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Everyone uses Google Earth to find places they want to go or know how it looks like those places they haven’t been. So if you are a person who likes to explore the earth more and want to see some alien lifestyle scenes then I’m sure you will like the video below. If you would like to help us with some viral marketing support for this blog, take this opportunity to share this post at least once on your social networks. Read previous post:How to Start an Internet Marketing Company in London and build a profitable local businessStarting and Internet Marketing company in London, was one of the best decisions I made in 2013. For years, people have wondered why there is a pentagram a€” apparently visible only from the sky a€” in a remote part of Kazakhstan. Of course, the pentagram has long been linked with occult movements and many have wondered if the area could be an ancient Satanist monument. LiveScience's Marc Lallanilla spoke to Emma Usmanova, an archaeologist with years of experience working in the area. 2) Heart shaped islandBy gremlin (4049)The island of Galesnjak is located in Croatia and in the shape of a heart. 3) SantaBy gremlin (4049)Literally one of the biggest discoveries ever on Google Earth! 5) Iraq's Bloody LakeBy ninganut (17011)This blood-red lake outside of Iraq's Sadr City garnered a fair share of macabre speculation when it was discovered in 2007.
6) Giant finger printBy gremlin (4049)Here is proof that giants really do reside in Brighton. 7) Face in the ClayBy ninganut (17011)It looks disconcertingly like a face from above, but this formation in Alberta, Canada is entirely natural.
8) Firefox logoBy gremlin (4049)This Firefox logo was created in an oat field in Oregon.

9) Coca ColaBy gremlin (4049)There is no advertising on Google Earth unless you can count this huge Coca Cola logo.
11) Secret SwastikaBy ninganut (17011)The Coronado Naval Amphibious Base in San Diego planned this complex in 1967. Albertans are very familiar with The Badlands Guardian - a natural geological formation that looks like a head, complete with iPod headphones. The Richat Structure, or Eye of Africa, has attracted attention from the earliest space missions because of its unique appearance.
The Forbidden City, China's former imperial palace, was once off-limits to commoners, but never to Google's satellite imagery. Some say the rock formation on the side of this Peruvian mountain looks like the face of Jesus of Nazareth.
Using satellites, anyone can see some of the various rides at Michael Jackson's former home Neverland Ranch.
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, located in Arizona, is known as an 'airplane graveyard,' as many obsolete planes are preserved and stored at this base.
After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City, Ground Zero looked like this. This bizarre giant rubber stamp in Cleveland, Ohio, was designed by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen.
But did you know that there are some places on earth that Google didn’t want to show you or which got banned to present to the general public. The area is known for it's archaeological ruins but has little else in the way of human settlement, with the nearest city (Lisakovsk) 12 miles away. Images are taken from satellites and aerial photography to give amazing images from across the world.

No official explanation, but it's more likely the colour comes from sewage, pollution or a water treatment process.
From Earth's strangest places to those secret sites governments don't want you to see, Google's maps reveal plenty of oddities and hidden wonders from the sky. This is where the state's death row is located, as well as a gas chamber that is now only used for lethal injections. At first the structure was thought to be a meteor bed, but is now known as a symmetrical uplift laid bare by erosion.
Seems others think the same thing; the Navy was forced to spend $600,000 to renovate the base.
Scientists aren't completely sure why people created the drawings, but it's generally thought they are related to religious beliefs. When I first start using Google Earth, I was spending hours checking in to various places where I could see and get exciting virtual experience of this beautiful earth we live. Here, we present just some of the secret and bizarre places revealed with Google's satellites. Located in the Nevada desert, this base is part of many UFO and government conspiracy theories.

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