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Feline herpes virus is one of the more common causes of upper respiratory symptoms in cats of all ages. Many veterinarians will often treat with oral or injectable antibiotics to prevent these secondary bacterial infections, as well as topical antibiotics. In my experience and opinion, I have not found the vaccination for feline herpes viral infection helpful in preventing disease. HI Nancy; Try immune supplement called liquid immuno from Rx Vitamins(that has lysine and other nutrients) , which may now be carried by 1800petmeds or you can get on line. Hi doctor it’s me Jim again ,about my cat Murphy am considering using DMG liquid on him for his watery left eye he was diagnosed with feline herpes . Paleur de la peau d'une main d'une femme avec une anemie severe (a droite) en comparaison avec la main de son epoux (a gauche). Elle est diagnostiquee par la numeration formule sanguine, un examen effectue sur une prise de sang. Si la baisse concerne les globules rouges et les thrombocytes ou les leucocytes, on parle alors de bicytopenie.
En s'aggravant les anemies engendrent des etourdissements et une acceleration du rythme cardiaque lors d'efforts meme peu intenses. A l'auscultation cardiaque, on peut retrouver un souffle fonctionnel (c'est-a-dire sans anomalie cardiaque sous-jacente). Il est important de mentionner que le nombre de globules rouges et le taux d'hemoglobine sont plus bas chez la femme et l'enfant que chez l'homme (a cause de son impregnation androgenique). Pour diagnostiquer l'anemie, seule la NFS (Numeration et Formule globulaire Sanguine) est necessaire. Devant une anemie microcytaire, le dosage de ferritine permet la distinction entre les carences martiales (deficit en fer) et les anemies inflammatoires. Les anemies normocytaires ou macrocytaires non-regeneratives doivent faire chercher une cause centrale par le myelogramme ou la biopsie osteo-medullaire.
Feline Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTI) Feline upper respiratory infection, also referred to as the feline upper respiratory infection complex and appreciated "URTI", refers to infections in the area of the nose, throat and sinus area, much like the common cold in humans. Cats that recover from feline upper respiratory infection will periodically shed the virus throughout their lives in times of stress.
Cats susceptible to upper respiratory infections generally develop early signs about two to five days after exposure.
Diagnosis of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Cats Diagnosing feline upper respiratory infection is generally based on physical exam findings and typical symptoms of fever, congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, nasal discharge and occasionally drooling.
In-depth Information on Feline Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Feline upper respiratory infection refers to infections in the area of the nose, throat and sinus areas.
The viruses and bacteria involved in upper respiratory infections do not live very long outside of the infected cat.

It is especially common in young cats and kittens in cattery or shelter situations, as well as in those outdoor and often stressed stray cats. However, because of the viral nature of this disease, topical antiviral eye drops such as Idoxuridine drops are often indicated, as well as oral viral immune stimulants such as Vetri-DMG liquid and Transfer Factor, which I have found helpful in many cases. At best, it may help lessen the severity, but even then I have not found this vaccination that helpful in clinical practice. I just received a kitten from a rescue and I’m almost positive it is the one you posted above here.
We also have another cat at our house and I was wondering if it was safe for them to be together. En effet, la baisse du nombre de globules rouges dans le sang entraine une baisse de la viscosite du sang.
Elle se caracterise par l'absence ou la diminution des erythroblastes (precurseurs des globules rouges) dans la moelle osseuse. Dans certaines situations d'urgence ou l'anemie est symptomatique, voire profonde, une transfusion sanguine est realisee. Elle est utilisee essentiellement lors de l'anemie des insuffisances renales chroniques, mais aussi en cas de chirurgie majeure (colonne, genoux, hanches) permettant de reduire les besoins de transfusion (ex.
Ils sont perfuses a l'anemique en respectant la compatibilite des groupes et phenotypes sanguins et du rhesus. Une hyperreticulocytose evoque une anemie hemolytique, contexte ou il convient de chercher en premier lieu une anemie hemolytique auto-immune. Cats at increased risk include those in catteries, from rescue shelters and in outdoor feral cat populations. The two primary viruses involved are feline herpesvirus-1 (FHV) and feline calicivirus (FCV).
Infectionc an also be transmitted through contaminated crates, cages, bedding, bowls and clothing. It is uncommon for the cat to have a reoccurrence of the upper respiratory infection but they are considered a reservoir for the virus. Finding the exact viral or bacterial cause of the infection, however, is more difficult, and your veterinarian may not want to pursue it. It is caused by two major viruses: Feline Herpesvirus-1 (FHV) and Feline Calicivirus (FCV). Cats at most risk include young kittens, unvaccinated cats, elderly cats and cats that are kept in close quarters with other cats such as shelters, catteries and even multi-cat households.
Symptoms of feline herpes virus include varying degrees of eye discharge, sneezing and coughing.
Other immune boosting herbs such as echinacea and goldenseal may also be helpful in some cases as well.

While most cats will overcome this infection on their own with supportive care, other cats may remain chronic carriers for life, and may be at risk for relapsing or persistent infections of the eyes or airways, particularly under periods of immune or emotional stress. I was told she was not tested for herpes and I’m currently having problems with her eyes.
Currently they’re isolated because the kitten is sick, however, I was wondering if in the future it would be okay to put them together. Si l'anemie est chronique et tres prolongee (plusieurs annees), on peut meme voir apparaitre a terme, une cardiomyopathie hypertrophie non obstructive. Le flux normalement laminaire dans le c?ur devient turbulent et cree donc un souffle cardiaque reversible apres correction de l'anemie. En effet, le compte des reticulocytes permet de determiner si l'anemie est regenerative (il y a naissance accrue de nouveaux GR pour s'adapter, donc le processus de fabrication des GR fonctionne bien mais il y a perte accrue expliquant l'anemie) ou aregenerative (il n'y a pas de fabrication de nouveaux GR ou du moins, pas d'adaptation de la production (qui devrait augmenter) a la perte. The disease is commonly diagnosed in the spring and summer months when many kittens are born. Feline chlamydia, a bacterial infection, can also result in upper respiratory tract infections. Unfortunately, unsuspecting owners can carry the virus from an ill or viral-shedding cat to their homes. Some diagnostic tests might prove helpful, however, such as nasal or throat swabs, blood tests to determine the overall health of the cat, and chest x-rays to detect pneumonia. In severe cases, inflammation of the cornea may occur with sometimes severe ulceration of the cornea with eye spasms and pain being very prominent. Other organisms include Bordetella bronchiseptica, feline reovirus, cowpox virus and mycoplasma.
Be on the alert for complications such as lack of appetite due to poor smelling ability, pneumonia, eye ulcers or mouth sores. In many cases, other viruses including feline leukemia or feline immunodeficiency virus may also occur at the same time, as well as the common development of secondary bacterial infections. Very young kittens have a higher incidence of pneumonia and some do not survive the infection.
Most common is a nursing carrier queen transmitting the infection to her kittens around the time of weaning.

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