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To commemorate this glorious, Drake-infused occasion, we've whipped up the Ultimate Summer 2016 Playlist. But popularity aside — pitted head-to-head — which Greek yogurt (*ahem,* and skyr) brand is the sveltest nutritional powerhouse? And if you want to be whimsical and flavor it up naturally, borrow one of our 14 magical plain Greek yogurt recipes. Yea, I grabbed Chobani instead of Fage for something differen, but I don’t like it much. Sports And Nutrition is dedicated to promoting nutrition that enhance lifelong health, fitness, and sports performance.
Plain Greek Yogurt, All Brands — plain Greek yogurt, regardless of brand, is your #1, uncontested champion.

FAGE Flavored — while its calorie and protein content are near-identical to siggi’s, the 5g of extra sugar (16g total) is a fat gap that firmly plants it in the #3 spot. Chobani Flavored — although most of the sugar comes from fruit, SOME of it comes courtesy of evaporated cane juice.
Every flavor has a slightly different nutritional profile, but the same principles hold true — a higher protein-to-sugar ratio is always a good thing.
AdemA?s, tiene un alto valor nutricional con propiedades excepcionales en ayudar a apoyar el sistema inmune y digestivo del cuerpo humano. Technically it’s skyr, not Greek yogurt, but I lumped it together for simplicity purposes.
Which is odd because I eat EVERYTHING (except Greek yogurt…) and love stinky cheeses.

This certified low-glycemic bar is low in fat, high in protein, loaded with vitamins, and 100 percent natural. Siggi’s is sooo good and I have no guilt whatsoever if I decide to have a couple a day.

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