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Oral and genital herpes are the concepts of herpes that are familiar in our society but herpes zoster is a name that we are not quite familiar with. Mumps is a common viral infection of salivary glands, gonads etc., mostly seen among children of age group 2 to 12 years. The infected person should have ample rest, should refrain from speaking and should keep oneself warm. Swelling of salivary glands is the main symptom of mumps in children whereas in adults there can be mild fever now and then.
Earache is one of the main symptoms of mumps and this causes lot of discomfort to the patients.
Applying a thick layer of chebulic myroblan paste over the swelling can provide a relief for the patient. The seeds of asparagus are precious in case of mumps as they can very effectively cure the disease.
Oily and pungent food items can make the fever last longer, thus these types of food items can be strictly avoided.
Although MMR vaccination given in childhood has reduced the infection among children in wider range, mumps infection is seen among some people. A sore throat can be caused by an illness, excessive screaming, smoking or drinking.You can make yourself a syrup at home and it will be extremely effective.
Whatever the cause of the sore throat you must do everything in your power to get some rest in order to get relief from the pain. Lemon is effective in dissolving the mucus buildup in your throat and the honey helps to soothe the aching throat and prevent swelling of the muscles in the throat.
If the sore throat lasts more than 48 hours then it is a sign of a more serious illness and you must take care and consult a doctor. If you get a blister then you need to wash your feet with warm water and an antibacterial soap to ensure that all the germs are eradicated and the bacteria does not spread to the surrounding areas.
If it begins to ooze blood then use an adhesive bandage to cover it up in order to stop the bleeding and start the blood clotting. When you are sleeping at night elevate your foot above your waist so that the blood does not flow to your feet. Tooth decay also called dental cavities is a widespread ailment that affects huge number of population all through the world. The problem of the decaying of tooth starts to occur when bacteria produces acid that surrounds the tooth.
Poor oral hygiene, not brushing the teeth often and on a regular basis, not rinsing of teeth after meals, excess intake of sweets and starch foods, smoking etc are some of the causes of tooth decay. Brush the teeth at least twice daily, once in the morning and the other at night just before going to bed.

The other common name for herpes zoster is shingles. It is a painful, unilateral vesicular rash that is in general limited to the skin area supplied by a certain nerve. The foodstuff that has amino acids like chocolates, nuts, cereal grains, seeds etc should be avoided. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
This is one of the most important home remedies for mumps and the paste can be prepared by rubbing chebulic myroblan in water. A piece of a leaf of this herb can be peeled out from one side, warmed and then a little turmeric and extract of Indian barbery can be sprinkled over it, and then can be bandaged over the swelling.
An equal proportion of fenugreek seeds and asparagus seeds can be made into paste and then can be applied on swollen parts especially on cheeks in case of mumps. This can be made into a paste and applied on the swollen parts and washed off after drying. This can effectively reduce swelling and even pain due to it. 20 drops of black cohash tincture and 30 drops of echinacea tincture in a cup of water can be mixed and warmed. A well balanced diet can be provided for the patient, which can provide energy and other essential nutrients. It is advised to keep away from infected persons and to wash their clothes and utensils separately. Infection in older people can even infect pancreas, testis, prostate and nervous system as well. Home remedies are the safest as you are aware of the ingredients and hence there are no risks of side effects.
There are several remedies that you can try at home in order to relieve yourself of the pain; though if the pain is due to an illness it will get relieved only when the illness passes on. Treating a sore throat with these blends takes a few days but you will experience instant relief with constant use.
A strong dose of antibiotics will be needed if the condition does not clear up within 2 days and with the help of any home remedies. Use an anti bacterial ointment if you are not covering up the blister to avoid the spread of the infection. This helps to reduce the loss of blood.You can also soften the skin on your feet by soaking your feet in a tub of warm water. The water in your body helps in the formation of new layers of skin thus helping to speed up the healing process.
This particular problem is extremely popular and tends to take place due to poor oral habits.
Good oral hygiene is not only healthy for both the tooth and the gums but also keep the dental cavities of the teeth at bay.

The chewing of uncooked onion leads to the killing of each and every germs and bacteria that are present in the mouth and are largely responsible for tooth decay. The leaves of the herb are used for making tea and the cool concoction needs to be applied on to the rashes for a couple of times on a regular basis. Mumps, being a viral infection, commonly spreads through air by the cough or sneeze of infected person.
One of the painful symptoms seen among young boys is inflamed testis this can even lead to sterility. The mumps virus infects the salivary gland and cause inflammation of glands resulting in mumps. Liquid foods like rice soup flavored with some ghee can be given to the patient since it is difficult to swallow solid food materials when infected by mumps. Above home remedies and suggestions are effective in case of mumps, thus these can be followed to prevent and cure the disease with ease.
Home remedies are a natural way of healing and soothing your throat and preventing a loss of your voice. When it cools down pour it in a bottle and drink the syrup throughout the day or when you feel soreness in the throat. The warm blend of the water and salt will help to heal the sore passage of the throat and also clears up the mucus build up in your throat.
When you are at home and need not wear any footwear then you need to leave the wound open so as to let it heal.
It prevents the loosening and decaying of the tooth, dental caries, tooth ache as well as loss of blood in the gums. Going to humid areas need to be avoided and efforts must be made to keep the body of the sufferer cool.
Margosa leaves mixed with turmeric can be made into paste form and applied on the swollen parts. Fortunately for us there are several ways to get rid of the blisters. As a precaution you need to wear shoes that fit your feet well. Sometimes, it is the less significant result of certain ailments of central nervous system where the roots of the nerve are also involved. Garlic and goldenseal in the form of capsule can be taken to avoid infection and to increase body’s defense mechanism.

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