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Since our doors opened in 1997, GRC has provided leading edge technology for Guam, complimented by an experienced and highly regarded staff and Board Certified Radiologists. We encourage you to browse our website and learn more about who we are and how we may be able to help you – whether you are a patient who has recently moved to Guam due for your annual digital mammogram, a pregnant patient wanting the best ultrasound available, or a health care provider on Guam, at CHC in Saipan or BNH in Palau seeking guidance in the selection of an imaging study that might help you arrive at a diagnosis. Guam Radiology Consultants offers the region’s widest range of diagnostic radiological services.  In addition to having the best ability to help your healthcare provider arrive at a diagnosis, GRC offers an exceptionally broad range of services to treat the conditions we identify. At the GRC Women’s Imaging Center, we understand that women have unique healthcare concerns. GRC’s Women’s Imaging Center is designed to ensure that your specific health needs are addressed in a comprehensive and compassionate way. Hospitalist Consultants is thrilled to announce that Deaconess Hospital in Spokane, Wash., will now receive hospitalist medicine services from Northwest Pacific Emergency Physicians LLP. A 388-bed acute care hospital accredited by The Joint Commission, Deaconess is a Level III trauma center, accredited primary stroke center, Spokane's only certified chest pain center, and the area's only bariatric surgery center of excellence. Deaconess Hospital already utilizes emergency medicine services from Northwest Pacific Emergency Physicians, LLP, a physician partnership affiliated with Emergency Consultants, sister company to Hospitalist Consultants.
Since 1972, ECI Healthcare Partners has been dedicated to this principle: Quality healthcare is achieved by valuing people.
It is a very challenging, yet rewarding experience to provide an excellent patient evaluation.
When I evaluate a patient, I focus on the whole patient in order to develop the most appropriate treatment plan. My experiences as a patient and as the family member of a loved one as a patient have significantly shaped how I interact and care for my patients as a healthcare provider. I feel that we accomplish this by listening to the patient, and how their pain affects them, their life, the lives of their friends and family members.
My most important priority when evaluating a patient is that they leave our office understanding the potential diagnoses causing their pain (if there is one).
I sprained my ankle pretty badly about two years ago and suffered from excruciating pain from it for half a year before finding Mike Davis. Frank graduated from the University of Oregon and worked in medical laboratories as a phlebotomist and technician before his desire to work with people led him to become a physician assistant. We believe women deserve access to the specialized diagnostic services they need to prevent, detect and treat those ailments most common to them.
It boasts a maternal-fetal medicine program and Level III NICU, as well as specialty programs such as hyperbarics.
Through our growing network of services, we create a harmonized, total care experience for every patient.
Wailes has broadened his reach in his quest to help improve the quality of care provided by taking leadership roles locally and nationally.

Wailes is well respected by his peers and has presented continuing educational programs for clinicians on a variety of topics. Every patient is very unique and has many different facets that influence their presentation. I like to balance the combination of family life, personal health, social life and professional life. I hold a number of different official positions within the California Medical Association (CMA), American Medical Association and the San Diego County Medical Society. All 3 of my children are still in school pursuing their own dreams at 3 different universities.
Perrizo’s unique and diverse background adds to the comprehensiveness of services provided at Pacific Pain Medicine Consultants. Perrizo is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and has subspecialty certification in Pain Medicine. Adler was one of the first PAs nationally to practice in the specialty pain management and is a co-owner at Pacific Pain Medicine. Davis started his career utilizing his general medicine training by practicing in the specialty of Family Medicine.
Davis has received exceptionally positive feedback from his patients and peers, some of whom have posted wonderful reviews on online review websites.
First and foremost, I want the new and established patient to know that we at Pacific Pain Medicine, as a team, want to help them.
Providing a thorough history and physical exam, working up the pain(s) with the goal of providing an actual diagnosis is very important. We like to take advantage of what we have here in Southern California and get out for hikes, camping and time at the beach. Owusu enriches the comprehensiveness at Pacific Pain Medicine with extensive experiences in surgery of the spine, brain and vasculature.
Owusu’s training and experiences have provided a rich framework for the specialty of Pain Management with a deep understanding for the conditions our patients face and the multitude of treatment options available. If they can conceptualize why they are experiencing their symptoms, then perhaps our management or treatment plan will make more sense to them.
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With family in the industry and an interest in science, practicing medicine was a natural fit.
He received his Master of Physician Assistant Studies from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, where he first became interested in pain management. I think it is extremely important to get an accurate and detailed history regarding the pain related problem, but also obtain an overall global picture of the patient's situation.

A balanced lifestyle is challenging, since each of these areas are important priorities, and it takes discipline to make time for each one of these. I have recently been the president of the San Diego County Medical Society and currently am one of the trustees from San Diego representing our medical Society to the California Medical Association. I have a son in medical school at UCSD, a daughter at UCLA and my youngest child is at Duke University.
From the first call to set up an office visit to the last visit and everything in between, our goal is to help our patients.
Once there is a diagnosis, the next step is empowering the patient with education on their condition, the reasonable treatment options available and maybe most importantly- realistic expectations. Frank joined Pain Consultants of Oregon in 2006 and enjoys helping his patients safely and effectively manage their pain.
It's a high priority to try to understand the patient's living, social and family environment to better understand their responses to their pain related problem. In addition to being on the Board of Trustees for the CMA I am also on the board of directors for the CMA Foundation. If I do not exercise, my back becomes symptomatic, but if I exercise regularly my back does amazingly well.
This very thorough and global evaluation also helps direct resources in the most appropriate and effective direction following the evaluation. This is a state wide nonprofit organization that aspires to provide greater access to public health projects and services among other contributions to the public well-being.
Owusu earned his undergraduate degree in physiological sciences at UCLA and then pursued his Masters’ degree at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA.
I represent my national specialty organization, the American Academy of Pain Medicine, to the American Medical Association. I go to regular meetings to voice opinions and try to support greater access to health care for all Americans. I also spend a lot of time on legislative issues with frequent visits to our legislator's from San Diego.
I spent a fair amount of time in Sacramento and Washington DC promoting good public health causes.

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