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A shamanic healing session, depending upon need, is from 30 minutes to 1 hour, long distance or in person. Each session may include a variety of shamanic healing modalities, such as singing, drumming, rattling, feather work, extraction, soul retrieval, physical manipulation or shipibo shamanic massage work, with the use of essential oils, sacred smudge, sacred tobacco and other non-ingested medicinal plants.
These shamanic healing sessions can be applied to land, homes, businesses, organizations, families… truly anything in our world. About KatherineKatherine Skaggs is a visionary artist, intuitive, author, teacher, spiritual counselor, shamanic practitioner and painter of souls. Sandra Ingreman and Hank Wesselman have written Awakening To The Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation as a collboration. Research paleoanthropologist Hank Wesselman is one of those rare cutting edge scientists who truly walks between the worlds. A native New Yorker, he has spent much of his life living and working among traditional tribal peoples, primarily in Africa and Polynesia. Since 1971, he has conducted research with an international group of scientists, exploring eastern Africa’s Great Rift Valley in search of answers to the mystery of human origins. Hank is also a shamanic student, practitioner and teacher, now in the 28th year of his apprenticeship. NExt post: Information on the contributing circle of Tom Cowan, Carol Proudfoot-Edgar,  Jose Luis Stevens PhD and Alberto Villoldo PhD. Devi will  journey into the underworlds, and upperworlds of your Soul for ancestral healing. Often when there is deep seated emotional wounds from this life or previous lives, caused from accidents, trauma, loss, abuse, terror, neglect, feelings of being unloved part of the Soul becomes fragmented and this aspect lives in another world. If you are suffering with continual negative thought forms, suicidal tendencies, lack of energy, depressed and have tried to transform this from your mind and body with no success. Often if the Soul is fragmented holes in the auric field will occur.  It is suggested to receive a Soul Retrieval and Psychic Surgery, and Chakra Balancing in a series of three Sessions, to ensure a transformational healing takes place. We talked for a bit about being tired of telling the story and my being ready to move forward in my life and tell a new story. I was bombarded by the noise as soon as I crossed the line in the sand.  A car alarm blared, seagulls cried out, a family no more than 25 feet from us noisily celebrated and picnicked.
I am a 45 year old married woman who is a survivor of child abuse, addiction and low self-esteem.

The good news is that  shamanic healing - which is suitable for all people of all ages, backgrounds and religions - can heal our emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic wounds in a very gentle, yet deep way. We are living in powerful and important times, and whether we know it or not, we are all undergoing a process of transformation at the moment which can feel overwhelming.
I feel blessed to be able to assist people on their healing journey and with their personal development in my work as a shamanic healer. If you are overly sensitive to smoke or essential oils, let Katherine know and she will refrain from using smoke or other fragrances. These ancient methods work at the deepest levels of energy and can create great shift, especially when the client is open to the concepts shamanism offers for healing and wellness. She is inspired to bring beauty, love and a vision of inspiration to others through visionary, interdimensional, archetypal art, intuitive painting classes and workshops, Artist Shaman Healer Sage Trainings, and soul portrait sessions, a process unique to Katherine and her intuitive guidance. They have brought together a circle of Western shamanic elders, each with a unique perspective and spiritual path.  I feel it is important to acknowledge all of the collaborators before beginning a discussion of their co-creation. Sandra is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist and Professional Mental Health Counselor.
He did his undergraduate work, as well as his Masters Degree, in Zoology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, then went on to receive his doctoral degree in Anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley. He served in the US Peace Corps in the 1960’s, living among people of the Yoruba Tribe in Western Nigeria for two years. These unusual books are focused upon a series of altered state experiences that began spontaneously out in the bush of Africa and document his investigations into a hidden reality that most of us have heard about, but few have experienced directly.
Devi will journey into the higher and lower worlds to retrieve this aspect of your Soul and anchor it back into your body, so that healing can take place. Then often Psychic Surgery is needed, where Devi will travel into the lower and upper worlds removing curses, implants, negative thought forms, astral interference and restore any holes in your auric field and anchor your soul back into the body. Maria Theresa drew a circle around us, and then instructed me to gently sweep the sand, clearing it of any man-made debris.
When I feel anger I can go back to the peace I felt, remember the love I felt, and move forward with my life. Before we can emerge as beautiful butterflies, we have to go through a great mulching, a stripping down of who we thought we were, and find within that quiet (but often hectic) space who we truly are and how we wish to live our lives. I am a Master Shaman of the Inca Tradition and a graduate of Alberto Villoldo's Healing the Light Body Programme.

She is also a board certified expert on traumatic stress as well as certified in acute traumatic stress management. In his explorations of these inner worlds, Hank may have also provided us with a glimpse into the possible evolutionary future of humanity.
She will work with your totem animal and receives messages and insights that will support your healing and transformation.
We then sat on a Mexican blanket across from each other and she laid down a woven Oaxacan altar cloth. Ultimately, shamanic healing helps us to heal our pasts and step into our healed and fulfilled states, ready to create lives of joy, fun, happiness and fulfilment. I also utilise other healing methods such as Spirit Release, Theta Healing, EFT, and Life Coaching and spiritual teaching. Combining the sober objectivity of a trained scientist with a mystic’s passionate search for deeper understanding, his books also contain revelations of the generally secret teachings of the Hawaiian kahunas.
But often, somewhere along the line, something happens to us and we feel impelled to start hiding our true selves under layers of illusion and story.
I am based in Hertfordshire in the UK, but I work worldwide over the phone, so distance is not a problem.
Hank’s research is involved with the paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the sites (4-6 million years old) at the time they were laid down. I have been compelled to start this blog in the hope that, if you are reading it, you are looking for answers I may be able to provide, guidance on how to walk through the spiritual quest we call healing. All shamanic work is non-local, which means that the healing occurs in another dimension, so it makes no difference to the healing work if the person is right in front of me or in Australia. Eventually however, we ourselves come to forget who we truly are - we start to believe we are our stories, to think they are real. We create a false identity and false beliefs for ourselves, and then, because  subconscious beliefs always have to proven right, we receive what we believe to be confirmation from the Universe that we are indeed what we believe ourselves to be.

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