Once we have moved through this phase of our lives, and as oestradiol levels reduce, we have back up supplies provided in the form of oestrone.
We do not need and are not designed to have the strongest form of oestrogen circulating in our systems at the same levels needed for fertility all of our lives. Our pace of life, constant exposure to stress, diets that don’t do us many health favours, a lack of exercise and so on may mean that our bodies are pushed into a place where we are surviving rather than thriving. I covered many aspects of the drug and surgical treatments offered to women and have continued to specialise in women’s health at menopause to this day. HRT is a steroid – pharmaceutically designed and manufactured to mimic or replicate your own hormones. For those that take these steroids, some will feel good on it and for the meantime, may not be experiencing side-effects. There are kinder ways to support yourself and your health at this life-stage – you do have choices. I am sure many doctors and the newly created HRT nurses were mightily relieved at last, to have something to offer women coming to see them for severe symptoms. They may even have been told that it was actually good for them – for their heart and bones. The irony being that many in this situation will now be pressured by their GPs to stop taking HRT as some doctors are thankfully now more concerned about the health risks of long-term HRT use. Some have never wanted to go down the HRT route, or could not because of their or direct family medical history.
As a professional homeopath, I have worked with many women over the years to support them through this hormonal milestone.
As homeopaths our job is to find the best remedy for an individual and the symptom(s) they are experiencing.
In our professional materia medicas our remedies have very long and detailed profiles but I have given a few summarised examples below to give you an idea. May be triggered by anxiety or stress, hot food or drinks and will feel better for company and reassurance.
Worse for heat, stuffy rooms bathing, and on waking, and better for rest, avoiding extremes of temperature, fresh air.
I am hoping this would be a desert island wonderfully rich in its plant and mineral life so that I could look to find sources for the hundreds of other natural remedies for menopause we draw upon!
Please look out for my next blog post, and if you have any questions about finding natural remedies for menopause and would like to book an initial free 15 minute phone or mini-consultation, please do contact me.

They should not be taken as a substitute for medical advice or treatment, especially if you know you have a specific health complaint. For coping with hot flashes, sleep disturbances, irritability, and mood disturbances characteristic of this stage, many affected opt for the natural therapies, such as herbal medicine. In fact, from the EMEA, they point out that 35% of women uses natural therapies primarily to make it more bearable to hot flashes. As well as dietary Phytoestrogens have not demonstrated its beneficial effect on vaginal dryness, the local application of isoflavones may improve vaginal hydration and elasticity and recovery of pH and vaginal fluid volume. This post aims to give you some background information on why choosing natural remedies for menopause could be one of the best health decisions you make. It is sometimes suggested that as our life expectancy is now longer, this would not have been part of our natural ageing process. Previously, it had been given to older married women who had had their children, and were in a stable relationship and wanted contraception. The trouble is that studies show that there is a risk of cardio-vascular side-effects and my belief is that we may be more sensitive to these powerful chemicals as we age, so less is needed to produce side-effects. Oestrogen has been described as the ‘happy hormone’, and not all will experience the potential side-effects. All the information we needed was there, but it was not until the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) Study in the USA, that a note of caution was finally sounded [3]. And there are people like me who have worked with a number of women over the years to support them in the withdrawal process. To drink from this cup not knowing if you will be lucky enough not to experience side effects, and even then to still have to make adjustments to a drop in oestrogen levels when you stop.
Others may come to see me because they have been on HRT and are worried, or just feel that it does not suit them. Taking a more natural approach and using natural remedies and lifestyle changes at menopause has the potential to support you in improving your health all round, not just in terms of hot flushes, etc. And now I too am having a chance to personally explore the benefits of natural remedies for menopause. When you see a practitioner it is an individually tailored approach that takes into account the whole person.
The most used is the herbal or phytoestrogens, a group of plant substances that are structurally or functionally similar to estrogen. Once we were no longer fertile and capable of producing offspring our work as women was done – a rather limited outlook I feel. In the case of a surgical or pharmaceutical intervention it will be a more dramatic step change in hormonal levels but there is still a huge amount you can do to support yourself with natural remedies. They do not act independently, but affect and are affected by many other hormone-related functions, such as blood pressure, cell growth, and immune responses. With the ovaries possibly still producing small amounts of oestradiol we are equipped with all the hormone producing capacity we need.
Joint, pain, mood swings, anxiety, feeling fuzzy headed and changes in memory, and more can all conspire to make us believe that we are ill or going mad.
In light of the cardio-vascular risk profile with increasing age, the Pill was now prescribed more frequently for younger women and less for older women. Whatever the cause, the initial HRT studies gave us all the information needed but very few seemed to stop and take note. Although we have had trials published that sound loud notes of caution, HRT (and anti-depressants) still seem to be routinely offered to many women despite these warnings.
In the land of litigation, this trial was stopped early because the results indicated that they could not possibly continue to ethically medicate women with HRT, because of the increased risks of cancer, heart disease and stroke.
In many more traditional cultures throughout the world, the older woman’s role has been to support the younger generations and to be a repository of knowledge and wisdom – wise women. The third form of oestriol is the weakest, and is converted from oestradiol and oestrone by the liver.

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