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The high latent heat of vaporization of water means that a lot of absorbed radiant heat energy is used to convert liquid water into the atmosphere where it forms clouds. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Energy, Respiration & the Environment section. Solar Cells or Photovoltaic Energy We can also change the sunlight directly to electricity using solar cells. Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of being Ectothermic and Endothermic for Vertebrates.
Advantages The key advantage of endotherms is their high metabolic rate, but there are many other factors that contribute to their success too.
Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of being Ectothermic and Endothermic in the Vertebrates. Endotherms have highly specialised tissues adapted to a certain narrow range of temperature and chemical composition, which is maintained through homeostasis.
This is just one method that I could choose from to get my results but I have chosen to use this method as it is simple to perform, easily available for me to carry out and because I think that this will get me the necessary reliable results that I require. Sign up to view the whole essay and download the PDF for anytime access on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Created by teachers, our study guides highlight the really important stuff you need to know. Tata Power Club Enerji (TPCE) is an Energy & Resource Conservation Club that focuses on bringing about a first-hand realization of the energy crisis and scarcity of natural resources in the country. The programme concentrates on awareness generation by educating children on the importance of energy & resource conservation and moral & civic values. Club Enerji members are imparted with skills to propagate the message of energy & resource conservation, and becoming responsible citizens, to their immediate sphere of influence. Schools are encouraged through participation in the National Energy Savvy School (NESS) competition. At TPCE all around the year we engage in several club activities like competitions and events to stimulate interest, educate, sensitize and advocate judicious use of electricity among Club members and the community. The Tata Power Club Enerji website is a very interactive tool focusing on making the club members participate, discuss and share their ideas on energy conservation. Energy Q is a national Quiz competition organized for school children across various locations. Every Watt Counts is an annual essay competition which is conducted for school children in various cities across the country. Spark of life is an annual poster competition where in students from various schools participate and create posters on national concerns like energy conservation, resource conservation etc. Energy X-Change is a quarterly newsletter which gives a snapshot of all the various events taking place in the Club. Power kids League Workshop is a series of workshops designed to further train the Energy Champions. Principals and Mentors Meet is a special event organized at the beginning of every year to felicitate and recognize the contribution of all the schools, school teachers and Principals. Power Plant Visits are a great way for students to understand and experience how electricity is generated.
Water Pollution Activities carried out by the human population to supply food, power, and industrial needs have a considerable effect on the environment. Although, organisms that are not so sensitive will increase due to a lack of competition and the lack of predators. The low pH results in many mineral ions being less soluble and consequently less avalable to plants.
Thus the effects of two unknowns cannot be simultaneously investigated and so the results will suffer.
If lead inhibits chlorophyll synthesis and chlorophyll cannot be made, light is not absorbed so electrons can't be excited to a higher energy level and ATP and reduced NADP is never made.

Banks of these solar cells can then be used to charge batteries and provide electrical energy.
Solar cells are also called photovoltaic cells -- or PV cells for short -- and can be found on many small appliances, like calculators, and even on spacecraft.
The high metabolic rate enables a constant internal temperature to be maintained by homeostasis.
Ectotherms have less specialised tissues, which are able to tolerate greater changes in temperature and chemical composition. All Rights Reserved.Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. With the increasing demand for energy, effective management and conservation of the same has become the need of the hour. The primary sensitisation includes three visits made to the same set of children to reinforce the message of energy & resource conservation. The children are enrolled into the Power Kids League which comprises of a series of workshops. The select group of students who spearhead energy conservation activities in school and societies form Mini Club Enerji. Under NESS, Principals, students and faculty members are empowered to initiate and execute energy saving activities that would make their school an Energy Savvy School. The quiz, aims at reaching out to more and more school children and create awareness about resource conservation. The topics for the competition mainly range from energy conservation, to resource conservation.
Lessons on energy conservation are combined with sessions on personality development and public speaking. The schools interact with the senior leadership ream of Tata Power; share their feedback on the programme and ideas for the way forward. Energy Champions from various schools visits Tata Power's power plant and participate in discussions on the current scenario and the need to save energy and fossil fuels.
Phophates ions become bound to clay particles and are unavailable to plants while other possitivlty charged ions such as calcium are more easily leached. Subsequently I believe that errors in the procedures resulted in the anomalous result the fundamental error being the imprecise method of starting the pH between 8-9. The method suggests that when the enzyme's active site comes into contact with the right substrate, the active site slightly changes or moulds itself around the substrate for an effective fit. The sun provides 99.98% of the energy, which naturally flows through the surface environment of the earth.
As the water runs back to the sea, the potential energy is eventually converted into heat energy. The energy in colder countries is not sufficient to make large scale use practical and the weather makes it unreliable but it does have some applications in electronics where the energy required is small- calculators and radios work well on solar power with a storage or back-up battery. Recognizing the immense value that schools and school children can bring to the initiative and taking due consideration of this urgent need, Tata Power started "Tata Power Club Enerji", to propagate efficient usage of energy and to educate the society on climate change issues in 2007.
These interactive sessions through flash modules, presentation and competitions are undertaken to reinforce the content and assess the integration of thoughts into action.
These workshops are designed in a manner where the students get to interact and learn from professionals, participate in various activities, presentations and learn about the technical aspects related to the world of energy & resources. These mini Clubs are independent entities which perform various activities such as street plays, conduct rallies, celebrate Energy Conservation Day, World Environment Day, Earth Hour and other global events, conduct sensitization sessions in school & societies, to propagate the message of energy & resource conservation, thus contributing to nation building.
These mini clubs are independent entities that drive the cause of energy conservation by their own innovative ideas. Along with Energy Q, the students also participate in an Energy Carnival, where they showcase their ideas and solutions through projects, demonstrations and working models. With informative content along with fun filled activities for children this book is a teat to know all about energy! They process proteins similar to hemoglobin which helps them to take in enough oxygen for survival, even at low concentration.

A small amount of energy, about 0.2% of the total, drives convection currents in the oceans and the atmosphere. Solar energy is used to power satellites and a 50cm square panel should produce enough energy to run a light.
TPCE started with a pilot programme of educating and sensitizing 12 schools in Mumbai in 2007 and sensitized 6000 students in 12 schools across Mumbai.
During these workshops, members take up projects such as conducting energy audits at home, and work on them throughout the year under the guidance of the Club.
Celebrating international occasions like Earth Hour, conductive rallies, cyclothons, street plays, batti bandh and poster competition throughout the year. The Carnival also showcases the lively and creative side of students with dances, plays and one acts performed to the audience. Some of this energy appears as wind power and wave power, which are forms of kinetic energy or mechanical energy. The advantages of solar energy are that the energy from collector panels is produced quite cheaply.
Encouraged by the initial response, TPCE covered 28 schools across Mumbai and Belgaum in 2008. As part of our initiative, to monitor the impact of the programme, TPCE confers titles like Energy Champions on young students, who actively practice and propagate energy saving & resource conservation while practising moral & civic values.
This stage plays an integral part in enhancing the awareness and knowledge of the members about energy & resource conservation and becoming good civic citizens. Thereby sensitizing their friends, parents and neighbors and propagating the message of energy and resource conservation. This has a sequential effect on all consumers which rely directly or indirectly on the plants in the food web. An even smaller amount of energy, only 0.02% of the total, is absorbed by growing plants via a chemical process called photosynthesis. The total primary sensitization numbers were 11,417 who in turn reached out to a secondary sensitization of 26,922 citizens.
Active outreach members who help spread the energy conservation message are crowned as Energy Ambassadors.
The polluting effects of fertilisers and sewage are caused by the constituent ions such as nitrates and phosphates.
Primary consumers could be affected by the decrease in primary producers and could cause numbers in that food chain to decrease due to a lack of energy being passed on to the next tropic level. In lakes, the low pH destroys because the pH cause the fish to create too much mucas over their gills and this prevents gaseos exchage of oxygen. In 2009, TPCE become a national movement and covered more than 250 schools across Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Belgaum, Jashedpur and Lonavla on the subject of energy conservation. These young Energy Champions move ahead in spreading the cause by further sensitizing their friends, families and neighbourhood, together leading this movement of Conservation of Energy and Moral & Civic Values, across the nation. In 2015, Club Enerji is broadening the horizons and introducing various critical facets that will widen the scope of the existing module and make it expansive, leading to deeper penetration in India and internationally.
Toxic compounds they produce can make their way up the food chain, resulting in animal mortality. It is thought that an increase in the area of ice covering the surface of the earth, or an increase in atmospheric dust might reflect even more radiation back into space and so cause the earth to cool towards another ice age. It is looking to contribute towards nation building by creating responsible citizens who will focus not only on conserving energy and natural resources (like fossil fuel-coal, oil, gas, water, managing waste, afforestation) but also imbibe civic and moral values.
This year Club Enerji is also undertaking this unique initiative of urging children to pledge to become better citizens.

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