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The province of Ontario in Canada has introduced a new green vehicle license plate for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.
Ontarians have voted for a new vehicle licence plate that will encourage consumers to switch to environmentally-friendly cars and trucks.
The new plate will have green lettering on a white background with the picture of a trillium in the middle.
Use designated parking spots at the University of Toronto and private companies such as Walmart Canada. Welcome to Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition’s November newsletter, the focus of which is green roofs. Please support us! Donations will be used to build the coalition and to make green infrastructure a priority in Ontario. The Green Party of Ontario, which was anticipating a leadership race culminating in a convention November 13 to 15, 2009, has just announced that at the close of nominations Mike Schreiner is the only candidate to become the next leader of the Green Party of Ontario.
However, as everyone in Ontario will soon learn, Mike Schreiner will make an excellent leader, and I’m very excited about the coming years and the 2011 election. If Mike had integrity, he would withdraw his candidacy tomorrow and call for a reset, and a more open, better publicized leadership race next Spring. Actually, I would like to see a two year requirement for membership in the GPO before someone can run for the leadership. Wow, Bill, I’m surprised you support a long membership requirement, since all it really does is limit the democratic choices of the members.

Think what might happen in the situation where the party is being run into the ground by an incompetent leadership team. Whitestone Lake - 269 feet of deep water frontage backed by over 16 acres of mixed hardwood forest. Built with ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) all the way to the roof line, bothe the Home and Garage have well insulated walls. Whitestone Lake is an escellent lake for boating and fishing, recently stocked with Rainbow Trout. Learn about recently completed projects on high-profile commercial and government buildings, and discover which project won an international award. At this time I don’t know if he intentionally withdrew or failed to be properly nominated in time.
There are some negatives that will come out of this, specifically A) potential public perception, for anyone paying attention, that more people didn’t want the job and B) failed opportunity to gain media attention, sign up new members, etc. Would people who wanted to challenge it be willing to hold an ineffective membership for two years just to wait for the opportunity? Just 2.5 hours from Toronto and Pearson International Airport, this lake offers lots of boating and fishing with its many bays and channels.
You will also find details of two upcoming events focusing on the benefits derived from our natural world and green infrastructure.
Leadership contests are good for parties, and this one would have been good for the provincial Greens.

Powered by Solar, with a Solar Boiler system to heat water for the infloor radiant in the kitchen and bathrooms.
To be a candidate in federal elections, you have to be 18 by the day of the election – you can actually get nominated while you are still 17, as long as you would turn 18 in time to be elected). A pernicious clique could even seek to perpetuate itself by driving out challengers (in disgust) before they reach the 2-year hurdle.
Coice of wood heat or a propane furnace is available as a back up, or for primary heat source. There will be some members who will propose (as they have in the past) that that rule should be changed for future contests, and I would agree. The longer the membership requirement, the more the opportunity for the bad to drive out the good.
I think 6 months is too long, but it’s also the rule that was already in place for this contest, and the rules were rightly followed. The home was recently constructed with attention to being energy efficient, and well insulated.

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