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This will directly affect our wallets, so reducing energy consumption will definitely be a goal for governments, for cities, and for the individual over the next 10 to 15 years and even longer. This includes eating the house, leaving lights on, heating water for showers and baths, and the use of gasoline to driver cards. Look for energy reducing devices, such as LED lights or fluorescent lights, energy-efficient appliances, better gas mileage cars and so on. It is amazing how quickly the dollars can add up when you’re saving or reducing your energy consumption.
This is just the start in terms of reducing energy consumption and putting more dollars in your wallet. Analyze your savings to figure out how much you’re actually saving by reducing energy consumption in your daily life and that of your family.
Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) – Applying to mercury, hydrogen chloride and other particulate matter than is regarded as hazardous to health.
Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act – Will require cooling water intake structures to implement the Best Available Technology. The Greenhouse Gas Standard (GHG) – Intended to limit carbon dioxide emissions under the premise that these are leading to global warming, which constitutes a hazard to health. Due to all of the changes outlined as well as those I haven’t mentioned the power generation industry is in a massive state of flux especially investor owned utilities that must answer to their shareholders.  The lack of a national energy policy and with increased regulation from the five EPA regulations would increase the cost of maintaining coal-fired power plants, leading to some plants closing, electricity prices rising, and power companies facing problems providing reliable electricity to consumers. There is more at issue than EPA regulations, consider basic power market economics, power prices tend to follow natural gas prices, and the boom in drilling has caused both markets to drop. Consider a plant with marginal profitability due to fuel cost and reduced demand, when the company faces potential plant upgrades that would require a large capital investment just to keep the plant open for business, it may not be financially viable to keep the plant open. Evolving energy demand and energy fuels are altering the economics of power plant operations. Regulations are emerging that create both compliance obligations and compliance opportunities for power utilities. It is because of this unprecedented level of economic and regulatory change that the future of the power industry will be won by those who address these issues in a strategic and decisive fashion which brings us to the main topic of this article. In today’s world, energy efficiency must be a part of any energy discussion the efficient and clean use of energy will benefit Americans, our environment, our economy and our national security. This article will address motor driven equipment with a focus on pumping applications where efficiency improvements can be obtained.  The example will evaluate component efficiency improvements Vs System improvements.
Centrifugal pumps should be selected and normally operated at or near the manufacturer’s design rated conditions of head and flow. Energy efficiency is as much about improving a system’s reliability as it is about reducing energy costs.
Figure two provides a graphical representation of the potential energy savings as well as improved system efficiency taking into account the classic “component” approach compared to a total system approach.

Column D identifies potential savings when motor efficiency is improved by 2%.  Again nothing has changed in the system with the exception of an additional 5 feet of friction loss across the valve as a result of the reduced slip in the premium efficiency motor (head increases to the square of the speed). Efficiency is the least expensive course of action the power industry can take given the current economic and environmental situation.  Efficiency comes in many forms, motor driven pumping systems is only a portion of potential savings available. As temperatures rise into the 90s, Village of Minster electric customers are being asked to conserve power.
Village of Minster officials report the electric grid is working properly, we are just trying to take every avenue to reduce costs for customers. In order to use energy more efficiently, people need relevant knowledge of what they should do and how they can do it. The overarching finding of this research is that making energy 'discussable' is an effective, low-tech and low-cost way to help people make better choices about how they use and conserve energy. Our key objectives are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, to be applied in all our operations, including waste from offices as well as production waste. With leases typically structured so that tenants pay for their own operating costs like electricity and water expenses, reduced consumption becomes a critical benefit to tenants of green buildings. Numerous studies have linked improved indoor environments to greater productivity, including increases in the amount of work accomplished, better cognitive performance, improved worker retention, and reduced absenteeism. With salaries constituting a significant expense to a company, a small improvement in productivity can have significant impacts on profitability. With employees’ growing heightened awareness of options available, an office building’s superior environment may contribute towards a competitive edge in attracting talent and keeping employees satisfied. With decreased operating costs, potential lease premiums and more competitive, future-proofed buildings,  valuation premiums of 11%-12% have been empirically proven in the US and Australian markets. Secure tenants more quickly, shorter vacancy, and fewer turnovers.   In particular, large multi-nationals and high-profile companies are typically looking for buildings that align with their image and corporate values – environmentally, socially, and with regards to their employees.
It is pretty simple, just look at everything you do and ask yourself am I using energy that I’m paying for out of my wallet. How many times have you made special trips for an item that could have waited until the next day when you’re driving past that store anyway.
Everything you do and everything you purchase should have the idea of reducing energy consumption in mind. For example if you can turn the temperature on your furnace down by a couple of degrees at night you probably will save two or three dollars a day in reduced energy usage.
Apply the same approach to turning lights off, washing dishes with a fully loaded dishwasher, washing clothes with a fully loaded wash machine and dryer, reducing your trips by car, walking instead of riding in a car, and combining errands to allow you to make one trip instead of several. EPA will continue to push their agenda and without a national energy policy allow state governments to mandate renewable energy requirements. This will essentially require all coal plants to convert open loop cooling to closed loop technology.

The rules will be applied to new power plants and existing plants (The agency is using its authority under section 111 of the Clean Air Act to issue standards, regulations or guidelines, as appropriate that address carbon pollution from existing power plants, including modifications of those plants), it is assumed that it will make new construction virtually impossible unless some technology for carbon capture is developed. By some estimates the regulations could ultimately force more than 280 coal-fired generating units to be shut down.  Many of these plants are 40 + years old and would be too costly to retrofit with the equipment necessary to meet EPA requirements. For many years Coal plant efficiency has hovered around 33 percent only in recent years has plant efficiency become a real concern.
Why?  Optimum efficiency reduces damage from heat and vibration thereby lengthening the mean time between repairs, in power industry terminology Uptime, Availability and Reliability. Efficiency and reliability are complimentary when you are looking to replace those 40 + year old motors planning a system upgrade or new construction think total system (plant) efficiency. In order to tackle CO2 emissions and ensure both the security and affordability of supply, the Government has made energy demand reduction a policy priority. The RECCKN project has compared how people find out about energy issues, the barriers to the spread of energy knowledge and awareness, and how this knowledge might be more effectively shared in different types of communities. We therefore continuously work on how to rework and dispose in a more environmentally-friendly way than just scrapping them. If if history can be relied on, the price of gasoline is going from $.26 a gallon, can you believe that!, Two over four dollars a gallon in the last 20 or 30 years. Over the winter, let’s assume four months, or 120 days, that is close to $400-$500 in savings depending on how much you decrease the temperature and how large home you have.
The GHG standards revision was released on September 20, 2013 but there is as yet no indication when they will be implemented. According to an Institute for Energy Research report dated April 20, 2012 Thirty-four (GW) of electrical generating capacity are now set to retire or have since been retired because of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Mercury and Air Toxics Rule and the Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) regulations. It takes years to seek permission to close plants, decommission facilities, to address fuel shifting issues, and ultimately to permit and construct new capacity. We have found that peer networks in local areas - what we call 'community knowledge networks' - can enable the sharing of information and expertise, ultimately leading to the spread of useful knowledge about using energy more efficiently. We can fully expect the cost of gasoline to continue to increase and that will drive everything higher including heating or homes, driving our cars, and even the price of our groceries that we purchase. History tends to repeat itself in fact new LNG plants are under construction with the intention of shipping the low cost fuel off shore.  When gas prices start to climb your only option is to pass the increased fuel cost on to the consumer.

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