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NAMRL will be part of a DoD research laboratory consolidation to create a Center of Excellence for Aviation Research and Development located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. NAMRL will collocate with the newly established 711 Human Performance Wing (HPW) consisting of the Human Effectiveness Directorate, 311 Human Systems Wing Performance Enhancement Directorate, Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, and the Air Force Institute of Operational Health from Brooks City Base, San Antonio, Texas and the Human Effectiveness Unit from Mesa, Arizona.
The United States Submarine Service has a long and proud tradition of developing and operating with leading-edge technologies.
NAMRL will occupy 38,000 square feet with dedicated space for state-of-the-art research devices, research laboratories, engineering and fabrication workspaces, and administrative areas.

The Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory is a major contributor to integrating these technologies into submarine crew operations. The laboratory is staffed by a diverse group of psychologists, audiologists, physicians, physiologists, and electrical, biomedical, and nuclear engineers.
The laboratory’s mission is to protect the health and enhance the performance of warfighters through submarine, diving, and surface biomedical research solutions.
Established in World War II to conduct mission-critical studies in night vision, sonar sound discrimination, and personnel selection, NSMRL continues to take the lead in undersea human factors, sensory sciences, and operational medicine.

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