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Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Cat’s Life captures the entire arch of life with our feline friends.
Generally I avoid Chicken Soup books like the plague, as books purposefully written to be heartwarming are normally not anything I would want to read. Kratzbaume aus Birke Multiplex direkt vom Hersteller – vom kleinen 1 Stamm Kratzbaum, Deckenspanner, Wandkratzbaume bis hin zur Kratzbaum Landschaft, in handwerkliche Qualitat, in Deutschland gefertigt. Mit unserer gro?en Auswahl an Wandliegen, Catwalks, Kratzmatten und Kratz- und Kletterstammen konnen Sie ganze Kratzwande fur Ihren Liebling gestalten.
Eine gro?e Auswahl an Aufregenden Katzenspielzeug aus der ganzen Welt liebevoll zusammengestellt.
Unsere Weidenkorbe werden aus Vollweide von Hand geflochten – so entsteht mit jedem Korb ein unverwechselbares Einzelstuck. Bei uns finden Sie ausgesuchtes Katzenzubehor von Bekannten Marken wie United Pets, Lucky Kitty und viele Andere. Just as there are conjoined twins ("Siamese twins") in the human world, there are conjoined kittens in the feline world. In 1946 in Sydney, Australia, a litter of 8 kittens was born, 5 of which were joined together. A rather implausible case was reported on Wednesday July 12th 1865 in the "Bedford Independent" (Lawrence County, Indiana, USA). Another early (undated) example of a double-bodied kitten is this stuffed, mounted specimen labelled "kitten with 8 legs and 2 tails". There is also a report from Kansas (undated) of conjoined kittens born in a colony of farm cats.
The Gainsborough News (UK) of 4th April 1947, mentioned an article it had run on 31st March 1922; this being a report of a kitten born with 8 legs and 2 heads.
In 2001, I received an email detailing a conjoined kitten which was born in Østfold, Norway in April.
Octopussy, the "Amazing Eight-Legged Cat" is owned by Shawn Clemons (Wheeling, USA) and though Octopussy died shortly after birth in 2001, its preserved body is exhibited by Clemons as a curiosity when he travels on business; it has also become the logo of his business "Eight Legged Cat Enterprises". When it was a bit further, I helped with pulling the kitten out during another contraction.
In April 2006, a 6-legged ginger tabby called Willoughby was being cared for at the private Hervey Foundation for Cats shelter in Edmonton, Canada.

It is unlikely that the mother could give birth to six fused kittens - her birth canal simply could not accommodate them.
In October 2004, the Daily Times (Pakistan) reported that a doctor had separated "Siamese kittens".
Conjoining is classed as a congenital (developmental) defect, however, genes are involved in controlling development and when these malfunction, development goes wrong.
Put very simply, the organisation of a developing embryo, from a ball of undifferentiated cells into a body, is controlled by a particular embryonic ridge (nicknamed the "organiser") and by instructor molecules produced as a result of that region. If you are interested in medical curiosities, books worth reading are "Mutants: on the Form, Varieties and Errors of the Human Body" by Armand Marie Leroi and "Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine Vols 1 and 2" by George M. Never, under any circumstances, should you give your cat heartworm treatment that is designed for a dog – or vice versa.  Even though you may own both dogs and cats, you should always give them medicine that is designed for their species. The paper reported that a cat, in Springville, had given birth to four kittens, which were joined together at the back and sides. The kittens were attached at the leg (no details as to whether it was a foreleg or hind leg).
Unlike the 1750 six-legged cat which was only doubled from the "waist" down, the Norwegian kitten was doubled from the neck down.
The six apparently conjoined kittens were born to a cat in Pusan, 281 miles (450 km) south of Seoul, South Korea.
If this didn't happen, the embryo wouldn't develop a body structure, it would just be a ball of mixed up cells. Stories cover each age and stage with all the fun, frustrations, special bonds and routines involved, including special attention to senior cats and grieving. In 1935, Dr F Cathelin presented a conjoined cat to the French Society for Comparative Pathology; again it had two front legs and four hind legs.
They were joined in such a manner, that when two of them were walking, the other two must lie on their backs with their feet in the air. The farmer's wife apparently successfully separated them (details not provided), leaving each kitten with three legs and naming them both "Stumpy".
This means the kittens should have been identical sextuplets and all the same colour and same gender. The 4 affected kittens were euthanised but the remaining 2 kittens in the litter were normal and thrived.

A few months later, a similar case was presented to the Academy of Sciences by Professor Richet.
Stumpy and Stumpy both survived the operation and lived long, happy lives with three legs each.
Dr Cathelin, evidently an authority on the subject, emphasized that it is almost impossible to find viable (i.e. The conjoined kitten died shortly after birth, which is not unusual for such grossly malformed offspring.
Similar things have been seen in so-called "rat kings" or "squirrel kings" where the newborns become glued together by blood, amniotic fluid, tangled umbilical cords, excrement etc, or by tangled tails. The Leroi book explains why and how some deformities and anomalies happen - the mechanism is the same in cats as it is in humans. On the other side, the 2 front limbs are much shorter and will probably be amputated as the cat can move them, but not walk on them.
Tangled kittens not unknown where the mother cat is inexperienced or cannot cope (or has given birth in wet, dirty surroundings). THAT was VERY strange behavior for her, because she always gave birth to her kittens in that particular box. A genetic defect is unlikely; conjoined kittens are due to incomplete separation of an egg or, in lesser cases, to duplication of body parts. They seemed very, VERY hard on her - I had already started to massage her belly, trying to relieve her pain at that moment. If it dies early in the pregnancy, its soft tissues are reabsorbed by the mother and a "mummified kitten" (bundle of fur and skeletal parts) would be produced when the other kittens were born. The kittens died shortly after birth and the body sent to a veterinary college in Oslo for research purposes.

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