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Apps to make you happy: Could you save your self money and hassle by just downloading an app? Best for customers of the 'big six'Cost: Free What is it?SSE, Scottish Power and EDF energy's apps are only available for those with Apple devices. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. You enter you meter readings into the app and it will produce a handy graph to show you your energy use habits and costs. Once you have entered the percentage share each person owes the app will calculate the total and let you tick off who has paid what.
If you are constantly browsing the internet, checking your emails and using social networking apps you'll probably be slapped with high usage charges.So it's a good idea to make the most of free wifi spots. Each individual deal can be redeemed a maximum of two or three times, depending on the product.
We used user reviews on the web and the Apple and Android app stores to find the top-rated tools that people found most helpful and user-friendly. Meter Readings also lets you compare your usage and costs with those around you using different energy suppliers. Sending off your meter readings can be a hassle, but the app lets you take a picture using your phone and send it off using the app. If you were to use your full allowance during this month's cycle you would be able to claim back A?45.The money is paid to you through your Quidco account. But it can cost you more than 10p a minute to call a premium-rate number from your home phone and up to 41p from a mobile.If you end up having to wait on a long call queue, you could easily rack up a huge phone bill. If you get stuck in a call queue, you can press a button to disconnect from the call, the app will wait on the line for you and automatically reconnect you when your call is answered.The big plus is that you will not pay for any calls via the app, apart from your standard call charge, and you won't be charged for the time spent in the call queue.

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