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This will directly affect our wallets, so reducing energy consumption will definitely be a goal for governments, for cities, and for the individual over the next 10 to 15 years and even longer.
This includes eating the house, leaving lights on, heating water for showers and baths, and the use of gasoline to driver cards.
Look for energy reducing devices, such as LED lights or fluorescent lights, energy-efficient appliances, better gas mileage cars and so on.
It is amazing how quickly the dollars can add up when you’re saving or reducing your energy consumption. This is just the start in terms of reducing energy consumption and putting more dollars in your wallet. Analyze your savings to figure out how much you’re actually saving by reducing energy consumption in your daily life and that of your family. Our key objectives are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, to be applied in all our operations, including waste from offices as well as production waste. In order to use energy more efficiently, people need relevant knowledge of what they should do and how they can do it.
The overarching finding of this research is that making energy 'discussable' is an effective, low-tech and low-cost way to help people make better choices about how they use and conserve energy.
When it comes to green living, reducing the amount of energy you use is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do. While electricity itself is not unfriendly to the environment, the production of it is as most of the facilities we use to generate electricity are powered by fossil fuels.
Fossil fuels are not renewable and the output from these facilities produces carbon which leads to global warming.
Luckily, there are several things you can do to reduce your energy consumption and the bonus is that you’ll also save money on your utility bill! Many electronic devices today have LED’s that draw energy even if the device is not powered on. Those little bits can quickly add up, so when your appliances are not in use, try to get into the habit of unplugging them.
While it’s nice to have your computer always ready for use, it also uses a lot of electricity.

Getting an automatic thermostat can be a great way to reduce your heating costs, be it from oil, gas or electricity. Set it to 68 degrees Fahrenheit for daytime use when people will be home and 55 degrees Fahrenheit when you are sleeping or at work.
Set your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and get an insulated sleeve for it to insure it is working as efficiently as possible. Switch to more energy efficient lighting like LED lights or compact fluorescent lights and be sure that you don’t leave lights on overnight or when no one is in the room. Your refrigerator should be set to around 40 degrees Fahrenheit and your freezer between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit for most efficient use. Make sure there is a full load in the dishwasher before you run it and use the energy saving cycle.
Using energy efficient appliances can help reduce energy usage as well as your electric bill so the next time you are in the market for a new appliance, make sure you look at the energy star rating and buy the most efficient model you can afford.
With leases typically structured so that tenants pay for their own operating costs like electricity and water expenses, reduced consumption becomes a critical benefit to tenants of green buildings.
Numerous studies have linked improved indoor environments to greater productivity, including increases in the amount of work accomplished, better cognitive performance, improved worker retention, and reduced absenteeism. With salaries constituting a significant expense to a company, a small improvement in productivity can have significant impacts on profitability. With employees’ growing heightened awareness of options available, an office building’s superior environment may contribute towards a competitive edge in attracting talent and keeping employees satisfied. With decreased operating costs, potential lease premiums and more competitive, future-proofed buildings,  valuation premiums of 11%-12% have been empirically proven in the US and Australian markets. Secure tenants more quickly, shorter vacancy, and fewer turnovers.   In particular, large multi-nationals and high-profile companies are typically looking for buildings that align with their image and corporate values – environmentally, socially, and with regards to their employees. It is pretty simple, just look at everything you do and ask yourself am I using energy that I’m paying for out of my wallet. How many times have you made special trips for an item that could have waited until the next day when you’re driving past that store anyway.
Everything you do and everything you purchase should have the idea of reducing energy consumption in mind.

For example if you can turn the temperature on your furnace down by a couple of degrees at night you probably will save two or three dollars a day in reduced energy usage.
Apply the same approach to turning lights off, washing dishes with a fully loaded dishwasher, washing clothes with a fully loaded wash machine and dryer, reducing your trips by car, walking instead of riding in a car, and combining errands to allow you to make one trip instead of several. We therefore continuously work on how to rework and dispose in a more environmentally-friendly way than just scrapping them. In order to tackle CO2 emissions and ensure both the security and affordability of supply, the Government has made energy demand reduction a policy priority. The RECCKN project has compared how people find out about energy issues, the barriers to the spread of energy knowledge and awareness, and how this knowledge might be more effectively shared in different types of communities. Your VCR, Coffee Maker and even your electric toothbrush all use a little bit of energy when plugged in. With a programmable thermostat you can set it to the optimum temperatures and then forget about it. Make sure you always clean the lint basket after each load and be sure to set the appropriate water level in your washer. If if history can be relied on, the price of gasoline is going from $.26 a gallon, can you believe that!, Two over four dollars a gallon in the last 20 or 30 years. Over the winter, let’s assume four months, or 120 days, that is close to $400-$500 in savings depending on how much you decrease the temperature and how large home you have. We have found that peer networks in local areas - what we call 'community knowledge networks' - can enable the sharing of information and expertise, ultimately leading to the spread of useful knowledge about using energy more efficiently.
We can fully expect the cost of gasoline to continue to increase and that will drive everything higher including heating or homes, driving our cars, and even the price of our groceries that we purchase.

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