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Yvonne McSherry, Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki Training, Chester, Cheshire, Manchester, Merseyside, North Wales. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Dear Shams,Mikao Usui Sensei, the founder of Reiki system, used to advise his students to wait two or more years between the attunements.
DEAR, I HAVE GOT REIKI ATTUEMENT LEVEL 1-2-3(B) BY A REIKI GRAND MASTER IN A 2 HOURS NOW I READ MANY WEB SITE THAT IT IS MUST WITH GAP OF 21 DAYS IN EACH LEVEL. This website is for you and others like you who have a desire to be a part of the natural way to heal. I am sure you too have found a lot of valuable insights into energy healing and by sharing our knowledge we get to help one another.
This web site is a collation of my knowledge spread over more than 400 pages but I know that there is a lot more information and success stories out there and I would just love to hear about them. I'd love to receive any articles, photos, stories, reviews, or other content you'd like to share. Share Your Energy Healing Experience by submitting it right here on this site, then site visitors can read, rate, and comment about it. You can also share or comment on any page of this website, just see the "Share this page" and "Leave a Comment" options at the very bottom!
There's also an active group of fans on my Healing Journeys Energy Facebook Page so come join the conversation, we'd love to have you with us! My Google+ Page is starting to pickup in popularity too, so if you're a G+ fan head on over there and join us!

Pure Wellness Studio Reiki Energy TherapyReiki – Energy Therapy to the student through an attunement process. CANADIAN REIKI ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTERThe CRA as an intern as part of her Post-Baccalaureate Diploma of Journalism through Thompson Rivers University, BC. Reiki give’s you an awareness and understanding of your life force energy, your chakra system of your light body and how this can effect the physical and mental.
When it comes to sexuality, casual kissing and casual sex is quite normal, making the ability to catch a virus like herpes a lot easier to do. Depending on the type of herpes, HSV-1 or HSV-2, oral or genital herpes, the herpes virus is transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. His advice was a way of testing the students, ability of practicing Reiki, healing themselves and others and absorbing the ancient wisdom and Reiki energy. See an example of how this works with an interesting story of what happend to me about perfection.
Angel Reiki is a truly beautiful therapy for those looking for a safe, nurturing attunement into second degree Reiki in the summer of 2004 along with Reyad Sekh Em and Angel Reiki II in 2005. You will learn how to harness and use infinite energy in everyday life for health and happiness, for calming and re-vitalising your mind, body and spirit, for relieving stress and pain, for increasing your well-being and for bringing deeper insight, healing and balance. Most people don’t even know much about the virus when they get it, if they realize they contracted anything at all. Spreading of herpes happens more often than most people realize because more than 60% of people who actually have herpes don’t realize that they do. His four meditation CD's are immensely popular in his native country of Denmark becoming bestsellars; helping thousands of people to regain their peace and happiness.

Master Kuthumi comes to those who seek world knowledge in this time of change and to use that accumulated knowledge for the good of all. It can be seen as a detoxification process to integrate the Reiki energy into your physical and other bodies but is a very gentle and life changing process. This level is all about you, in terms of self-awareness, self-development and is a powerful method for self-healing. At least 6 months between Reiki II and III(Masters).I follow the above guideline to give the students time to settle with the Reiki energy. Meditations and energy exercises will also be covered.Once you are attuned you are able to run the Reiki energy through your body for use on yourself or others. When a Reiki Attunement is done, a tremendous amount of energy is anchored into the recipient and it could take quite some time to become accustomed to the energy. Keep in mind that Reiki CANNOT and WILL NOT do any harm in other words do not fear, trust in the Universal Life Force Energy as it can do no harm. When receiving a Reiki Attunement the recipient of such Attunement also goes through a very deep healing process which will bring any deep rooted dis-ease to the fore to be dealt with and healed.
Another possibility is that she either picked up the energy coursing through your body or alternatively her own experience of this energy was very powerful and her body still has to get used to it. Free meditations, Energy exercises, Research & Courses My name is Paul Devenney and i am an intuitive healer & teacher.

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