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We can't avoid dealing with such realities through agnostic refusal to study and understand these phenomena.
The laws of the spiritual realm were discovered and have been passed on by teachers within the Perennial Tradition throughout the centuries.
It has been discovered that neuro-peptides and other brain particles spring into existence at the instigation of a thought or feeling, the instantaneous transformation of non-matter into matter. Once we come to such quantum mechanical "realities" as "state vectors," "Hilbert space," and nonmaterial fields, we are speaking precisely of Platonic Forms. In this approach, a person practicing spiritual healing appeals to God, believing that God works through the person's belief in His power to heal. This approach conceives of God as the only reality there is and spiritual healing consisting in realizing the perfection of each person as an embodiment of the divine. In this approach, the human mind alone is believed to be able to effect changes within the body.
Beginning with Plato, spiritual regeneration and harmonization have been achieved through the love of and the search for wisdom--philosophy. Only the correct spiritual and terrestrial concepts enable contact with the One and allow us to gain a practical understanding of Its laws.
You love me, act only out of Goodness, Wisdom, and Justice, are my fondest desire, and illuminate me with Your Truth. I have sometimes misused freedom out of ignorance of the Truth, bringing suffering and lack upon myself. But through your inspiration, I am overcoming my ignorance and learning to realize Your Truth. I have come from You into this realm of existence to learn to realize my eternal oneness with You. I realize Truth by conceiving, understanding , knowing for a certainty, and pronouncing Truth, thereby bringing Truth into manifestation. I hold Your Truth in consciousness so it becomes a part of my subconscious mind and manifests in the objective world. I gain as much of a realization of Your divine nature as I manifest, transmit, and embody of Your divine qualities. It is necessary that I activate Your flow through me in order to manifest Your perfection in me. Anything less than all good in my life is the manifestation of false beliefs or ignorance of Your Truth. I am working to gain a firm conviction within myself of the certainty of Your continually giving me perfect health and abundance. I do not believe that receiving all good from You is too good to be true or too good to be believed.
I do not believe that you give me all good as a personal favor, but because it is Your divine nature to give all good to all those who have learned to realize Your Truth. I do not believe that life is based entirely on physical effects; I believe that life is primordially based on spiritual realities.
Do not make of this outline merely a series of concepts which you feel to be "appropriately religious" or what you feel you should believe. The concepts you include in this outline form the basis for your practicing spiritual healing; they form the boundaries of what you believe is possible in working for spiritual regeneration and harmonization. This outline is in some sense an explanation to yourself what you believe and the implications of your beliefs. You need to meditate to the point that you discover the specific negative beliefs which manifest in negative ways.
You then repudiate these negative beliefs by affirming with conviction that you do not NOW believe them.
All methods of healing, whether the sheer mental at one extreme and the allopathic drug system at the other, work basically on the same principle. Drugs set up in the body a chemical action which releases frequencies that stimulate corresponding frequency in higher degrees of consciousness. You purpose a body with perfect health, and that purpose--in itself a real thing in the substance of thought, mind you--slows down, checks, offers a resistance to, and differentiates into a certain kind, a portion of the universal flow of vitality, and sends it through you in the direction appointed.
Then, having done this, without tension, without strain, easily, naturally, you go about your business and forget it.

This is not a renunciation, but an intensification of the personal, and therefore temporary and finite.
We must provide nourishment for this vision, providing sustenance for it to grow and develop. In Judaism, it is thought that an integral part of being Jewish involves Tikkun Olamthe: repair and healing of the world. The teacher Chujow-Rinpoche spoke of what he called the coming of the Kingdom of Shambhala as an internal phenomenon of healing the world, having to do with our own awakening, our own inner spiritual journey. More and more people all over the planet are Awakening to the Unseen Energies that horses are offering people to help them Heal & Transform! These Spiritual & Energetic forms of Healing are one of the ways that horses EXCEL at helping humans Shift and Change. This Autumn, we've gathered 5 Expert Equine Facilitators to offer you innovative ways to partner with horses to create powerful energetic & spiritual healing that creates real results.
So, if you long to go deeper into partnering with the Soul & Spirit of horses to Empower Humanity, I invite you to join us for some Epic Equine Alchemy this Autumn!
As always, we've gathered a remarkable group of equine facilitators to lead us on our spiritual adventure with horses. Horses are already offering us energy healing, why not create a sacred space, lie down, and invite them to do their profound work with us!
We’re dedicated to everyone having access to ongoing equine-assisted education and inspiration, despite their financial situation. We have offered Spiritual Healing, or energy healing, on a donation basis to the community for over 50 years. The Spiritual Healing technique our healers use is based on The King Technique devised by Dr.George King [masked]) in the 1960s and published in the books, You Too Can Heal and The Magic of Healing. We are a group of spiritually-minded people worldwide who believe in spiritual action rather than theory. The Aetherius Society is a spiritual order founded in England in 1955 by Yoga Medium and Spiritual Master George King who was an enlightened Master for this Aquarian Age.
The teachings of The Aetheriius Society are not new - these are ageless, timeless teachings from the ancient mystery schools but now delivered in a way that is aligned with this New Age of science. In 1996 six medical schools received $10,000 from the National Institute for Healthcare Research to develop courses in spirituality.
We find the teachings of Clement of Alexandria (150-220 CE) and Shankara (788-820 CE) dealing with the same elements.
They maintained that different substances with their distinct qualities were made up of different arrangements of atoms. The world of physical objects in space and time is known through sense perception and ordinary thought. Special and extreme methods and tools have to be used in order to probe these particles and forces, such as the particle accelerator.
Objects display particle-like behavior under certain experimental conditions and wave-like behavior in others. And very often, the last thing persons know about are their own internal ideas and feelings. This approach assists people to rid themselves of illusions (as in the use of such myths as the Cave) and gain understanding of the Forms within Higher Reality: Goodness, Beauty, Love, Truth, Justice.
As we examine ourselves, we may find that we believe that everything in life is merely a matter of material substance--a belief that makes spiritual healing impossible. It's also a good idea to record your meditation outline on a cassette or CD so you can listen to it during your periods of meditation. Humans are energy transformers; we are alive and developing in proportion to how much of this universal force we accept and how freely it flows through us.
The great common carrier of universal spirit is an immense ocean connecting all individuals.
They wave no banners, they don't even have barricades on which to climb to threaten the enemy or hide behind to rest or to regroup. The dangers that confront us in this time are not visited upon us by some extraterrestrial force, or some satanic deity, or even by a preordained fate.
Learn powerful energy healing tools to help your healing horse(s) release any energy they take on from you, groups, or healing sessions.

Allow the Pegaus and Unicorn energies to help you dissolve the pain with a simple process which reveals how you can, moment to moment, always choose to live from the peaceful energy of Source. We are nowA pleased to offer thisA service every Tuesday evening at The Aetherius Society Temple in Royal Oak, Michigan. Also, the major Teachings, The Twelve Blessings and The Nine Freedoms, include a Cosmic Concept in keeping with this Age.
Make this your common practice: Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you can live together whole and healed. In December of that year, a conference on "Spirituality and Healing" at Harvard Medical School attracted nearly 1,000 health-care professionals, including many faculty members from public medical colleges. 410 BCE) named "atoms," from the Greek word for "not divisible." They also believed that a space between the atoms made up of nothing had to exist. This gigantic instrument detects the effects and products of collisions between very fast moving particles. Theoretically, they are described neither as waves nor as particles, but as state vectors in an abstract Hilbert space. They assume they believe, for example, in human freedom, but a careful examination of their beliefs and actions reveals that they handed over their decision-making to religious, family, or political leaders at a very early age and now have no real conception of or desire for genuine freedom.
The energy field, the all-surrounding substance in which individuals are suspended, is a great sea of undifferentiated force.
Although these powers have wasted their wealth in preparing to annihilate each other, they have much in common: weapons of unfathomable devastation and technologies that lay waste to the world.
Because the Warriors are going right into the heart of the barbarian powers to dismantle the weapons.
These are days of change and we have, individually and collectively, the power to help bring this change about in a positive way. Among other things, participants discussed a survey conducted by the American Academy of Family Physicians, which found that 99% of family physicians believe that religious beliefs can help the healing process. High speed is necessary so that it is energetic enough to "crack open" the particles in order to reveal the inner structures that make up the colliding particles. It is just at this point, when the future of all beings seems to be hanging by the frailest of threads, that the Kingdom of Shambhala emerges.
He taught that Love is an energy that can heal, help and transform, just as real - and more important than electricity. Eighty per cent of those surveyed said that medical students should learn relaxation and meditation techniques as part of their formal training. Plato likens the opinions derived from our senses to the perception of shadows of real objects cast upon the wall of a cave. Physics and chemistry deal only with the way in which electrons interact with one another whereby matter is formed via these interactions (chemical forces, or chemical bonds). Some of these sub-particles may only exist briefly before they disappear or change to another form.
True knowledge, however, is the perception of the archetypal forms themselves, which are real, eternal, and unchanging.
Particle accelerators can therefore be used to mimic the universe at the very early stage of formation. They're going into the corridors of power where decisions are made, in order to dismantle the weapons that threaten all life on Earth. However, particle physics deals with entities more elemental than atoms that make up stable matter that we see and matter that only exists in high energy or in the early universe. The equations of quantum theory no longer predict the outcome of experiments, only the probabilities of different possible outcomes. In other words, quantum physics at the particle level deals only with Platonic forms in their mathematical embodiment. We pray that our consciousness may be lifted into that place from which Christ operated--the place in consciousness where we can see our good and act upon it; where we not only behold the land, but have the courage to enter in and possess it.

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