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Important Note: By opting in to our communications you will begin receiving email with valuable information on health and nutrition from Dr. Herpes viruses are known to cause cold sores, genital herpes, herpes zoster (shingles), post-herpetic neuralgia and in many instances, canker sores (apthous ulcers). Fever, cold, flu, weakened immune system, stress: Herpes attacks often occur when a person is run down, sleep-deprived, experiencing excessive stress, all of which weaken the immune system, enabling the virus to replicate more easily.
Ultra-violet light (sun and tanning beds) exposure: Ultra-violet light is a known trigger factor for herpes viruses. Trauma to the skin: Cold sores and canker sores are often triggered by trauma or abrasion to the lips or inside of the mouth, including the tongue. Foods containing high levels of the amino acid, arginine, especially peanuts, chocolate and almonds: The amino acid, arginine, is required for the herpes virus to replicate. Avoid foods rich in arginine – as reported in the section above, herpes viruses requires arginine to produce an arginine-rich protein (Protein VII), which is at the viral core.
Consume foods rich in the amino acid lysine – studies indicate that herpes viruses extract lysine from the bloodstream, thinking it is arginine, as arginine and lysine have very similar chemical structures.
Reduce intake of refined sugars and aspartame – anecdotal reports suggest that consuming refined sugar increases the frequency of herpes outbreaks.
Vegan Diet – some individuals report success controlling herpes outbreaks by avoiding the consumption of all animal-based foods. Consume broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables daily – broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and bok choy contain an active ingredient known as the indole-3-carbinol, which has been shown to inhibit replication of herpes viruses. High Potency Multiple Vitamin and Mineral – the levels of vitamin C, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, beta-carotene, and vitamin E in a high potency multiple vitamin can enhance immune function, which has been reported to suppress herpes outbreaks. Herbal Detoxifiers and Immune Support – (Reishi Mushroom Extract, Indole-3-Carbinol, Astragalus, Milk Thistle) - A specific protein-bound polysaccharide component of Reishi Mushroom Extract known as GLhw-02 has been shown to possess potent anti-viral properties against herpes simplex virus type 1 and type-2 under experimental conditions.
Additional Reishi Mushroom Extract - To help abort a pending herpetic outbreak of any kind, one may consider using additional Reishi Mushroom Extract supplementation totaling 250 mg, four times per day (standardized to 10-12.5% polysaccharide content) at the first sign of a recurrence. L-lysine – Taking L-lysine supplements each day has been shown to reduce herpes outbreaks and decrease the duration and severity of outbreaks, according to human clinical trials.
Canker Sores: The use of DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) has been effective in speeding the healing of canker sores.
Canker Sores and Cold Sores: Anecdotal reports suggest that supplementing with probiotics (acidophilus) may help to reduce outbreaks of canker sores and cold sores.
Other Anecdotal Reports Of Interest: The first seven interventions listed above have the strongest research support and should be used as the first line of natural management for herpes. Hydrogen Peroxide and L-Lysine – crush some lysine into hydrogen peroxide and apply to lesions at the first sign of tingling. Ear Wax – believe it or not, many people report that taking the wax from their ears and applying it to herpes lesions (lips or genitalia) at the first sign of tingling, blocks the herpes outbreak from advancing. About 80 percent of American adults have oral herpes (cold sores) and an estimated 25 percent of American adults have genital herpes.
Disclaimer: The entire content of this website is based upon the opinions of Dr James Meschino, unless otherwise noted. Welcome to the world's most comprehensive website on Herbal Supplements and natural health care. Disclaimer: The statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Herpes is not curable but symptoms of herpes can be minimized with help medicines and some simple home remedies.
Frozen Ice bags helps to minimize the burning sensation caused by herpes infection and soothes the infected area that reduces the temperature of infected parts which leads to inhibition of herpes virus.
For genital infection take a bath with warm water which helps to reduce pain caused by herpes outbreaks.
If applied in concentrated form it gives burning sensation on infected area, to avoid that mix the apple cider vinegar with lemon juice or milk. Manuka honey contains antibacterial properties which help to kill herpes virus and its application on outbreaks and sores heals the infection faster.
Use loose inner wares made up of cotton as tight cloths may cause discomfort and rashes on skin which will increase the spread of herpes infection. Welcome to my blog on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and their Natural Remedies!! Today STI is one of the most common infections affecting millions of people around the world.
Cold Sores or Oral Herpes:  Oral Herpes or cold sores or fever blisters is caused by Type 1 virus or HSV 1. Shingles: Shingles is a very painful infection caused by varicella-zoster virus (VZV) and belongs to herpes family of virus.
Oral candidiasis: Oral candidiasis is one of the common fungal infection affecting the oral mucosa.
Bacterial Vaginosis (BV): Normally vaginal flora consist of healthy balance of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
There have been many attempts to find a successful medicinal cure for many of the STI’s like herpes, cold sores and Shingles, but till date, no permanent cure has been found eliminate the virus completly. If you scroll down each of the posts, natural treatment or remedies are given so that people who have this infection can try the natural method if you have given up hope or could not find a solution by antibiotics or pills. Books on various natural treatment methods from Amazon can be referred or purchased by clicking Amazon book store on the left hand side bar. One out of every six between the age group of 14 to 49 are infected with STI’s like herpes.
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has been conducting clinical trials on Genital Herpes. The information presented in this article is NOT A substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment, but for information only.
Information gathered in this form is used solely for the purpose of providing valuable information on health and nutrition from Dr. One type, known quite simply as herpes simplex virus type one (HSV-1), commonly affects the mouth and throat. However, these drugs often do not suppress herpes outbreaks to a satisfactory degree, and thus, many afflicted individuals look to lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation practices to further reduce the number and severity of herpes outbreaks.
Once inside the virus, the virus attempts to use lysine to make Protein VII, but the attempt fails resulting in an inability for the virus to replicate. Overall, it certainly makes sense to eat a largely plant-based diet and use only fish, chicken, turkey and low fat plain yogurt, if animal foods are to be consumed.
A small human trial demonstrated that Reishi Mushroom Extract reduced pain dramatically in two patients with post-herpetic neuralgia and in two other patients with severe pain due to herpes zoster infection (shingles, which is caused by a herpes virus).

The amount of lysine required to control herpes varied from case to case but a typical dosage to maintain remission was 500 – 1,000 mg daily, whereas active herpes required 1 to 6 gms, in divided doses, between meals to induce healing and reduce the severity of the outbreak. A mixture of DGL and warm water applied to the inside of the mouth has been shown to shorten the healing time for canker sores. The following interventions represent additional effective treatments for herpes, as reported by herpes sufferers who have posted their advice on various internet sites, as a means to help others with this problem.
Since the late 1970s, the number of Americans with genital herpes infection has increased 30%.
Individual articles are based upon the opinions of the respective author, who retains copyright as marked.
Since ages, ayurvedic herbal remedies have been used by our ancestors to cure common diseases. Home remedies are better than medicines because medicines include antiviral drugs and therapy which suppresses the infection but have some side effects.
Tea bags play most important role in treatments of herpes infection as it is a most effective and simple remedy; apply the warm or cold tea bags on infected parts that helps reduce the inflammation and heals infection faster.
Milk contains a fat called monocaprin, application of milk on affected part helps to kill herpes virus that leads to reduction of infection.Garlic contains antibiotic properties, is a broad spectrum antibiotic that kills the virus and helps to control the disease.
Lemon contains vitamin c which fights the disease faster and builds the immunity strong, slice of lemon application on infected part helps to stop cold sores and outbreaks of herpes.
Herpes infection causes itching in and around infected part so domeboro powder is used with water to relieve itching and uneasiness caused by herpes. It is estimated that about 30% of worlds population has one or other sexually transmitted infections or diseases.
When this healthy balance is disrupted by an overgrowth of predominantly harmful anaerobic bacteria, it leads to a condition called Bacterial Vaginosis (BV).
However, great progress has been made in treating these diseases by natural methods considered safe and effective without the harmful side effects of antibiotics and pills. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements or following any treatment suggested by anyone on this site. When an out break occurs, do you dread having to deal with the expensive creams and medications just to get some relief? The following considerations involve known trigger factors and natural remedies that have been used by various individuals to help manage herpes conditions.
Although many foods contain more arginine than lysine (explained below) the consumption of chocolate, peanuts and almonds are most frequently reported to trigger herpes outbreaks. As such, lysine acts like an arginine substitute, which fools the virus and prevents it from replicating and causing outbreaks.
Anecdotal evidence suggests that daily ingestion of 60 mg of Reishi Mushroom Extract can reduce the frequency of canker sore and cold sore outbreaks.
Some herpes sufferers report good success by topically applying Neem Oil to lesions at the first sign of tingling. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. Herpes virus affects mouth, genital area, nails, hands, feet, eyes, face, central nervous system and other body parts.This infection is raising problems in patients suffering from herpes as it weakens human’s immunity system which leads to faster spread and outbreak of herpes infection.
These simple remedies make the immune system strong which helps to prevent spreading and outbreaks of herpes infection which heals the disease faster.
Apple cider vinegar is called as wonder drug, should be applied topically to prevent development of cold sores and fever blisters of herpes infection.
If application of lemon slices is inconvenient drink concentrated lemon juice in early morning to relieve the symptoms of herpes infection. Aloe vera gives cooling and soothing effect if applied on infected part, it also heals the outbreaks, sores and inflammation.
Use dry clothes as wet clothes are responsible for spreading and development of herpes virus. Among them, the predominant ones are Genital Herpes, Chlamydia, Oral Herpes, HPV, Genital Warts, Candida yeast infection, Oral Thrush, and Bacterial Vaginosis. Most HSV 1 infections are often contracted during the childhood years, and many infections go quiet unnoticed as the symptoms can be minor or not apparent. Initially the patient will not develop visible rashes, but after weeks they start developing rashes with or without itching.
Candida albicans are one of the components of normal oral microflora and around 30% to 50% people carry this organism. Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history. The herpes virus that causes shingles is the same herpes virus that causes chicken pox in younger individuals. Supplements that contain arginine often include oral growth hormone secretagogues and supplements designed to correct erectile dysfunction or enhance sexual potency.
Foods that contain high levels of lysine include most vegetables, legumes, fish, turkey, and chicken. Some people also report good success with blocking a herpes outbreak by ingesting up to 10 Neem Leaf capsules (400 mg per capsule) at the first sign of tingling. This article contains the best studied evidence-based natural interventions shown to be useful in this regard, as well as interventions with the strongest anecdotal support, which should serve as a guideline from which to counsel patients about this common health challenge.
It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Dr Meschino and his team. Herbal supplements made of medicinal plants, fruits and spices are usually less expensive and cause fewer reactions or side effects when compared to drugs and medications offered by pharmaceutical companies.
It is our goal to offer premium quality herbal supplements and products with best prices and service. Magnesium sulphase is also useful in herpes infection in lower body part; sitting in tub filled with a warm water and ? cup of magnesium sulphate will cleanse and relieve the infected sores and gives soothing effect. Take bath with essential oil massage which will give soothing effect to the body and also relieve the infection.
The types of HPV which causes external genital warts are different from those which causes oral, anal, and genital precancerous changes and cancer.
Taking a natural approach to treating herpes is proving to be an effective, safe, and fast-acting healing alternative to mainstream medicines.
Once a person is infected through skin contact the herpes virus travels up the nerve until it reaches the nerve ganglion in the spinal cord. Astragalus helps to strengthen the immune system and milk thistle raises levels of glutathione, an important antioxidant and detoxifying agent associated with optimal health. Dr Meschino encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

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This post is intented to make everyone familiar with the reason for these kind of infections and, how it can be prevented and point out natural treatments that are available for infected persons. For easy navigation, I have presented a brief introduction about each of the STI. Often oral herpes is acquired during childhood days when an infected adult kisses a baby (social kissing).
The most common HPV genotypes are 16 and 18 accounting for approximately 70% of all cervical cancers. However the most affected ones are the infants, denture wearers, patients who have compromised immune system or cancer patients who have undergone Chemotherapy is one of the common fungal infection affecting the oral mucosa. It remains there in a dormant state, but on occasion the virus starts replicating again and travels down the nerve to the skin where it produces skin eruptions on the areas of the skin innervated by the affected nerve. Individuals have reported fewer canker sores and other herpes outbreaks with supplementation of these nutrients. Because of this, herbal remedies have been used for all sorts of diseases from colds to cancer, including the notorious herpes.
The number of outbreaks can vary widely from one individual to the next, but the virus is thought to be a permanent fixture that resides within the nerve ganglion for a lifetime, even though it may remain dormant for long periods.
Here are some common herbal remedies for herpes that you can try.Olive Leaf Extract (OLE)Found in OLE is a natural substance called oleuropein. However, some of the nutrition and lifestyle information that appears in this article are useful for all canker sore sufferers, regardless of the cause. However the most affected ones are the infants, denture wearers, patients who have compromised immune system or cancer patients who have undergone Chemotherapy. It also eliminates the ability of critical amino acid production needed to keep the virus alive. This popular herb is renowned to help beat herpes outbreaks by boosting and aiding the immune system to defeat the infection. Only raw honey is recommended since commercial honey can actually make the condition worse. When compared for treating symptoms against a common anti-viral drug ointment, the honey produced far better results.It is applied as an ointment and helps by significantly reducing pain and crusting.
Raw Manuka honey is highly recommended since it clinical studies have shown that it can effectively destroy 250 different clinical strains of bacteria, including stubborn antibiotic-resistant strains.Some other popular and commonly used herbal remedies are used to fight off outbreaks and reduce severity of symptoms. However, when there are nutritional deficiencies, herpes outbreaks can occur frequently and be severely difficult to deal with.
Many people use different vitamins and minerals to reduce symptoms and also in preventing herpes outbreaks.LysineThis amino acid is usually taken by mouth as a dietary change since it has many beneficial characteristics that also contribute to inhibiting oral herpes. When treating herpes naturally lysine can be applied directly to the skin, but it’s most commonly taken as a supplement or through lysine-rich foods in the diet.
The way it works is it inhibits fat coated viruses from proliferating and disintegrates the viral cells. These T-cells go set out on a quest to seek and destroy foreign and invading viruses, including herpes.
Taking your vitamin D supplements help to keep T-cells from being dormant, fights off virus cells, and prevents the invasion of microorganisms.
Studies are showing that taking zinc as either a supplement or using it as a topical application to naturally treat outbreaks if effective. When applying zinc directly to the skin for oral herpes, it’s proven especially effective for wound healing, helping to heal lesions faster.
For genital herpes, a much stronger dose is needed to deactivate virus cells.Zinc-rich foods are popularly used during an outbreak.
It can also be a destructive weapon against the very biological processes that are needed to keep your body protected from invading viruses.
Drinking lemon water and reducing caffeine can help to improve your alkaline pH levels which tone down the nasty effects of an acidic pH.
Think lots of leafy greens and yummy alkaline limeade smoothies to ward off severe outbreaks.Acidic Foods to AvoidAn acidic pH can make outbreak symptoms worse, and consuming acidic foods can trigger nasty and painful outbreaks. Stress is experienced in many different ways, from busy jobs, financial struggles to the daily burdens of life. When the body is under pressure, stress-inducing hormones like cortisol cause the body to release a variety of imbalances and effects that can set herpes symptoms in motion.
Incorporating stress management techniques into your life for natural herpes treatments can help to keep it at bay.Identify TriggersKnowing what stresses you out can make all the difference in your day, your life, and managing herpes. Relaxation and meditation teaches you how to promote a sense of well-being and tranquility. Doing this will reduce and inhibit stress hormones from wreaking havoc.Incorporating 30 minutes of moderate exercise promotes better sleep, strengthens the immune system, and allows you to relieve stress in a healthy way. All these techniques help to boost the immune system so that your body can better ward off the outbreaks and better respond to all in the name of treating herpes outbreaks the natural way.Eat Stress-Relieving FoodsEmpowering your body with a healthy diet can help you to weather and manage stressful events in your life. Simplifying your life of complications that can cause you stress and unhappiness can realistically help to improve physical health.
When you’re negative, you induce feelings of stress that can cause outbreaks instead of inhibiting them. Taking care of your physical body and your mind can help you treat herpes faster and more effectively.An outbreak can be a sign that you are neglecting yourself in some way and you need to get back on the bandwagon to putting yourself first. Simplify, be positive, and be nice to yourself for natural remedies for herpes.Putting it All TogetherAs you can see, there are a great number of natural ways to treat herpes ensuring that outbreaks are a thing of the past. Unfortunately, not every herbal remedy, vitamin, mineral, diet or lifestyle change will work for everybody.
It can often take a bit of trial and error to come up with the perfect treatment method for you and with so many options available, it can be confusing knowing where to start.This is where a program such as The Ultimate Herpes Protocol can be an invaluable tool.
The protocol provides you with a wealth of information put together by a former Herpes sufferer. It offers a step-by-step guide to implementing holistic treatments and lifestyle changes that have been tried, tested and proven effective.
You will gain an understanding of what causes herpes outbreaks and in doing so will be able to address the problem at its core.

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