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As we age, we become more forgetful, and by 45 the average person has a measurable drop in memory ability. Your mom was doing you a favor when she corrected your posture; the way you sit and stand can affect memories.
Eyewitnesses to crimes can more accurately remember details when they close their eyes, according to a recent study at the University of Surrey.
Eye closure helps because it removes distraction, lead researcher Robert Nash told BBC News. Stressful situations cause the hormone cortisol to be released, negatively impacting your memory, while laughing increases endorphins, reducing stress, researchers found. One study found men deficient in vitamin D3 were about four times more likely to develop a rare, aggressive form of prostate cancer… One that spreads fast.5 Eating pasture-raised eggs is a good way to get more vitamin D3 from your diet. It’s not just about putting on muscle… The quality protein from eggs will help prevent you from losing muscle strength as you get older.
Join over 150,000 Heath Watch readers, and get urgent health updates like this straight to your inbox. Thank you INH…there are so many people out there with hidden agendas who have no intention of actually giving any useful info at all. I truly respect the info given here, and as someone who is concerned with her health and wants to go natural, I rely on the facts stated here. My health concerns have found a breakthrough, thank you for giving me a lifetime solution to my health. The 150 Most Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy" shows anyone how to get more energy out of their body--naturally. But a growing number of doctors sees hope in something available: the helpful bacteria known as probiotics, long trumpeted in yogurt, unpasteurized sauerkraut and fermented cheese.
Rob Knight is a pioneer in studying human microbes, the community of tiny single-cell organisms living inside our bodies that have a huge — and largely unexplored — role in our health. That's the community of trillions of bacteria that inhabit our gut, mouth, lungs, nasal passages, skin, and brain.
Why is it hard to recall what you had for lunch yesterday, yet singing the theme song from Gilligan’s Island presents no problem? Research has also found that it’s while we sleep that memories are consolidated and protected. Researchers at San Francisco State University discovered that standing or sitting up straight and tilting your chin upwards makes it easier to recall memories, because it boosts blood and oxygen flow to the brain by up to 40%. In a study at Witten Herdecke University in Germany, researchers found that patients with a happy walking gait could recall positive memories, while those who walked with slouched shoulders recalled the negative. Participants could recall both audio and visual details when they were asked to answer questions with their eyes shut.
Walking through a doorway serves as a catalyst for compartmentalizing a thought and ridding the brain of it when you’re no longer in the same environment.

Psychologists from Princeton University and Indiana University tested students using study materials in two different typefaces: one traditional, such as Arial, and another more unusual choice, such as Monotype Corsiva.
Researchers at Loma Linda University tested two groups of adults, showing one group a 20-minute funny video while the other group waited quietly. Endorphins also lower your blood pressure and boost your mood—a combination that results in better memory.
Researchers from Cardiff University in Wales found that the act of chewing gum improves concentration and memory. Researchers at Princeton University and UCLA found that when students took notes by hand instead of on a laptop, they listened more actively.
Feeling confident can affect every aspect of our lives including personally, professionally and psychologically. Taking the focus off ourselves and putting it on others can improve our confidence enormously.
Many times, when we lose confidence, it is because we have forgotten about how far we’ve come and all we’ve achieved. And talk about convenient… Egg yolks also give you the healthy fats you need to absorb these vitamins better. I have visited quite a few websites similar to this and I think this one has to be the best. Nationally known health expert Jonny Bowden presents small changes anyone can implement up front for big energy--such as what to eat for all-day endurance, when to time a workout for the biggest brain boost, or how working with (or against) natural light cycles can make your sleep restorative or slump-inducing.
If the visitors are easy to get along with and especially helpful — they take out the trash, do the dishes, rake the yard and so on — it’s wise to feed them very well so they stay as long as possible. According to Global Industry Analysts, the probiotics market is expected to exceed $29 billion by 2015 and expected to rise 7 percent a year over the next five years.
They're not always bad news, and in fact, our health depends on having a thriving collection of microbes.
If your urine is clear that only means you are drinking enough water. If urine is dark, it probably means you are dehydrated.
Although we’ve been aware of these bacteria for a while, until now we didn’t realize what a crucial role they play in just about every aspect of our health.
This approach to food supposedly re-creates the way our ancestors ate during the Paleolithic period, before the invention of agriculture. If the visitors are easy to get along with and especially helpful — they take out the trash, do the dishes, rake the yard and so on — it’s wise to feed them well so they stay as long as possible.
The reason some things stick and others are forgotten has to do with the brain’s method of assigning importance to information and properly encoding it. This explains why you will often remember what it was when you return to the room where you had the thought. The act of writing things down helped them identify the important concepts and forced them to organize the material in their mind before writing it down.

If we feel like we make a positive difference to the lives of others, this enhances our feeling of purpose and meaning in our lives. It gives us perspective and takes any undue attention away from what we consider our faults or flaws.
According to Steven Nissen, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, “We got the dietary guidelines wrong.
Being deficient could lead to coronary artery disease.11 And B9 lowers your homocysteine levels. Energy starts with attitude--you'll learn how to "think" like a high-energy person and use breathing techniques, meditation, and exercise to bust stress, beat fatigue, and boost stamina. They go about their lives unnoticed, but they are doing important work keeping our digestive system healthy and, in turn, protecting the whole body.
Others populate the inside of your mouth (some of them forming tooth-destroying plaque, and others that are harmless or beneficial). Although there are many different incarnations of Paleo, they all agree on one thing: Human genes evolved when our ancestors were still hunters and gatherers. Many people complain of feeling like they lack confidence or have suffered a blow that has affected it.
Focusing only on ourselves can cause us to exaggerate our flaws in our minds and we experience a drop in confidence. You'll also learn how physical factors such as toxins, eating patterns, and nutritional deficiencies can sabotage strength--and how they can be corrected with proper diet and supplements. Therefore, according to the Paleo perspective, our genes have simply not had time to catch up to a diet of grains and legumes. If we spend too much time alone we can quickly lose perspective and negative thought processes can become habit. But there are some surprising ways we can boost and stabilize our confidence if we feel like we need it.
Whitening products can also give extra impact and instantly boost our confidence when smiling. Making a difference in the lives of others can be one of the most often overlooked ways to boost our confidence. It is an effective way to enhance our confidence and gives us the momentum to achieve more too.

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