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Sierra Farris PA-C, Deep Brain Stimulation specialist since 2000 and director of the Deep Brain Stimulation Services. Our comprehensive DBS Troubleshooting Clinic has improved the lives of many living with DBS in the USA and abroad – optimizing benefit, eliminating stimulation side effects, investigating hardware problems or providing second opinion about revision surgery. Important Link: Appointment Forms To register for an appointment to establish care or consultation for a second opinion, first download and send us the patient registration appointment forms or call our office at 303-781-0511. Monique Giroux combines medical, rehabilitation and wellness therapies offering the most holistic, empathic and comprehensive personalized care in Colorado.
Patients interested in DBS benefit from a comprehensive team approach including a thorough neurological evaluation, DBS education and surgical risk assessment and as important is ongoing monitoring of long-term outcomes. We want the best possible care and results for all people living with DBS. Read more about care coordination for patients living outside Colorado.

Sierra works closely with the neurosurgeon, neurologist and rehabilitation specialists to maximize the overall success of deep brain stimulation. Sierra has extensive experience programming Medtronic and Boston Scientific neurostimulation systems and offers a unique personalized DBS troubleshooting VIP program. Giroux considered patient-centered comprehensive care ideal for her patients quality of life and set the course to develop one of the first specialty centers for Parkinson’s in Seattle when the concept of holistic care was unknown in the field of Movement Disorders. Her interest in the mind-body connection grew out of observations of her patients’ capacity for self-healing. Moving toward this complementary side of medicine, she explored mindfulness training under the Jon Kabat Zinn approach at the University of Massachusetts, completed an extensive mindfulness training certification for professionals at Duke Integrative Medicine at Chapel Hill and studied Therapeutic Yoga at White Lotus. Giroux works directly with physical therapist Cara Dobbertin to optimize mobilityHolistic Brain BlogDr. Giroux completed an additional fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona under direction of Andrew Weil.

Giroux is an author of several patient books, national speaker and recognized specialist in Movement Disorders, deep brain stimulation and complementary therapies. Giroux has participated in research that has shaped best treatments strategies and is currently enrolling patients in the INTREPID trial, the latest innovation in deep brain stimulation therapy.

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