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The Chapel of Awareness helps people on their spiritual path wanting to learn, understand and experience psychic development, Spirit Communication & Mediumship, Healing and meditation.
This Conscious  Healing Community Is Designed To Awaken Your Soul Gifts, Remember Who You Are, & Activate Your Highest Potential In This Lifetime! It's time to shine our light even greater, vaster, & more brightly than ever before by introducing even more amazing offerings, services, & transformational tools to change anything that's no longer serving your highest good! No masks are required in the new earth & you get to bend this reality & create something far greater just by showing up and being YOU!
Guaranteed and unique non profit- no charge approach to self empowerment and the development of your healing and psychic abilities. This group is for those who are looking to embrace who they truly are by becoming more consciously aware .
This MeetUp is about providing experiences and tools that enable you to increase your light, raise your frequency, and strengthen your ability to create what you want.

Our clergy offers private readings by appointment or you can join our 1st Sunday Readings Day Fund Raiser (10 minutes for $10). Here you can share information with other like-hearted people as well as learn of events to help you travel your path with love and gentle lessons. Our goal is provide you with individual or group focused life force energy healing by teaching exploratory workshops specializing in the healing arts that will allow you to create a life you love to live. This will not only bring light to places that need it right now, but it will heal us and help us remember our true nature which is light. We believe in helping others know and appreciate negative emotion so they could lead more peaceful lives and achieve happiness.
It will also be quite healing to know that you are hooking up with thousands of others who are remembering that we are light. This is a beautiful healing technique that allows you to heal from past traumas, patterns established throughout the years and to move forward and release these negativities within yourself.

From this place of radiance, healing with spiritual light for self, loved ones, and the planet is amplified as the group transfigures as one.
A The water will be transfigured into healing water during the ceremony.A Following the Ceremony we will flow into personal and group healing meditation journeys. She is co-owner of Shin-Rai-Healing, a Reiki Master, has certificates and experience in DivinePeaceHealing, Quantum Touch, Healing Touch, Sound Healing, Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Meditation. She blends all of her experience and training into her work, creating a safe space for one to heal.

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