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Watch the video to see the special world of our Olive Leaf Farm, and the people who help tend and harvest the trees that make our Fresh-Picked Comvita Olive Leaf Extract. Always ask “Is it made from fresh olive leaves?” We use only fresh leaves in our extracts, rather than dried leaves or reconstituted powders. Around the globe there exists a high level of wellness pressures, both environmental and social, such as pollution, food safety and living density.
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Rochway's Olive leaf extract with peppermint is an unique combination of nature's powerful antibiotics from olive leaves fermented by lactobacillus acidophilus. Rochway's Olive leaf extract with peppermint is the best tool to combat illness and help efficient functioning of your child's immune system.
Adults: 5ml three times a day with food or a single serving of 15ml as is or mixed into your favourite fruit or vegetable juice.
Developed after four years of research, each capsule contains the natural healing compounds of Olive Leaf Australia's powerful fresh-picked olive leaf liquids. A multi-use health food supplement that has been used in traditional remedies all over the world. The liquid extract in these capsules contains a range of very powerful cell-protecting antioxidants and is made directly from fresh-picked olive leaves. OpticsCentral is able to Price Match some Australian retailers on telescopes and sports optics (we can NOT price match cameras and accessories).As a part of our Price Match policy, we hope to be able to provide the best price we can for our customers without undercutting ourselves.
It’s unfortunate, but sometimes products may have a manufacturing fault or get damaged in transit.
I also take various herbal supplements, but again remind you that before taking any herbal supplements, first you should do some research and check it out with your doctor.
If you have been considering herbal remedies, and adding herbal supplements to your diet, then this supplement may be for you.
Scientific testing shows that liquid Olive Leaf Extracts made directly from fresh leaves have a broader spectrum potency. These factors place increased tension on the ability for people to achieve the basics of life.

Rochway's Olive leaf extract with peppermint naturally boosts your child's immune level with a great tasting compound that does not compromise on the health benefits.
It's for busy people who need and deserve good health to meet every day's demands.High Potency Concentrate. We try to provide competitive pricing when possible, but cannot always guarantee the best price. If you have any problems with your order within 30 days of purchase, we are happy to help you out with an Exchange or Refund.
If you would like to return an item to us for an Exchange or Refund, we are happy to do so within 30 days of purchase as long as the item is in its original condition with all of the original packaging. The reason I supplement my diet with herbal supplements is that in my research, I have found that before traditional medicine existed, people relied on herbal remedies to restore their health. This means that we try to limit both the incoming and outgoing nutrients on the property.
Product contains active ingredients of the phytonutrient oleuropein -calcium elenolate and elenolic acid that exhibit potent anti-bacterial and antioxidant effect. If you have any issues with your order, please contact our Customer Service team via the Contact Us page or call us on 1300 884 767 within 30 days of receiving your order and we will issue you with a Return Authority for your product. I have also found that many of the herbal supplements available today still offer many of those same health benefits without the side effects of more traditional medicine. As I have stated in previous posts, Soloray has been in the supplement business since 1973 and has very high standards regarding testing and quality control of their products. Comvita’s unique fresh leaf extraction system delivers Oleuropein plus other naturally occurring polyphenols. The leaves that we harvest from the olive trees are put through an extraction process to remove only the active ingredients for our supplements. The key antioxidants in olive leaves are the polyphenolic compounds, triterpenes, secoiridoids, flavonoids and the antioxidant oleuropein which exhibits potent antimicrobial properties. Also find out any shipping costs which apply, and make sure the product is definitely in stock with the competitor. Once assessed by our team and the item is found faulty or we have made a mistake, we are certainly happy to provide you with an Exchange or Refund.Return shipping for Faulty or Incorrect products is FREE, and we will send out the replacement at no additional cost to you.

Olive Leaf Extract has been used in the Mediterranean part of the world for centuries and has been touted as having very high natural healing and immune boosting properties. We use the left over leaf as a mulch to help conserve soil moisture, improve soil carbon, deter weeds and help support a breeding ground for beneficial soil microorganisms. Rochway's Olive leaf extract is naturally fermented in the presence of the beneficial bacteria lactobacillus acidophilus that releases lactic acid. The primary reason I use this supplement is because of the heart health benefits such as maintaining healthy blood pressure and reducing “bad” cholesterol levels. This acts as a natural preservative and eliminates the need for artificial additives and preservatives. The worms eat the leaves and compost it back into a liquid fertiliser, which we then place back onto the olive trees. If in doubt, contact our supplier and find out if they supply the competitor with that particular product.
This circular cycle ensures that the trees continue to source their nutrients as nature intended, from the composting of their own leaf fall.
The product contains natural fruit as flavour for the taste and have no added colours and preservatives. We only use drip irrigation systems on our olive tree hedge rows as this is the most water-conserving method. We also have a system installed to recycle the water that is used in the extraction process. Food supplementation with an Olive (Olea europaea L .) leaf extract reduces blood pressure in borderline hypertensive monozygotic twins. A clinical trial of titrated Olea extract in the treatment of essential arterial hypertension.
Olive Leaf Extract improves insulin sensitivity: a randomised, double blinded, placebo controlled, crossover trial.

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