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The more energy-efficient we become as a nation, the less we need to develop additional energy sources. Today I got to thinking about life would be like without direct deposit or any of the other finer things of life.
For fans of C&C, BFME and Dune games, plus every game using one of the universes as its battleground. A friend of mine is transforming himself from a life of inactivity and getting less healthy with age to being physically fit and strong. BODY REST – Rest is critical although this is where I have probably hurt myself over the years by not getting enough. MIND REST – In younger years I would have argued that there is no way mind and body are connected, but I have come to accept that clearing my mind helps me tap into my inner energy centers and since starting my daily meditation practice several years ago, I have experienced the great physical benefits. I am a Husband, a Father, a Zentrepreneur, a Vegan, a Rec Athlete, a Hockey Nut, a Blogger, an Author, and a Partner at Peak Sales Recruiting. Your solution might lie in adaptogens, but I want to first explain how you get to a point where you might need them.
When you experience these chronic stressors (and this has to be ongoing for a while before it becomes an issue), your cortisol, a stress hormone, becomes first elevated, and then chronically low.
Adapotgens are a group of herbs that help your body deal with stress, by regulating the HPA (hypothalamic, pituitary & adrenal) axis. Adaptogens work differently on each individual, and everyone is in different states with their energy.
With my clients, I run a saliva test to determine where their cortisol levels are at so that we know which herbs will work best. If you feel like you’re eating well already, and your energy levels aren’t where they should be, book a time to chat with me here, at no charge, and I’d love to provide you some specific guidance.

Healthy Eating And LivingHealthy Eating And Living offers Corporate Wellness programs and Holistic Nutrition across Canada. You deserve to look and feel amazing, so get started with this delicious, quick & simple meal plan.
Smith Quote“The more energy-efficient we become as a nation, the less we need to develop additional energy sources.” ?Lamar S. When I feel tired and I haven’t done anything physical, I find that engaging my body will actually wake me up. Meditating is definitely sacred in my life and a key part of my overall health and energy philosophy. But, instead of talking about my usual energy tips, like protein, water and sleep (which are certainly important), I want to take it a step further. In today’s day and age, we are in stressful situations ALL the time, but it’s more than just your typical ‘work is busy’ stress, though of course that can be a big part of it. The most common ones include ashwaghanda, rhodiola, Korean ginseng, and holy basil, though there are lots more. Some of you might be in a high cortisol state, while others might be in a low cortisol state, and therefore what you need varies.
Unfortunately, your doctors won’t yet run this test, so it’s something you have to order via a natural health care practitioner. Furthermore, the micro tears and ligament strains that result from exercise, repair themselves during deep sleep.
Life is good and I believe everyone can achieve more success in business and life by pursuing their passions and leading a balanced, healthy and full life. What if you are already doing the right things diet wise, and you’re still tired, exhausted, and sluggish or just plain unmotivated?

Adaptogens promote a state of homeostasis (or balance) in the body and can decrease your body’s susceptibility to stress. The beauty of this test is that it shows where your cortisol levels are at, and plots them on a chart, like the below. By adding in adaptogens during the time her cortisol was low, we were able to gradually repair her adrenal glands and therefore her energy. The district includes most of the wealthier sections of San Antonio and Austin, as well as nearly all of the Texas Hill Country. I like adrenaline sports like hockey and mountain biking, but I also do zen activities like road cycling or running that are rhythmic and allow me to rest my mind while I am taxing my body. If I let my ass hit the couch and start to relax, I know it will be twice as tough to get up and go, so I avoid it as much possible. So sufficient rest and sleep are critical and now more than ever, I make sure to get enough of each.
This blog shares insight and stories about how I achieve balance and success in my own life. He introduced the Stop Online Piracy Act, and the Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act.

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