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Big power, big looks, black wheels - everything you need in HSV's high-performance GTS Maloo ute.Though Holden, sadly, is pulling out of local manufacturing in 2017, its high-performance HSV division is certainly not lying down and waiting for the end.
A day after Holden released its more fuel-efficient MY10 Commodore, its performance partner HSV has launched a new, more hairy-chested range of V8 sports sedans.
The new HSV E2 - or E-Series 2 - range has a more powerful hero car, an even sportier slant and more aggressive styling that sets it further apart from its Holden cousins. The group has resurrected the ghost of the Pontiac G8 by incorporating that cari??s signature twin bonnet scoops into its new E-Series 2 range. Other visual cues for the new HSV E2 include Audi-style daytime running lights and a more masculine looking front grille for the sportier models to separate them from the more luxury-oriented cars in the range. HSV claims the new manual ClubSport R8 is more fuel efficient than a HSV VY ClubSport from 2002 which was 100 kilograms lighter.
But the top-of-the-range HSV GTS gets another 8kW after customers told HSV they wanted the car differentiated from the rest of the E-Series 2 range by more than just a badge. Other changes include the availability of launch control on manual versions, a recalibrated version of the magnetic ride control suspension with stiffer springs for the HSV GTS, wider wheels and a new high-flow dual-mode muffler system that produces a throatier roar under heavy acceleration.
The E-Series 2 rangei??s stability control system also has a new i??competitioni?? setting which allows for more wheel slip for special track or motorsport applications.
Owners woni??t have to worry as much about speeding fines either; like some luxury cars the HSV E-Series 2's new cruise control brakes the car when it is travelling downhill to ensure its actual speed stays within one per cent of the set speed.

Managing Director Phil Harding said the new range was i??a major investment in new product, features and performance, in a time of unprecedented economic turmoili??. The investment also comes at a time when buyers are flocking to smaller, more efficient cars.
But HSV has proved remarkably resilient to both the downturn and the change in buyer habits, with sales declining just 10 per cent this year, compared with 15 per cent for the rest of the market. Spokesman Simon Frost says orders for the new range have already been lodged by customers who want to buy a new model i??sight unseeni??. There are no price increases on the HSV ClubSport R8, HSV Tourer R8 and HSV Maloo R8 ute, while HSV GTS and HSV Senator Signature models will cost just $700 more.
Buyers can order a range of new i??SV Enhancedi?? options including six piston brake callipers on the HSV GTS, stiffer performance suspension, bigger 20-inch alloy wheels and the i??bi-modal exhausti??, which has a deeper, louder burble at high revs.
Buyers ordering the SV Enhanced options get a badge to differentiate them from standard HSV E2 models. HSV ClubSport R8 customers can order the sports suspension, bi-modal exhaust, 20-inch wheels and leather interior trim, while Tourer R8 and Maloo R8 customers can have the bi-modal exhaust, leather interior trim and 20-inch wheels.
HSV GTS customers can option six piston front brake callipers with larger discs finished in yellow. HSV Senator and long wheelbase HSV Grange customers can option bi-modal exhaust and 20-inch wheels.

HSV design boss, Julian Quincey, said the more radical looking E-Series 2 range was a direct result of customer feedback. But the new lights also serve a practical safety purpose, according to HSV engineer Joel Stoddart. The HR10EG is borrowed from the 3.4-liter V8 engine used by Honda in Formula Nippon and has been transplanted into the HSV-010 for Super GT.
It's not just about grunt, the GTS Maloo also shares many of GTS's safety and high-performance technologies.From a styling point of view, the GTS Maloo uses the GTS sedan's front fascia design. This not only provides an aggressive stance, but also uses large, aero designed air-intake surface area to deliver the required engine cooling.Says the managing director of HSV, Tim Jackson, "We have been working on this project for a couple of years now. HSV's premium braking package with lightweight AP radical forged six-piston brake calipers are huge, 390mm diameter at the front and 372mm at the rear.What HSV thinks is a global first for a utility, sees the GTS Maloo will be fitted with the traction advantages of torque vectoring.
There are lightweight 20-inch 'Blade' forged-alloy wheels in what HSV calls 'Dark Stainless' finish.Shadow-chrome quad exhaust tips and a number plate surround paint-out combine to strengthen the rear-end look with. Each GTS Maloo will be individually numbered on a build plate.Build of the new HSV GTS Maloo ute will be limited to just 250 vehicles, 240 will stay in Australia, 10 will be sent across the ‘dutch' to New Zealand.

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