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XS Big Dot Tritium or Standard Dot Tritium front sight paired with our original white line rear provide fast sight acquisition.
We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries.
If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. If you need to produce electrical Inspection & Testing certificates for commercialor domestic installations quickly and easily, FastTest is the software package for you.
If you need to produce electrical Test & Inspection certificates for commercial or domestic installations quickly and easily, FastTest is the software package for you. Customise your certificatesAdd your company logo or governing body logo to certificates, change the certificate colour to suit your company style.
Quick and easy to useWhen entering information, handy menus drop down allowing you to quickly select cable types, reference methods, conductors, CPC values etc. Automatic reminders - never miss out on valuable re-test workThe Test Centre  shows you at a glance all certificates that are coming up for re-test. This powerful system will also print out a series of reminder letters to send to your client to let them know their systems are due for testing. Additionally, we have two (2) smaller facilities for test items that can fit within a 60 in and 24 in. The combination of the three (3) solar light arrays and the number of chambers we can place them in, permits meeting the most demanding environmental testing schedules. Here at DTB, salt spray and salt fog corrosion are applied to items as large as a pick-up truck.
We'll give you a spring drizzle, torrential wind-driven rain, or anything else, including freezing rain and ice. Using our large drive-in and walk-in environmental testing chambers we can produce inches of ice on very large or small test items. Our thermal vacuum environmental testing chamber is 4ft in diameter and 6ft deep, with heating and cooling that can be accomplish by two methods. The first is by direct contact through the use of a chill plate; the second is through the use of the thermal vacuum chamber's shroud. Our environmental altitude testing facilities simulate altitudes from Death Valley at -14.1 meters (-282 feet), to outer space at 24,300 meters (80,000 feet).
An altitude test is performed in our (6) environmental altitude testing chambers that are all connected to a group of vacuum pumps, which can all be applied to any one chamber. The result is that a rapid rate of change in altitude can be performed, as well as the standard type of altitude change. Using our 10ft diameter by 20ft long altitude environmental testing chamber as the accumulator, we can obtain a wide range of rapid decompression requirements. That large volume of the chamber combined with the (8) vacuum pumps permits a large array of possibilities when the decompression occurs.
This environmental testing assures the safety of a component exposed to explosive vapors or to other dangerous environments.

Our environmental testing facility can be used to test the most complex flight electronics system or a shop vacuum used in a gas station, in order to verify proper operation in the explosive atmosphere environment. Subjecting test item or material samples to various types of fluids as required by either the Mil-Std environmental testing requirements or the test item's actual Life Cycle. The environmental simulation chambers have rapid rates of temperature change and the vibration facilities can handle 18,000 force-pound loads, with frequencies up to 2000 Hz. In hot and humid environments, fungus can cause equipment damage and create a health liability. Control samples are included in all environmental tests to ensure that proper conditions have been maintained to grow the fungus spores.
We can recreate a desert storm or the air blast from an aircraft with the wind-driven abrasion and erosion of sand and dust, combined with actual temperatures. Mil-Std environmental testing is performed in our facility that is located outside our main building. DTB's main wind and rain environmental testing facility is located outside, near our remote facility and employs an adjustable aircraft prop that is coupled to a high power marine engine.
Our blowing wind and rain exposure facility can provide a sprinkle of rain to a downpour and winds up to 75 MPH. The second facility employs our 21ft salt fog chamber and permits wind and rain environmental testing to be performed indoors; therefore this particular environmental test will not be delayed due to weather conditions. Forty two environmental testing chambers covering a wide variety of environments from 8 cu. Please note that this utility is not an official HRD LLC software, this is just and only my simple tool so it's not supported by the authors of HRD.
Sometimes I had the need to do some testing with HRD and many times I need a way to backup and restore my HRD configuration quickly. I've done a small utility for my personal use that allow me to backup HRD suite directories and registry and I can restore them later. With this utility I've also implemented a system clean function (mean remove HRD directories and registry) that has been usefull for my testing (when I need a totally fresh environment). I've used on my Win Xp 32 and Win 7 64 computers (need microsoft dot net framework) and I have been able to run it with HRD 4 and HRD 5. Anyway I've been able to use it to migrate my HRD setup from one computer to another where I've done HRD installation. Please experiments with this tool with backup only to understand what it can be done before going to delete and restore your HRD. Uninstaller is provided (will remove everything if you don't like this utility or if you don't want to use it anymore), just a click. Only one requirement : your Windows must be XP or Seve and must have Microsoft Dot Net runtime installed (ver. While I try to assure the accuracy of this software , I cannot promise that it is absolutely accurate. L’idea di base che mi e venuta e quella di provare a riprodurre un file audio sul computer e di inviarlo all’RTX mandandolo in TX attraverso HRD.

You can use this inutility to program the internal memory of the rig (and then close the application) or you can use it "live". Live : into keyboard input just type anything you want to transmit and then press ENTER (or return on the keyboard) and it should be transmitted.
If you run HRD but you have a manual amplifier or a manual antenna switch, you may forgot to retune or switch something when you change band.
Cosi, con lo spunto di un amico OM, ho provato a ricreare via software quello che manca all' FT 2000, ovvvero la possibilita di avere piu letture contemporanee.
Sto provando a scrivere un programmino che via CAT legga le informazioni dei vari segnali e le rappresenti graficamente.
Similar to that available into FT 1000 Mk-V , via cat on a pc it is possible to display several readout together without the need to turn the rotary switch on the rig.
Contains a list of commonly used protective devices.You can also add items to the Circuit Designation menu, this saves time when testing multiple items with the same name. Periodic testing is a valuable source of income for many contractors, you know the customer and you know the installation. The certificate information, your client details, your details and logo are automatically added to the letter. But it must function to capacity anywhere on earth and beyond, sometimes in the harshest of environments. DTB has a dedicated fungus chamber to subject either a test item or items to the Mil-Std fungus spores. The winds for this environmental test are developed using a large electric motor blower assembly.
The 13ft standard facility is used for smaller systems with an effective work area of 64 cu ft. The interesting thing I'm studying is the way to communicate with HRD.  The new HRD tcp protocol open a lot of new potential addon. The test centre automatically reminds you when each certificate is due for re-test saving you the time and effort of tracking them manually. If a client calls enquiring about an Observation, instead of finding the certificate, opening it up and locating the relevant details, all the Observations & Recommendation are listed here per Client, Installation and Certificate.
Instantly find the certificate you want and then view or print the associated Observations and Recommendations.
The test centre will even produce a letter from you to your client with the associated Observations & Recommendations.

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