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STEM working with the team from LCC Power invite you to bring along your Electricity bill to a workshop on cost savings. 15.  This is the serial number of your gas meter at your address and is displayed on your meter. July 17, 2013 by joinambitiousenergy 2 Comments Do you know how much you are paying for electricity?
Many top electricity providers in Texas will advertise a certain rate, but many times that might not be the actual rate you end up paying.
Many providers only tell you the unbundled rate, which of course makes it difficult to calculate what your bill will be depending on your electricity usage.
So, even if your electricity company—TXU, Reliant, Cirro, Stream, etc.—shows a certain rate, that does not mean that it is the actual total bundled rate that you will end up paying. These examples may not apply to all electricity providers in Texas, but it is a general guide in determining if your rate is bundled or unbundled.
Whether you’re a tenant just moving into a new property, or a letting agent managing the ‘move in, move out’ process – we aim to make the change to a new energy supply as smooth as possible.

We’ve made Spark Energy utility bills clear and easy to understand – so you don’t waste time working out any complicated technical details. The sample pictured below is the first page of your bill, and shows a summarised breakdown of your charges.
For example, if TXU shows a rate of 7 cents per kwhr, but the Oncor delivery charge is listed on the bill as $60, that is a unbundled rate.
To find out if you are being given a bundled or unbundled rate, you can simply look at your bill.
Click on this bill to find out more information on what all the relevant parts of your Spark Energy bill mean. This identification number is assigned to the gas meter at your property, and is unique to your address.
In Texas residential rates are either “bundled” or “unbundled.” The company that owns the delivery equipment, such as Oncor in North Texas, charges a fee, which will appear on your bill.
If you use 2,000 kwhr during a given billing cycle, your bill would be $200 before taxes (2,000 kwhrs X 0.07 + $60).

Generally in Texas, if the delivery charge (often listed as “Oncor Charges” or “TDU Charges”) is more than $8-$10, then the rate is probably unbundled.
So, the rate they advertise will include the delivery charge, so there are no surprises when you receive your bill. If it is a bundled rate, which includes the delivery charge, of 9 cents per kwhr, your bill would be $180 before taxes.
This is the rate Ambit quotes and displays on the website to make sure it includes the energy charge and the deliver (Oncor) charge.

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