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Herxheimers reaction usually resembles "flu-like" symptoms and usually lasts for around 5-7 days. Olive leaf is commonly used to fight colds and flu, yeast infections, and viral infections such as the hard-to-treat Epstein-Barr disease, shingles and herpes. Nature's Way Olive Leaf ExtractOlive leaf is commonly used to fight colds and flu, yeast infections, and viral infections such as the hard-to-treat Epstein-Barr disease, shingles and herpes.
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I'm 45 and now I Have HerpesTo begin with 2015 was going pretty good for me with a few ups and downs but mostly good. Olive leaf extract kills off or downgrades a wide range of infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and protozoa. The benefits of olive leaf extract fall broadly into three categories, namely antimicrobial (anti=against, microbe=microorganism), antioxidant and heart benefits . This olive leaf benefit, known only to a small percentage of the population as a whole has life-changing implications for those who learn to use it. Olive leaf either kills, or resists the multiplication of a broad range of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and other parasites in your system. Correctly used, just this property alone could eliminate the discomfort of most illnesses and visits to the doctor for the average person for the rest of their lives.
The benefits of olive leaf extract differ from pure immune boosters in that immune boosters stimulate your immune system to destroy disease which still requires your own energy. This is important when you are run down and is the reason most people regain energy when taking it. For this reason it is preferable to use olive leaf extract before allowing an infection to advance to the point where you need an antibiotic drug. Thirdly, the benefits of olive leaf extract include being able to take it before exposure to an infection risk for prevention purposes. These olive leaf benefits are related to longevity, peak health and prevention of chronic diseases. The process of living, including chemical reactions taking place inside our bodies as well as external influences such as radiation and pollution imposing from the outside, results in the formation of electrically unstable molecules within us called free radicals.

Antioxidants do protect against cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and many other age-related ailments so greatly improving the quality of life as we grow older. Olive leaf extract contains some of the strongest natural antioxidants discovered, much stronger than vitamin C and green tea and it also has anti-inflammatory properties.
Compounds in olive leaf extract appear to inhibit the sequence of events leading to certain cancer formation in humans. The Mediterranean diet, (including large amounts of olive oil) is known for lowering the incidence of heart disease and various cancers which would support this theory. Laboratory experiments have shown that olive leaf compounds inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Oxidation of LDL is one of the first steps toward the thickening of arteries and progress towards the condition of atherosclerosis. The anti-inflammatory properties of olive leaf extract would likely contribute to this benefit, also reducing the aggregation of blood platelets on inflamed arterial walls. While no studies have yet been conducted to show that olive leaf extract reverses atherosclerosis, anecdotal evidence of the gradual lowering of high blood pressure caused by hardened arteries suggests that an improvement is possible and even likely over time. Olive leaf seems to work very well for this in some people, and a habit of drinking olive leaf tea, using olive oil as a salad dressing and taking olive leaf extract supplements during severe bouts of arthritis would be a good long term strategy to prevent and counter rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis.
The anti-inflammatory properties of olive leaf extract can be very effective in these situations. Animal experiments show that olive leaf extract protects cell DNA from damage caused by x-ray radiation, when taken before or after treatment. Due to its powerful anti-oxidant activity, ionised particles are quenched so protecting healthy cells. While not a result of its antioxidant activity, this benefit of olive leaf extract bears mentioning.
A recent study by the University of Leipzig, Germany put scientific weight behind this traditional folk remedy. Multiple animal and human studies have shown that taking olive leaf extract can lower high blood pressure. Experiments show it relaxes the coronary arteries of rabbits improving blood circulation to the heart, dilates a variety of animal arteries, reduces blood pressure and corrects arrhythmias. Anecdotal evidence regarding arrythmias and improved circulation in humans has been reported. Doctors often recommend to patients that they start eating a Mediterranean type diet, exercise etc. Most of the olive leaf benefits listed above apply to a lesser or greater extent to animals too. In the 1800’s it was recorded as being used for malaria and fevers, and later for high blood pressure.

But this short lived side effect is actually a sign that the treatment is working (which is a good thing of course) so don't be discouraged by it. The contents of each capsule are tested for any contaminants, PCB’s, dioxins, metals, mercury, or other toxins, and exceeds the highest standards for purity.
Having it in your blood stream immediately dulls or obstructs an attack, before your immune system even has time to react. The enzyme Xanthine Oxidase, known to contribute to the development of gout was inhibited by a number of the components of olive leaves.
In fact, most of the research has been done on animals to investigate the theory behind thousands of years of traditional use in humans.
Olive leaf has been used for FAIDS (feline AIDS) in cats and has received numerous reports of it treating a wide range of pet ailments. Instead, drink plenty of water to help flush the toxins out of the body because once this "detox" is over, we guarantee you'll start to feel better than you've felt in a very long time!
The information provided is NOT intended to prevent, diagnose or treat any health condition nor is it implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Standardization assures specific, measurable levels of important compounds that provide beneficial activity in the body. Ginkgold Eyes utilizes the power of lutein and zeaxanthin, two protective carotenoids that have been heavily studied and are essential to the macula of the eye.
ChildLife DHA is sourced from the purest fish oils available and the contents are tested for any contaminants, PCBs, dioxins, metals, mercury or other toxins and exceed standards for purity.
This either fends off an infection or gives your immune system time to manufacture suitable antibodies to fight it.
To get the most out of the ACV remedy, mix two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar containing the "mother" apple (such as these ones) and a teaspoon of Manuka honey in a glass of warm filtered water then drink down. But instead of invasive surgery and harmful steroid sprays, why not try these effective natural alternatives instead?
Do this 3 times a day on an empty stomach (first thing in the morning when you awake is especially important).
I pushed a white stem out & theContinue reading "Bump On Inner Thigh - Is it a Herpes Sore or Something Else?"Dealing With A Herpes Diagnoses - I go between all of these phases regularlyIt has been 5 years since my diagnosis and just when I think I have reached the acceptance phase, I feel the symptoms of an outbreak.

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