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His most recent collaborative project involved developing a self-report sexual health instrument funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the National Institutes of Health. Many cancer patients are struggling with serious sexual side effects from their cancer treatments, and we lacked a good self-report scale for sexual function, Weinfurt explained. They found that the mood that the person is in when they complete the measure greatly affects what they report. Measuring sexual function is important because it affects the quality of life for many patients, Weinfurt said. Overall, sexual health is not widely recognized as a priority by clinicians and clinical researchers and sexual ignorance is more common than we would think, so participants often require education before they can participate in studies successfully, he said. DAILY NEWS New York News Politics Sports Entertainment Opinion Living Autos Search U.S.
North Carolina woman busted for running babysitting service while living with sex offender boyfriend.
Police say a North Carolina woman let her sex offender boyfriend a€” and former police chief a€” live with her while she ran a babysitting service out of her home.
A spokesperson for the police department told the Daily News Brazell worked there between January 1999 and September 2001, but couldna€™t provide information about why he was terminated. Brazell remains behind bars on $17,000 bond for failing to change his address on the sex offender registry, local station WRAL reports. A spokeswoman for the sheriffa€™s office said the children in Monroea€™s care were never harmed.
Kim Kardashian Had Cheating Sex With Kanye West While Living With Kris Humphries - Friends Talk! Kim Kardashian Had Cheating Sex With Kanye West While Living With Kris Humphries – Friends Talk!
Kim Kardashian filed for divorce after an infamous 72 days of marriage, and started publicly dating Kanye West less than six months later. The pregnant reality star insists her wedding was not a sham, which could “save the estimated $22 million worth of freebies she got from wedding sponsors,” reports Star Magazine, print edition March 4, 2013. Kim is trying to use her “unplanned” pregnancy to bully the court into rushing her divorce through, and claims that the “health and well-being of my unborn child” depend on it. Kim also claims that her relationship with Kanye happened after she and Kris separated, but an insider says it’s all a lie! If You Want More Hot Celeb Dirty Laundry News Then Please Like Us On Facebook and Follow Us On Twitter! Kris Humphries’ Lawyer Drops Kim Kardashian Divorce, Will She Marry Kanye West Before Baby? Will Kim Kardashian’s Baby Have To Carry Kris Humphries’ Name: Is he Ruining Her Life?
Kim Kardashian Miscarriage Risk Due To Kris Humphries Divorce – Medical Emergency For Baby? AS Barack and Michelle Obama prepare for life after the White House, their eldest daughter Malia has just announced what she plans to do after graduation.
A STALLED motorcycle leading a bike race in the US led to a massive pile-up involving at least a dozen cyclists as they smashed into each other at full speed. AN INTERNET prankster known for his cruel jokes may have taken things too far when he targeted his own partner.
AS Norway reels from a devastating aviation accident in which 13 people were killed, reports suggest the chopper failed a safety check just days before the fatal crash.
A MASSIVE fire has engulfed a Serbian Orthodox Church in Manhattan — hours after their Easter service. THE bodies of two climbers killed in Tibet 16 years ago after an avalanche hit them have been found in a melting glacier.

A MAN faces life in jail without parole after he allegedly sexually abused a teenager while secretly living in her wardrobe for five days.
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Reyna Ortiz holds a syringe in her mouth before injecting heroin on the border between the US and Mexico. Transgender sex worker Fernanda Sanchez waits for clients at night on a street in Tijuana's red light district. Sergio Borrego, who helps run Tijuana AIDS hospice, puts a net over the face of Pedro Robles, 51, to prevent flies bothering him as he dies of AIDS. Oscar Villareal, 28, makes himself up as a women in a hotel room in downtown Tijuana before going out to look for clients.
He is seen smoking crystal meth one evening in his room at a boardinghouse in downtown Tijuana.
Martha Patricia Ruiz, 53, is one of many women who sell sex in Tijuana's Zona Norte red light district.
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Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about Monday: 1. Reduce stress, relieve tension and improve your overall health & well being with massage! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people like Susan, who are in a discordant relationship, take pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, to protect against personal HIV exposure. Assisted reproduction using IVF and techniques such as sperm washing (ridding the sperm of the virus before creating an embryo with an egg), are costly and illegal in some states, like California in 2007, when the Hartmanns were living there. So what’s the best way for HIV discordant couples, like the Hartmanns, to have children? It’s a question being asked more often as people with HIV are living somewhat normal lives with the disease and perhaps getting married and wanting to start a family. The CDC estimates there are 140,000 mixed-status heterosexual couples, but that number is based on a 1996 study; experts say the number is much higher today. Dan Hartmann was diagnosed with HIV when he was 12, infected by contaminated blood products he received as treatment for hemophilia, a rare genetic blood disorder.
In Annapolis, Maryland, ninth grader Dan Hartmann was telling his school he, too, was HIV positive.
Susan Slingluff was in the gym when Hartmann and his father, a physician, spoke to the school. Susan read everything she could find about how a heterosexual married couple with one HIV partner could make a family but couldn’t find answers. In March 2007, the couple testified at a California Senate Health Committee hearing to repeal a law banning assisted reproduction techniques using HIV-infected sperm.
Over dinner one night, one such expert made a suggestion the Hartmanns describe as shocking: having unprotected sex. Because Dan had an undetectable viral load and they were in a monogamous relationship, the physician explained, the risk of Susan becoming infected with HIV from unprotected sex with her husband was low. Some days, he woke up reminding himself that Susan was more likely to get struck by lightning than to become infected this way. The Hartmanns may decide to expand their family, and if they do, they will see what science says at the time.
It’s an open question whether people really remember what happened a month ago, Weinfurt said.

Men in a positive mood recalled having excellent erectile function, even if that was not the case. Many patients are eager to talk about sex-related issues because they feel isolated and alone with some of these struggles.
She was charged Wednesday with operating a babysitting service in the home of a sex offender. The couple announced their first pregnancy just after Christmas, leading many to speculate about Kim’s divorce proceedings from Kris Humphries. A source explained that “getting her marriage annulled is tantamount to admitting it was a sham, and she’s fully aware that it could get her sued by all the brands that donated to help make her wedding happen.” Basically, Kim’s hands are tied. But an insider says she got pregnant for just this reason, and there was nothing accidental about it! Transgender women and gay men have the highest HIV infection rates of any group in Tijuana. Her spot was across the street from the office of the El Cuete research project, which investigates the link between injecting drug use and HIV. It is something at the top of mind on this World AIDS Day, which this year is focused on achieving an AIDS-free generation. The Hartmanns are open about their journey to parenthood because they hope others will benefit from their experience. So was the story of an HIV-positive teen named Ryan White, who was expelled from his high school in Russiaville, Indiana, after revealing he had the disease. The law was repealed and through the process they met experts who had the answers they were seeking.
A psychologist by training who works in medical research for the the Duke Clinical Research Institute, Weinfurt studies the best ways to measure patient health using self-report. At the end of the 30 days, the researchers checked how well the average daily rating of participants matched what they remembered happening.
The NBA player insists that he was a victim of Kim, who staged it all for publicity, and new evidence suggests he could be right! They always have protected sex, which was never an issue, until they wanted to start a family. Weinfurt agrees that asking patients to record their activity could change the activity itself or the quality of their recall, but he says that the scale should still be fairly accurate.
We all know that Kim is a shameless whore when it comes to money and fame, so the idea that she just married for the lavish endorsements is pretty easy to swallow!
Kanye definitely thought it was weird, but he didn’t think too much into it.” The couple have even “visited Beverly Hills fertility specialist Dr. It would have been more shocking for Susan to have gotten HIV than to have not,” he says.
She kept her relationship with Kanye a secret until March (2012), but all her friends say she was cheating on Kris with him.” Kim has never come off as trustworthy, but neither has Kris! Fortunately, he’ll be spilling all of her dirty secrets in court testimonies, which won’t begin until May!

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