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There are numerous facts proving the healing power of this natural remedy, including its power to cure hormonal and blood disorders, purifies the blood vessels, literally enhances the immune system, cleanses the liver, improves the brain function, protects from heart attack and cardiovascular diseases. Preserves the freshness of the body, keeps the beauty and gives youth and energy because it contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, bio active substances, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The 5 whole lemons should be grind together with the lemon zest, from the other 10 lemons, only the lemon juice is used. When you determine that your immunity is on a desired level you can reduce the dose of this natural remedy in half or take a total of 4 small teaspoons a day following the same schedule. The toothache can be very strong, especially for those who have fear from dentists, delay going there, and suffer pain or take a lot of painkillers.
We known the clove as spice, we add it in mulled wine or cakes, and in India it is used for cooking dishes that are harder to digest and also against toothache. As soon as you feel pain in the teeth or gums, put the clove pod on the sore place and bite it tightly.

After placing the clove on the sore place (on the gums above or below the painful tooth, rub a little oil of cloves) – the pain will decrease very quickly, as when you receive anesthesia at the dentist.
In addition to the anesthetic action, the oil of cloves also has anti-inflammatory effect and eliminates the cause of pain.
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Then grind the garlic and walnuts together, and add five lemons with the zest (do not peel them).

It is rich in active ingredients that help the body fight all kinds of illnesses, but it can be consumed by healthy people also. If you do not dare to go to the dentist, if it is necessary, try the best natural remedy for toothache that people in India use regularly – cloves.
When the toothache is stronger, use oil of cloves (available in herbal pharmacies) that act as an anesthetic.

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