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Reduce energy consumption over the holiday period by switching off all electrical appliances that you don’t need on standby while you are away. If you are going away over the Easter holidays or long weekend, turn everything off that doesn’t need to be on and reduce emissions but best of all minimise costs.
Turn off and unplug coffee machines, hot water systems (depending on length of your holiday), microwaves, stereo systems, televisions, air conditioners and anything you won’t need on standby. If you are a Clean Cut Energy electricity customer you may be eligible for a rebate on your electricity bill through the Ontario Electricity Support Program.
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As you know i am fully supporting the Save Energy Oman campaign and i'm very excited to say that yesterday the website was finally lauched. The website is very simple to navigate but still very eye-catching and user friendly as it brings Noor, the mascot, to life. The point of the site is to allow both businesses and consumers to brush up on their knowledge of saving energy around the house or at work. The Power To Save Texas website was created by the Public Utility Commission of Texas as part of an educational campaign promoting energy conservation. You can even estimate the amount of money you could save by taking on some of these energy conservation measures with the site’s interactive savings calculator.

If you would like to find more ways to conserve energy and decrease your electricity bill, the Power To Save Texas site can connect you to sites on an energy saver contest, how to track your energy use and how to choose your electricity rate.
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