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By Annaliese and John Stuart ReidMost ancient cultures used the seemingly magical power of sound to heal. Sound Lounges, Tables, Pillows, Dolphins, Bass Pods, Crystal Harp, Crystal Bowls, Alchemical Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Crystals, Tuning Forks, Tingshas, Hand Drums, Kalimbas, Didgeridoos, Gongs, Rattles, Brain Entrainment Light Glasses, Voice Analysis and Scalar Wave Frequency Transmission Technologies.
A night of sharing energy and intention while jamming and toning with sound healing instruments.
We'll set an intention for each song, and we'll begin and end each song with bowls and toning leaving everyone in a state of profound stillness.
You will also experience many heart opening sound meditations with voice and a full range of Sound Healing Instruments and technologies from our Sound Healing Store. Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Gongs (of all sizes), Tingshas, Tuning Forks, Didjeridoos, Rattles, Hand Drums, Crystals, Gem Stones, Sacred Geometry Structures, Light Therapy Devices, Sound Healing CD's and Videos, Healing Technologies and Software. It has been shown in controlled research that when you resonate your frequency more consistently, every organ and system in your body falls into alignment. About a dozen of the leading scholars and researchers in the field of sound healing believe that we have a particular frequency that entrains us into optimum health.
David Gibson has been teaching students how to find this frequency, and been offering the assessment in the Sound Therapy Center over the last eight years, and has developed an highly intuitive sense for picking up the exact note.
The radio show explores the full range of techniques and technologies used in the field of Sound Healing.
Wide array of Sound Tables now available with an expanding library of Music specially designed for the tables.

In this state of awakened Heart Expansion, this state of FREEDOM, you step into the full potential of creation through you… you step into the DIVINE MAGNIFICENCE that is YOU ! To understand more about OM AH OM, and to tone OM AH OM on World Sound Healers Day please watch this short video on the 14 February 2014… and connect in through the 3 HEARTS OF CREATION through OM AH OM. If you would like to find out more about OM AH OM and the ancient teachings discussed in the above video… then inviting you to sign up for our FREE Universal Life Tools Community Newsletter. Rest assured that your privacy is important to us and your email address will never be sold or shared. Your physical body can be cleared, balanced and nourished by listening to certain sound frequencies and also by toning those sounds with you own voice.
Sound healing had almost disappeared in the west until the 1930s when acoustic researchers discovered ultrasound and its medical properties. David Wilcock takes you on a journey through the human experience and explores where we came from. Some use the sound of the voice to find this frequency, but we have discovered that your true soul frequency is not the key note of your voice. Although the field is commonly called Sound Healing, it is also about maintaining health, raising consciousness and connecting to spirit. All music is based on research and experience of ancient and modern sound healing techniques and information -- with a direct connection to Spirit. With this discovery, research burgeoned and today the ancient art of sound healing is rapidly developing into a new science.

When it is consistent in a person, it is really obvious (Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama to name a couple).
Their ‘yidaki' (modern name, didgeridoo) has been used as a healing tool for at least 40,000 years. The Aborigines healed broken bones, muscle tears and illnesses of every kind using their enigmatic musical instrument.
Interestingly, the sounds emitted by the yidaki are in alignment with modern sound healing technology. Studies have shown that vowel sound chant can bring about many positive physiological changes in the body, and create an altered state of consciousness in which the chanter becomes serene.
An example, among many cultures that use vowel sound chant, are the Tibetan monks who have a tradition extending back at least a thousand years. One of the earliest western scholars to reach Cathay (modern day Tibet but then a province of China) was Sir Gilbert Hay, the architect of Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh, Scotland.

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