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Normally I wouldn’t have volunteered to go on this trip, but the gained knowledge will be useful in my job moving forward. The following are trademarks or service marks of Major League Baseball entities and may be used only with permission of Major League Baseball Properties, Inc.
Nim Tribute Website - BLOGApril 19, 2014 The National Museum of Animals and Society explores the human-animal bond and our shared experiences.
Sadie Frost and Hilary Swank are fans of the Environ Vitamin Facial that fuses the latest in medical grade beauty treatments with high-performance ingredients. When you hear the words vitamin facial, you probably think of some natural vitamin C sources such as orange or spinach being sloughed onto your face. It comes from the International Institute for Anti-Ageing (IIAA) whose skincare line, Environ, together with their Advanced Nutrition Programme skin supplements line, fuses beauty therapy, nutrition and medical grade ingredients.
Environ is formulated by Dr Des Fernandes, a plastic surgeon and created with a basis of Vitamin A, probably the most highly researched skincare ingredient on the planet. According to research, Vitamin A one of the only ingredients that penetrate the top layer of the skin to produce smoother skin and heal problems such as pigmentation. I had my facial at Skin 3 salon in Swiss Cottage, North London which is more like a serious skin clinic than a beauty therapist’s. If you haven’t yet had one of these and want a skin wake up call to get you out of the sun or to stop smoking or doing anything else to damage your skin this is it. Pigmentation like this is caused by sun exposure and it  takes 10-40 years after the exposure has occurred for it to show up. However, the same machine also shows you what your skin will look like if you continue to age at the old crone rate on which I am currently doing. Armed with this knowledge and in dire need of comfort it was time for me to get some pampering. The hour-long facial began with various stages of cleansing and exfoliation to dissolve pore congestion and prepare my face to receive the vitamin treatments.
The therapist then applied a series of vitamin treatment gels containing antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin A along with hyaluronic acid (an intensive water-based hydrator) to the skin. Designed as more than a pampering experience, the vitamin facial is supposed to work to benefit sun-damage, lined, unevenly pigmented or scarred skin. I was prescribed a line of skin care, the first stage in the Environ C-quence range and containing the right level of vitamin A for my skin along with other antioxidants such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. The vitamin-A based Environ C-quence range that I have been prescribed and told to use religiously for three months to stop my growing sun damage. Apparently, skincare can only penetrate two layers of skin and we have three, so the IIAA’s Advanced Nutrition Programme encourages people like me to also take a line skin supplements including omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin A.
Anna had her facial at Skin3 Salon, Swiss Cottage, London call, 020 728 1291 costing ?79 including the Visia Skin Analysis.
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They will be running a 3-month long exhibit beginning on May 10, 2014 entitled "Light in Dark Places", which explores anti-vivisection from the Victorian Era to the modern day. The result is a three-pronged attack on wrinkles and ageing that takes into account scientifically proven ingredients and skin delivery methods to make changes to whatever signs of ageing your face is showing. The Environ line is designed so the user can progress from a low dose in vitamin A to the highest acceptable for a non-prescription treatment. The waiting room was peopled by young women with obvious skin problems like acne and pigmentation which I couldn’t help noticing. Anisa again said this isn’t the worst thing in the world because it helps products penetrate. Having grown up in Australia, covering myself (face included) in baby oil and burning, this damage is coming back to haunt me now. Regular use of vitamin A on the skin can help fade the pigmentation and stop if from getting worse, she says. In the facial room, there was no whale music or candles only a bed with towels and a comforting warm pillow on which to lay my head.
This felt gorgeous as there is nothing I like more in the world than having my face rubbed (well one thing, but let’s not go there).
According to the therapists, you start seeing it working a couple of days after the treatment, even after just one or two sessions – though obviously, a course of 12 is recommended. The exhibit includes special Nim artifacts and Bob will be a guest speaker on its opening day. The Environ facial has a big celebrity following too with clear-skinned devotees including Sadie Frost, Hilary Swank and Ellen Pompeo.
Apparently, the SPF 30 I started using religiously when I was 28 and learned about the dangers of the sun to the skin hasn’t helped that much. The snazzy machine (and really not sure if I believe this) also shows you what your skin will look like after five years’ use of the Environ products – does it show the overdraft you might accumulate too? If you have health problems you should consult a doctor or other qualified health professional.
They are ALL around my eyes and while poor Anisa tried to comfort me with the idea that there were no other wrinkles on my face, the sheer volume of these made me sad. This part of the treatment addressed specific areas of concern like wrinkles and pigmentation – oh yeh baby.
It’s cooling with peppermint and over it is applied another pulsed electrical current, this time that I could feel in a tingling sensation for 20 minutes while Anisa gave me a hand massage.
I have freckly skin which Anisa says is kind of natural and okay, but I also have big swathes of darker pigment along my jaw, forehead and the sides of my eyes. Organizations such as Central OK Humane Society, ASPCA, Animal Resource Center, Code 3 Associates, and dozens of volunteers stepped up to provide assistance to the community. Click HERE to read about some of the rescue efforts by those who provided housing and care to the canine and feline victims and their efforts to reunite them with their human families. January 5, 2014 Help urge UCLA Chancellor Gene Block to release 5 primates from UCLA's research lab! "SAEN – Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!

Primatologist Bob Ingersoll states that as drug addiction is a social malaise, using monkeys in addiction experiments has limited applicability to the real world.The NIH funds these experiments at the taxpayer’s expense.
14 to tour the sanctuary, listen to live music, participate in the silent auction, and watch the apes open their gifts! On December 2-5, 2013, they filed the first-ever lawsuits on behalf of captive chimpanzees demanding that they be granted the right to bodily liberty. These filings are based on the scientific evidence that chimpanzees are self-aware and should therefore be recognized as legal persons with certain fundamental rights. To develop cosmetics, cleaners, toothpastes, shampoos, and other products, rabbits are locked into restraining devices and have chemicals rubbed onto their eyes and skin, and rats are forced to inhale toxic fumes.                                                                  These animals just want to be free but instead, their lives are filled with pain and lonliness as they are forced to wait in fear for whatever painful procedure will be done to them next before they are killed.
Animal experimentation is the cruelest practice I have ever seen; and I believe any compassionate person would be horrified if they looked inside an animal lab and saw what they were unknowingly paying for people to do to animals. Click here to find out which companies and charities are and are not cruelty-free.  2) Kick the smoking habit or buy from companies that have official policies against testing their products on animals, such as Imperial Tobacco, Nat Sherman, and Santa Fe Natural Tobacco. In order to develop new cigarettes, many cigarette companies restrain dogs and pregnant monkeys so they can strap devices onto their nose and mouth so that they are forced to inhale tobacco smoke. Philip Morris has stuffed rats into tiny canisters where they had tobacco smoke pumped into their noses for 6 hours a day for 3 straight months.
Not only is animal experimentation cruel, it is senseless!                                                                                                                                                       3) Tell your representatives you don't want your tax dollars to be used to torture animals in labs.  4) Spread the word. T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, and posting an animal testing video or picture to your facebook page are easy ways for your message to be seen by a lot of people.                                                                                               5) Spay or neuter your companion animal. Many Expected to be Retired NIH has just approved a proposal which calls for big cuts in grants used to study chimps in labs.?On January 22, 2013, one of the committe's of the National Institutes of Health proposed that it cut funding for seven of the nine taxpayer-funded grants used for biomedical experiments on chimps, as well as cut funding for the twelve of the thirteen behavioral studies. They stated that for these 360 chimps, "the majority of NIH-owned chimpanzees should be designated for retirement and transferred to the federal sanctuary system. After this statement was made, NIH formed a committe to see which taxpayer-funded grants should stop and how many chimps should be retired. They have different physical and psychological needs than humans, and they are ill-suited to life as pets, isolated from other members of their species. Babies grow into aggressive, unpredictable, unhappy adolescents and adults, and can carry diseases that humans are susceptible to. Our varying levels of experience have taught us the same thing: it’s a bad idea to have monkeys for pets.

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