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Use of images for any purpose including but not limited to research, commercial, personal, or non-commercial use is prohibited without prior written consent. The impact of the outbreak, however, can affect horses and horse-related events and activities across a state where an outbreak has occurred.
In addition, track authorities suspended racing after the outbreak was announced to the public on January 22.
On January 26, Turf Paradise racetrack in Arizona closed its gates to horses that had been racing at Sunland Park in New Mexico.
Also on January 28, the Illinois Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare received notification of laboratory confirmation of EHV-1 (neuropathogenic form) infection in horses being boarded at a private stable in that state’s DuPage County. State officials did not identify the breed or type of horses affected, but the stable has been placed under quarantine by state animal health officials. At the time of the initial notification, eight horses were affected with two being subsequently euthanized.
Also on January 28, Fox Valley Equine Practice in La Fox, Illinois reported a confirmed case of neurologic disease associated with EHV-1 in Kane County, which adjoins DuPage County. Illinois officials recommended the following procedures for exposed horses: "All exposed horses should have rectal temperatures taken twice daily (8-12 hours apart) and recorded in a log for at least 7 days after the date of potential exposure. The key to all outbreaks is the mingling of horses or contamination between horses by caregivers and equipment. If you share your trailer, clean it thoroughly, inside and out, after other horses have been in it. Remember that a quarantine may affect not just the location of an infected horse, but every place an infected horse has traveled.

Most of all, if you feel that rules--or adherence to rules--is too lax at your boarding barn or at a show, make your concerns known.
Note: Tomorrow, February 2, a presentation on biosecurity, vaccine strategies and the health of the performance horse will be held at the Ocala Breeders Sales Company in Ocala, Florida. Fran Jurga keeps you up-to-date in this blog on news about horse health, care, equine science and research that affects horses.
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Herpes simplex type 1: A herpes virus that causes cold sores and fever blisters in and around the mouth.
Sign up to stay informed with the latest womens health updates on MedicineNet delivered to your inbox FREE! In late January, horses were newly affected in New Mexico, Arizona and Illinois, just as quarantines for previous cases were winding down in Pennsylvania and California. The response is also very different based on whether affected horses were contained at a racetrack or training center, or if they were farm-based horses. It can also result in the travel restrictions for horses that reside in or that have competed in a state where an outbreak occurs. Two days later, the track quarantined a group of three horses that had arrived from the same county in New Mexico where the outbreak there occurred.
Horses whose rectal temperature registers higher than 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit are considered to be febrile. The California case, closed on January 26, concerned a single draft-cross that tested positive on January 6.

In this age of horses on the move, it is important to monitor the movement of horses to and from your property: If someone is arriving back from a show in the middle of the night, make sure that clear instructions are left to put that horse in the proper place, separate from other horses. Ask your veterinarian to keep you informed of any news about diseases that might affect your horse at home or on the road, and of any changes in the timing of health certificates or vaccinations required for travel. All horses on the premises should also be monitored for neurologic signs (ataxia, posterior incoordination, weakness, recumbency with inability to rise, circling, head pressing, head tilt, bladder atony) during the home quarantine period.
New Mexico officials had some good recommendations, such as lot letting the tip of a hose touch a horse or the ground, picking up manure immediately, using one water bucket per horse, and remembering to disinfect yourself, by spraying your clothing, head to toe, with Lysol disinfectant. Britt Conklin of Boehringer Ingelheim will present the latest information, beginning at 6:30.
Since the change of seasons also coincides with a massive migration of horses from north to south in the United States, the problem is not limited to northern states. It's important that owners or riders keep a list of the names, locations and contact information for anywhere their horses were stabled. Rules for biosecurity at shows are up to the show management, until or unless a horse is ill.
You may be interested to know that some shows have more strict--or more lax--rules from the ones you normally encounter at your shows.

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