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Children enjoy competitions at school, so why not ask them to create the best energy saving ideas and judge whose is the best? By involving pupils and teachers in these energy saving techniques, you will create a much higher awareness of the environment and how your school can reduce its carbon footprint, in a way that is challenging and fun for all. 12 Marengo RoadHernani NSW 24532453 Phone: 02 66576155 Limit: 60 characters delete banner statement Cancel OK Are you sure you want to delete the current banner statement? Energy Saving Posters These posters were designed by the students as part of the Clever Climate Energy Savers program and are displayed around the school to remind people of energy saving behaviours. By Ben and Cameron  By Brooke and Jessica  By Frankie and Rocco By Josh, Drew and Tyler Share on Facebook Twitter Email Privacy Accessibility Copyright Disclaimer Feedback Customer service Compliments and complaints NSW Government Translated documents Staff Portal Student Portal Are you sure you want to delete the current logo? Check out our store for energy conservation books and online training for energy auditors and other job skills.

All of us can take steps, from the simple to the drastic, to spend less money on energy, make our homes more comfortable, and lower our households’ impact on our environment. Clean the lint out of your clothes-dryer vent and consider re-piping the vent in rigid metal to reduce airflow resistance. You can save a lot of money by heating only a portion of your home rather than the whole house when just one or two family members are at home. Replace your incandescent lights with compact fluorescent bulbs or new fluorescent fixtures. Involving the children in an energy saving scheme will make it more successful and daily activity tasks can be fun for all the classes.
This can involve the pupils in tasks set about how to save energy as well as water and other important resources. The scheme compels energy suppliers to pay you for the electricity you produce via PV solar panels - and sees you paid extra for any electricity you export back to the grid. So if your queries aren't answered in other areas of the site, you'll most likely find what you're looking for here - in our Solar FAQ.

Your thermostat setting determines the amount of money you’ll pay for heating and cooling.
Switching off lights, computers and all other electrical equipment daily will achieve a significant improvement for your school.
The government supports pupil awareness of energy saving solutions, as it can lead to schools becoming much more energy efficient. Larger undertakings can increase the value, durability, and longevity of our homes while also saving energy dollars. Switching things off, however, is only the starting point and your school can make far greater savings by addressing the following. Likewise setting the thermostat higher during the cooling season will reduce your air conditioning costs.

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