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Oral herpes is easy to diagnose when a patient has visible sores or ulcers, but early stages of herpes on the face and mouth as well as on the genitals are harder to diagnose.
Herpes should be distinguished from herpes zoster, chicken pox, impetigo, and drug eruptions. Herpetic sores are classified as heat sores in TCM because the lesions are red and follow febrile disease conditions. As with all treatment protocols, be sure to tailor and modify the basic treatments below to fit your patient's specific constitution, root cause, and symptoms. Treatment principle: Drain Spleen and Stomach damp heat, nourish yin, drain deficient heat .
Cash, checks and credit cards are also gratefully accepted if you prefer to donate in person. Pain, emotional upheaval, fatigue, people who are burned out, folks who want to try esoteric acupuncture. Herpes simplex virus 1is the strain of the herpes virus that is most commonly associated with oral herpes. What is meant by preferred is that the preferred area is where the herpes simplex virus thrives best. While on the other hand, those who would contract herpes simplex virus 2 genitally would have more frequent outbreaks and stronger symptoms because it would be in its preferred area.

Milder outbreaks associated with genital infections, stronger symptoms with oral infections.
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During active disease phases there are blisters on the skin which contain the infectious virus. However, in more recent studies, the findings are that herpes simplex virus 1 is accounting for the majority of newly diagnosed genital herpes cases. With the growing number of herpes simplex virus 1 genital herpes cases, that former belief is proving to be false at best. Example: Herpes simplex 1 does have the preferred location of the mouth or oral area while herpes simplex 2 has the preferred area of the genitals or boxer short region as stated by some physicians. Those who become infected with the herpes simplex virus 1 orally are prone to have more frequently recurring cold sore outbreaks while those who would contract herpes simplex virus 1 genitally are believed to experience less frequent outbreaks and far milder symptoms.
It is also believed that herpes simplex virus 2 is less commonly transmitted to the oral region where herpes simplex virus 1 is known to cross both barriers more frequently. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

In children, it occurs primarily on the oral mucous membranes but also may be systemic.Instructions for downloading images. Accompanying symptoms may include high fever and swelling of tenderness of the lymph nodes. Society needs to wake up and realize that herpes is herpes regardless of whether it is herpes simplex virus 1 or 2.
Crusting of the lesions begins after three to four days of onset and complete healing within three weeks. Viruses are transported along the sensory nerves to the nerve cell bodies where they go dormant and reside as long as the host is alive. They may come out of dormancy because of a variety of triggers (one of which is immunosuppressant drugs). When it becomes active the virus multiplies, travels along the axon of the neuron to the nerve terminals in the skin and releases the virus particles.

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