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You will directly experience the nagual’s personal power that is felt as magnetic waves pulsating throughout your energy body. Lujan will also teach ancient techniques that enhance lucidity of perception thereby enabling one to empty the body of the human form. In this program Lujan will demonstrate Dragon’s Tears using the power of this movement form to shift the gazer’s perception. Lujan will also realign your chakra centers thus opening up a very unique and ancient doorway, so you can can experience the internal configuration of a shaman and directly witness his unique connection to eternity. As Lujan accompanies you during these practices he will assist you to process any upheavals that may arise so as to facilitate your growth of consciousness. The outcome is that you will be equipped to independently resolve any obstructions in your energy body.
The Shamanic Healing program also includes Shamanic Recapitulation, the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake and the Healing Meditation.
Enhance Your Personal Power Spiral Energetics - also known as Lo Ban Pai - is an ancient esoteric system of spiritual development that has been hidden for centuries. It consists of a combination of dynamic and meditative movements that promote energy cultivation. It is the only known surviving ‘coiling system’ following the golden ratio spiral principles of the Tao as recently rediscovered by quantum physics.
Reiki is a remarkable method of natural healing that uses energy channeled through a practitioner’s hands. The universal life-force energy that sets the miracle of life into motion, is naturally circulating throughout a person’s body. Sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle, but always healing and enhancing the quality of life is Reiki. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When shamanic healer Alison Arcehelizaga travels into the spiritual world, she is guided by a native South American shaman, a plant, a panther and the occasional spider. Arcehelizaga stumbled across the earth-based pagan practice via an interest in tarot reading, witchcraft and psychic healing.
After nearly five years practicing the ritual, Arcehelizaga has met some resistance from cynics who dismiss the processes. To reiease negative energy, Arcehelizaga uses cord cutting and extraction medicine techniques.
Daily InspirationMany of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Creating sacred space and entering into the shamanic realm is an ancient one that every culture on the planet has at its roots.
Animism, or the belief that everything is infused with spirit and honored accordingly, is a foundational aspect of shamanic existence.
In shamanic sessions, through the use of drumming, calling in spirit, and delving into sacred space, a variety of things can be achieved.
Due to the nature of this work and my deep respect for it, I do not set prices for sessions.
I decided to make Shamanism a large part of my life: to be a healer and to share Shamanism with others.
From Michael Harner: “…in our culture many consider it avant-garde if a person talks about the mind-body connection, but the fact that the brain is connected to the rest of the body is not the most exciting news.
Shamanic healing cures the spiritual aspect of disease- whether it is a physical injury, psychological injury, neurological injury or emotional injury.
A shamanic practitioner is one who, among other things, works directly with helping spirits to ask for healing on another’s behalf.

All shamanic work that I do is done with intention: To be respectful to the individual and to do work with permission.
The most important question to ask before asking for a healing from a shamanic practitioner is this : Do you want to be healed? Jaimal Yogis Interviews Sarah Seidelmann MD About Leaving Her Career in Medicine for Shamanic Healing. I love the website with the visuals and the info you have so graciously provided to us viewers, and to peak our interest further. Went on a little journey last night to the neatest beach near some jungle-y place to meet my core beastie. Previous post: Jaimal Yogis Interviews Sarah Seidelmann MD About Leaving Her Career in Medicine for Shamanic Healing.
Ama Deus wurde von Alberto Aguas, einem Brasilianischen Heiler und Arzt in unseren Kulturkreis gebracht.
Er lebte unter den Guarani- Indianern um fur deren medizinische Versorgung zu sorgen, was nicht einer gewissen Ironie entbehrt, da nach der Guarani- Auffassung eine solche ja nicht notig ist, da es keine Krankheiten gibt. Jedenfalls hat er durch dieses Zusammenleben die schamanische Heilmethode gelernt und sie als AMA DEUS (port. Bei der Anwendung von Ama Deus verbindet der Schamane sich mit der kosmischen Liebe, oder letztlich Gott.
Wenn wir uns mit der kosmischen Energie verbinden, konne wir diese Energie flie?en lassen, um Gutes zu tun, zu heilen und zu erneuern. Kein Problem wird gelost, wenn wir trage darauf warten, dass Gott allein sich darum kummert. Lujan will utilize a unique method of shamanic bodywork that is an ancient Oriental technique.
This will allow you to achieve the inner silence that is necessary to attain the elusive state of heightened awareness. You will become aware of the movement of your life force within your luminous sphere as Lujan realigns your energetic fibers via ligaments and tendons located in the back.
This will enable a complete and enduring healing that will be able to be sustained following the conclusion of the healing sessions. Reiki facilitates balance in all areas of your life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The session restores health and provides a wonderful sense of well-being for both the client and the practitioner.
However, no faith in the effectiveness of Reiki is required on the part of the client or practitioner. Reiki will help those with existing health problems and provides an excellent form of preventive medicine for those who are essentially healthy.
If an entity has attached to a client, Arcehelizaga communicates with it to discover its purpose.
Extraction- Sometimes we have “stuff that does not belong” in our own energetic field that interferes with our life force or soul.
Psychopomp work- The Shaman is one who can travel to the destiny of human souls for various purposes. For years I too have followed Ted Andrew’s Animal Totem book and have learned to live with animals and nature. Most of its authors are dually trained as both healthcare providers and shamanic practitioners, and collectively they offer a broad framework and powerful clinical examples of how to attend to the soul of those who fall ill. I’m a realist with 4 real kids, a real husband, 2 real dogs and a "real life" – it’s just that my reality has shifted. Being with her is inspiring, uplifting & helps you download on a cellular level that you were born for greatness.” — MARTHA BECK.

Das Wissen um die Existenz einer Universellen Kraft, die Leiden lindert und heilt ist weit verbreitet. This method works directly on the luminous fibers that connect the energy body to the universe at large, activating the bioelectromagnetic energy that enhances life and awareness.
Clients draw their perfect amount of energy from the practitioner’s hands to balance and heal themselves.
What’s really important about shamanism, in my opinion, is that the shaman knows that we are not alone.
This is not something evil or terrible but, like ants on your kitchen countertop, something that does not belong. One very important one is to help the souls of the dead that are lingering in the “middle world” or this earth place that have not transcended and are suffering and wish to be guided.
I am so pleased and excited to see you taking this interest and going farther with providing more info.Thanks for your hard work and research. If somehow, the connection is lost then, the person may feel dis-empowered, dispirited or may become sick or in someway ill. As we live our lives- certain situations, traumas, encounters or experiences may cause a part of our soul to leave us. Another task a Shaman might undertake would be to free a soul part that a soul that has transcended possesses (out of love and admiration OR because it was given to them out of love) so that it might return to the living person who asks for its return. In the case of a comatose patient the permission can come from the family and then (and only then) the person’s soul may be contacted for their permission. A healing of this kind requires the practitioner to become fully merged with a spirit helper and takes skill and practice.
The soul parts contain power or life force and rightfully belong to the person who is living. When doing work for children under the age of 12 the permission of both parents is required.
I must conserve my energy for the long run.And enjoy the breeze on my whiskers when it is relaxation time, not stress over the coming kill.
Gemeinsam haben sie alle die Liebe, die bei allen Modalitaten vorhanden sein muss, um eine wahre Heilung zu bewirken. A shamanic practitioner can retrieve a Core Beastie spirit and re-infuse it in a person to empower, support and protect them. But, without this part (or in some cases several parts) we are not operating with our full life force and therefore not fully ourselves…or full actualized. In the shamanic view, the best way to prevent things that “do not belong” from taking up residence in you (or your life force, as it were) is to be full of power and to do that one must have a relationship with a Core Beastie (power animal).
A shaman may journey to a soul that has transcended to complete “unfinished business” on behalf of a living person- to say goodbye, to express anger or to say what needs to be said and bring back information to the living person so that they may live more fully.
All came over me at once, although I am not too sure about my stone or plant…; ) Roar!!!!!!
The shamanic practitioner knows how go on a journey , aided by helping spirits, to seek and retrieve those soul parts should they desire to return. For example, a person may initially have an extraction and Core Beastie retrieval that brings them to a different place and then return (several weeks later) for a second healing to have a soul part retrieved.
According to some experts on Shamanism (Eliiade), soul loss is the most widespread cause of disease. It is important to integrate those parts and honor, welcome and integrate them in different ways.

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