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Suboptimal nurient supply caused by poor diets is found to be a close second to circulatory diseases as the main causes of Erectile Dysfunction. With this in mind you should not be surprised that the chance of suffering Erectile Dysfunction is greatly increased. The food news is that you can reduce your likelyhood of suffering the same fate with relative ease. One of the most common causes of nutrient-based erectile dysfunction is a lack of L-arginine.
Our body uses Arginine to produce nitric-oxide (NO), a neutransmitter essential to regulating the blood flow throughout our body. In fact, NO was found to be so important, that the team of scientists, which discovered this little molecule, was awarded the Nobel Prize in in 1998. If you body does not have enough Arginine to make NO, your erection is going to be compromised or not possible at all. I have written extensively in my blog how I was able to solve my Erectile Dysfunction using a large dose Arginine supplement. Quinoa and almonds are the perfect energy foods for a mid-afternoon snack or post-workout pick-me-up.
This recipe contains Greek yogurt, which offers magnesium, a mineral that aids energy release. Fuel up with this delish lunch or light dinner with quinoa, which is packed with protein and iron for long-lasting energy.
Nuts are high in the healthy fats that provide energy, making this snack a sweet way to recharge. This is a paleo-friendly recipe that’s perfect for pairing with your favorite fresh veggies. Energy foods like spinach and almonds are a yummy way to get that natural nudge you need to tackle the afternoon.
These bars are a smart way to fuel up, whether you nosh on them during breakfast, snack, or even dessert. Refresh yourself at lunch with this easy-to-prep salad, which includes energy foods like quinoa, almonds and edamame. From muscle-feeding protein to energy-releasing nutrients, pumpkin seeds are yummy energy powerhouses.
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You’ve probably witnessed or experienced a sugar rush before, but the caloric energy in sweets and refined carbs ultimately results in a crash. Low-fat Greek yogurt packs twice the protein of regular yogurt and it’s balanced with carbs and digestive enzymes for a well-rounded creamy treat. Brazil nuts, cashews, and almonds are high in magnesium, a vital nutrient involved in over 300 biochemical processes in the body — one of which is helping convert sugars to energy. In case you’re new to the quinoa craze, it’s pronounced KEEN-wah and it’s an ancient super grain.

Kale, spinach, chard, and other dark, leafy greens are nutritional powerhouses and the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.
Another great source of protein, egg yolks are also full of B-vitamins like riboflavin, which helps convert food into energy.
Oatmeal is rich in complex carbohydrates and high in soluble fiber to help keep you energized for hours. It is ideal to split your meals into small portions spread every few hours throughout the day rather than three main meals.
Therefore, stock your food basket with high energy foods such as eggs, yogurt, fish and lean meat. Sleep offers important health benefits that cannot be overlooked when one wants to live a healthy and balanced life.
Lack of sufficient sleep also influences your moods putting you at a greater risk of stress which is a well known energy sapper. In the same vein, exercise is key to improved sleep which of course keeps you refreshed the next day.
Some types of drugs that you can stop using at your own discretion include: cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, morphine and cocaine. Unless you specifically eat fresh, unprocessed (so-called whole foods) modern convenience diets fail to supply us with a complete spectrum of nutrients.
You can either make a conscious effort to improve your diet or you can take supplements to make sure that your body gets what it needs.
L-arginine (or just Arginine) is a semi-essentiell amino acid, which means that our body can produce it, but sometimes it needs so much of it that we need to consume extra amounts to satisfy our body’s needs.
Specifically, NO relaxes the muscles around our blood vessels making them bigger and allowing more blood to flow through them (imagine a Macaroni noodle softening in water and it’s inside diameter widening). Supplementing extra Arginine with your diet will therefore help you get your erection back, if your dysfunction is caused by a lack of nutrients and resulting suboptimal blood circulation.
Fitness to find the workout resources and tips you need to live the healthy, energized life you deserve. Pop in a wedge of lemon, a great source of energy-enhancing electrolytes, and you’ve turned your boring, old glass of water into a natural energy drink. Natural sugars in berries can provide a quick pick-me-up without the resulting energy nosedive because they’re also packed with fiber, which helps keep your blood sugar levels steady.
Nuts are also a great source of hunger-fighting protein and fiber to help stabilize your blood sugar levels. Now you have a good reason to keep a secret stash of sweet, dark chocolate: in a pinch, it’s a great pick-me-up. And while it’s tempting to turn to caffeine or sugar in hope of a quick energy burst, there are better ways to keep awake and productive from dawn to dusk.
This dietary approach ensures a steady supply of nutrients in your body and that ultimately helps maintain stable energy stocks for the better part of the day.
So, make sure you get enough sleep everyday by sleeping for at least 7 hours (continuously) at night and then for another half an hour during the day (what some people call siesta). Besides boosting this important hormone, physical workouts have the beauty of improving your cardiovascular health. In a nutshell; work-outs boost your fitness level and rejuvenate mood both of which contribute to a twofold increase in energy levels.

Cocaine for instance tends to fragment the energetic unity of important tissues of the body thereby interfering with the meridian system that coordinates the flow of energy throughout the body. If prescription drugs are to blame for your sudden lack of energy, just continue using for the prescribed period of time or until your doctor advises you otherwise.
No need to spend too much on energy drinks anymore, just take advantage of the ideas discussed above and you’ll surely greet everyday with a fresh dose of energy.
Today’s supermarket foods lack quality nutrients due to industrial processing (cleaning, conservation, packaging etc), profit-optimised breeding and feeding of animals, storage conditions and over-fertilisation. Improved blood flow means improved nutrient supply to all key systems in the body, especially the brain and heart (therefore less risk of stroke and heart attack respectively) – but also our little best friend!
I also received lots of emails by readers, who have effectively used Arginine to treat their ED. Not only will the nutrients give your body a gentle jolt of energy, the scent of these fruits help improve alertness, too! Dark chocolate contains theobromine, a natural stimulant similar to caffeine, for a quick energy and mood boost! Please note that even though stimulants like tea and coffee can give you an instant energy kick, the effects are short-lived.
Never skip breakfast because this is the meal that sets the pace at which your body is going to operate on throughout the day. But while you’re sleeping, your body accumulates stocks of energy which keeps you energized once you wake up.
Anti-depressants on the other hand work by depressing your entire energetic system thereby restricting it from expanding.
In addition, you can take supplements, which promote the ability to achieve and hold an erection. Turn to energy boosting foods! Technically, all food creates energy (calories are units of energy), but some foods are far better than others when it comes to their ability to increase alertness while also supporting overall health and well-being. Remember to take lots of fresh (not processed) fruits and at least 8 glasses of water every day. If you job doesn’t now allow you the pleasure of 30 minutes siesta then go to bed one hour earlier – so you enjoy at least 8 continuous hours of sleep. This in turn eases the breakdown of glucose so you have more energy being churned out of the sugars and carbs you eat throughout the day. Note: Only your doctor may determine whether you should continue using the prescribed medication or not. But hold your horses for a minute, that does not mean you should start throwing all sorts of pills into you. Next time you find yourself dragging, try one of the following healthy, energy boosting foods for new moms. It is important that you understand the foods and nutrients needed to focus on foods, which can specifically enhance your erection.

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