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Most of the tiny red bumps that are on the tongue are referred to as papillae and they cover the total surface of the tongue. If the bumps are on only one side of the tongue, the bumps can be cancerous and need to be checked out. This develops in cases where there is unprotected oral sex and causes sores to grow on the front of the tongue and also the cheek insides.
If something unusual develops on the tongue and it bothers you, either mentally or physically, be cautious and see your physician to see if the problem is severe or needs any treatment. What treatment that might be suggested will depend on the cause of the bumps and that is something your doctor will need to diagnose for you. In the case of fibroma or any other bumps, they can be removed or scrapings of cells can be taken and often that is consider the best option so that the tissue can be sent to the lab for testing to make certain what the bump is. What do you call the tongue picture of white bumps throughout the dorsal surface of the tongue. This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Visit the online store for some effective treatments to get your outbreaks under control, click here for more. The mode of transmission of HSV is through breaks or cuts in the skin and other mucosal regions.

In the first stage or primary infection, the virus invades the body through breaks in the skin or mucus membrane.
Thereafter, the oral herpes symptoms may manifest through the development of painful sores in the oral mucosa accompanied by fever. However, there are cases that the first stage remains asymptomatic and the oral herpes symptoms do not manifest at all. In the latency stage of HSV1 infection, the virus moves toward the spinal nerve tissue in the dorsal root ganglion in order to reproduce. Finally, the third stage or recurrence stage takes place when certain conditions allow the infection to take over.
Once the virus is activated, the incubation period takes place in about 2 to 14 days, the average is 4 days. In cases of severe infection, the physician usually prescribes antiviral drugs such as Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, and Famciclovir. Children can contract herpes from a loved one with a single kiss, if the loved one has a cold sore. The body fluids such as the saliva, semen, and genital tract fluid are effective carriers and transmitters of the virus. Basically, after a person has been infected by HSV1, the progression of the condition undergoes three stages namely, primary infection, latency and recurrence.

The infection may not manifest any oral herpes symptoms until reactivated by certain conditions that decreases one’s immune resistance. Antiviral creams such as Denavir cream and other kinds of topical antiviral drugs are also being utilized in the early stages in order to shorten the attacks of HSV1. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. Basically, the oral herpes symptoms include the formation of painful sores which could even extend to the face and neck of the affected individuals. Other factors which contribute to the progression of the disease include fatigue, hormonal fluctuationsand immune depression.
Once the infection progresses and causes fatal symptoms such as decreased urination, dehydration, drowsiness and secondary infections, the person should immediately seek for medical intervention. However, in order to decrease the risk of aspiration, one may consume fluids frequently in small amounts. Recently, it has been discovered that 40% of the herpes cases in adolescents are caused by HSV 1.

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