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Maintaining the temperature at 60°C uses less electricity (energy) than maintaining a temperature of 70°C.
Turn appliances off at the wall plug, rather than leaving them on standby as this can still draw about 20% or more of normal electricity use. If you have a pool with a cleaning system pump, reduce its operating hours to the minimum e.g. Space heating in winter is a big power ‘guzzler’, and the same for summer cooling for those homes with cooling systems. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) use 75% less power than old incandescent bulbs, and last much longer.
A ceiling and good roof insulation can keep the home 5 degrees (Celsius) warmer in winter, and 10 degrees cooler in summer.
At Canadian Niagara Power we recognize that lowering energy consumption is a good way for homeowners and businesses to help the environment and manage electricity costs.
Save ON Energy is brought to you by Canadian Niagara Power in cooperation with the Ontario Power Authority. The Save ON Energy website is a helpful resource for homeowners to learn about residential incentive programs, services and actions which can help achieve greater energy efficiency in your home. At Canadian Niagara Power we recognize that lowering energy usage is a good way for businesses to help the environment and improve their bottom line. To view a copy of our 2011-2014 CDM Strategy filed with the Ontario Energy Board, please click here.
They may cost more than regular light bulbs, but one compact fluorescent light bulb can save you three times its cost in electricity. If you install a programmable thermostat with a built-in timer, you can set it to automatically lower the heat by a few degrees at night or when you are away. It may be convenient having an extra refrigerator for refreshments, but old, inefficient refrigerators can cost you well over $10 a month in electricity.
ENERGY STAR® is an international symbol that identifies many energy efficient products in Canada, the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries.
To avoid leaving your outside lights on for long periods of time, install a motion sensor that turns the lights on automatically when somebody walks by and then turns the lights off after a pre-set period of time.
You can save energy and money by increasing the amount of insulation in your home to keep it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
Caulk and weather-strip around windows to help prevent heat loss and use plastic window covers. Meet the Conserver family and learn how everyone in your household has a part to play in energy conservation! As an educated consumer you have the power to manage your energy usage and make wise choices.
Turn Off Unnecessary Lights – The easiest way to kick start Offtober is to simply flick off lights when you don’t use them. Set the Mood With Candles – As our days get shorter, and the nights get longer, cozy up with your loved ones and have a romantic dinner by candlelight to save electricity. Use a Dark Roasting Pan – For your upcoming Thanksgiving turkey meal, use a dark roasting pan to cook your feast faster and save energy.
Lower the Heat – If you have electric heat, lower your thermostat by two degrees to save approximately 5% on your heating bill.
Wash Away Old Habits – Use cold water for your next laundry load, which is gentler on colours, and saves on costly hot water. Hang Dry or Toss in a Towel – Instead of putting your clothes in the dryer, hang dry them instead. In addition to these saving incentives from utilizing the Offtober tips above, BC Hydro wants to give you the chance to win prizes through their Offtober SAVERS KEEPERS game.
About Modern MixFounded in 2008, Modern Mix Vancouver (MMV) is a Vancouver lifestyle e-magazine dedicated to bringing modern information and reviews on trendy up-and-coming events in the Vancouver community. Founder & EditorRaised in Vancouver, MMV Founder & Editor Vanessa Choot loves experiencing her city to the fullest.
At Schmidhauser Electrical, we not only strive to deliver the best service, at the best possible price. A geyser ‘blanket’ assists your geyser in trapping in the heat, which in turn lowers the electricity that the geyser uses.
Ceiling and roof insulation can keep a home 10 degrees cooler in summer and 5 degrees warmer in winter. Switching off lights in unoccupied rooms is an obvious way to save electricity, but checking your light bulbs is just as important.
About usRanked among the top and most advanced electricity services providers in South Africa, Schmidhauser Electrical is known for its high quality and professional competence. Home and Garden Top 10 Ways to Save Electricity Top 10 Ways to Save Electricity 2 years ago by payam Comments Off on Top 10 Ways to Save Electricity Save Electricity,Save Energy,Save Life………. Still Thousands of Countries and Cities are suffering from the Electricity problems and it’s also necessary for the Environment to save the electricity as in most of the country about 70% of the electricity is produced using Coal which produces lots of Pollution and is an Non-renewable source of energy…Therefore it’s Important for us that we should use electricity and should save Electricity…which also saves our money…. 5.By switching off at the main power button,or even the socket,you could be saving both energy and money.
6.Turn off your television,radio and other entertainment device when they are not being used. Plant more and more trees in your surrounding even you can plant trees in your yard if you have some space their….Plants in 100 square meter of area reduces the temperature of that area by 3 degree Celcius…that means Less use of Fans and Air conditioners and thus you will be saving electricity,and also remember always to use Energy Efficient products they can be some what costly to other products but they also save your Money by saving electricity. The body of the car may look good when you’re driving down the street, but the cost of filling up the tank every time would put a huge dent in your pocket.

Use localised equipment rather than central air-conditioning or heating systems, and only heat or cool occupied rooms. Note that CFLs contain small amounts of harmful chemicals, so please dispose of them safely. It typically saves about two thirds of water heating cost, but this varies and it should be installed with a timer for the best possible saving. More comfortable indoor temperatures mean less need for electrical heating and cooling, with savings of about 75% for adding both a ceiling and insulation, or 25% for just adding insulation (if there is already a ceiling). That is why we offer several incentive programs designed to help our residential consumers and local businesses reduce their energy consumption.
The Ontario Power Authority’s mission is to contribute to the development of a reliable and sustainable electricity system.
You'll also learn about the benefits of energy conservation for you, the province and the environment. To view a copy of our Acknowledged 2011-2014 CDM Strategy by the Ontario Energy Board, please click here.
If you have air conditioning, you can use the thermostat to turn it off or adjust the temperature when you are not at home. That means there are significant savings available if you caulk and weather-strip windows, doors, dryer vents, and buy insulated plates for electrical outlets.
Install timers on selected lights to avoid leaving lights on around the clock and to make your home look occupied when you are away.
LED lights use up to 95% less energy, last at least 7 times longer than regular lights, there are no filaments or glass bulbs to break, and they produce very little heat. The attic is a good place to start because that area represents as much as 15% of your home's overall heat loss.
Open your curtains and blinds during the day to let the sun warm the room and then close them at night to reduce heat loss. If you currently both wash and rinse in warm water, and you switch entirely to cold, you could save over $14 a month (based on electric water heating). Implementing more efficient equipment and modifying everyday behaviours are simple ways to benefit your household and the environment.
Research shows that British Columbians’ energy usage starts to rise in the fall…which is neither good for the environment, or your wallet.
Two 100-watt incandescent bulbs switched off for an average of two hours per day could save you up to $12 over a year. Shiny pans deflect heat, but a dark coloured pan will absorb heat and cook your meal faster. If two people in your home cut their shower time by a minute each, you could save $30 over a year. Cut one load of wash per week, even if you’re already using cold water only, and you could save $30 a year on your laundry costs.
If you insist on using your dryer, add in a dry bath towel to your load, which will significantly reduce drying times. You could win the Grand Prize of a Samsung ENERGY STAR® laundry pair and a 4K Ultra High-Def Smart TV and wireless Bluetooth Soundbar.
We focus on local events, fashion & retail, beauty & skincare, food & drink and health & wellness. Turn appliances off at the wall plug instead of leaving them on standby, as this can still draw roughly 20% or more of standard electricity use.
The more comfortable the indoor temperatures, the less need for electrical heating and cooling. Clean filters regularly, and consider a pool cover and turning off the pump at times in winter. They do this by promoting conservation and the efficient use of electricity in cooperation with local electric utilities, as well as by ensuring adequate electricity supply from a variety of sources. To view a copy of our 2011 Annual CDM Results filed with the Ontario Energy Board, please click here. If you purchase a new one, be sure to check the EnerGuide label and look for the ENERGY STAR® label so you are sure of energy savings when making your buying decision.
In the summer time, close blinds and curtains during the day to reduce the costs of keeping your home cool.
Just in time for ‘Offtober’, Modern Mix Vancouver has partnered with BC Hydro to bring to you 10 creative no-cost ways to save power in our Vancouver homes this season…and dollars off your energy bills too! There are also daily prizes to be won of $100 Best Buy gift cards and Philips Hue Portable LED Smart Light Bulbs. In order to save some money, and the environment, South Africans need to be electrically efficient. New ‘light-emitting diodes’, or LEDs, are even more efficient than CFLs, and last 130 times longer than CFL bulbs. Every home needs electrical appliances to make life more comfortable and the household chores easier.
In most cases, the thermostat is located in the little cover over the electrical element of the geyser.
If you can afford it, upgrade the windows in your home with ENERGY STAR® qualified high-efficiency windows. Put it into the microwave for two minutes until the rice is warmed through – now your have your own cozy bed warmer! Unplug chargers, TVs, audio and video equipment to cut standby electricity use and you could save $50 over a year.

Currently they have limited applications in homes, but are ideal replacements for halogen down-lighting. If you would not like to spend majority of your household maintenance budget on paying utility bills, you should definitely implement ways on saving electricity at home. Switch off the electricity circuit at the mains, undo the cover, and then turn down the thermostat using a screw driver. A good, modern product will save both water and electricity without compromising your shower experience, and the saving usually pays back the investment within a few weeks or months. Heat pumps can achieve similar savings but they are a new technology for homes, so they are not well tested yet and may require more maintenance than a solar water heater.
LED’s save the most, and although they are expensive, the cost is coming down as the technology develops. A good, modern product will save both water and electricity without compromising your shower experience, and the saving usually pays back the investment within a few weeks. That is exactly what we will learn more about here.The Top 10 Ways to Save Electricity at HomeIn an average household, there are several electrical appliances and electronic gadgets used for entertainment, lighting, heating, cooling, cleaning, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, etc. Or hire a plumber to help you (for safety reasons, make sure you tell those in the house that you are switching off the electricity for this purpose). But rather than use equipment at all, the best ‘no cost’ saving options are things like wearing warmer clothing and using blankets in winter or opening the windows in summer.
They have limited applications in homes at this stage, but are ideal replacements for halogen down-lighting. Despite the fact that these appliances are considered as a must-have for a well-maintained home, it does not mean that you should simply ignore the rate by which they consume electricity.By consciously investing in electronics and electrical appliances which help save electricity, you can lower your household’s power consumption. They save the most, and although they may be currently expensive the cost is coming down as the technology develops. Implement ways to save on your home’s heating and cooling costs.Inside the home, your goal should be to maintain a comfortable temperature – not too hot and not too cold.
However, during summer and winter, the temperature outside requires you to make use of the radiator for heating or the air conditioning unit for cooling. When you know how to cut back on your home’s heating and cooling costs, you can significantly lower your energy consumption.To cut back on these costs, make sure that your house has proper insulation and ventilation. During summer, only turn on the air conditioning unit when the heat inside becomes uncomfortable. During the winter, turn the thermostat a few degrees lower and keep yourself warm and toasty by wearing layers of clothes.2. When buying new gadgets, make sure to check on their Energy Star rating.Check Energy Star RatingIf your dishwasher, refrigerator or any other major appliance needs to be replaced, make sure to check on their Energy Star rating.
The energy rating label indicates that you can save money on utility bills while running the appliance, but without compromising on any of the product features. In fact, even if you have a relatively new major appliance, you should consider replacing it with a more energy-efficient one because of the energy savings that you will enjoy in the long run.3. Use more natural lighting.Sunlight Flood the HouseDuring daytime, there’s absolutely no need for you to flip on the overhead lights if you can simply let natural light flood the house. If you don’t like the direct rays of the sun making your eyes squint even while inside, use light-coloured, thin curtains which still allow diffused light to come in.4. Replace all your lighting fixtures with energy-saving models.Energy Saving BulbsThis is actually one of the easiest and smartest ways that homeowners can save on electricity. When you replace incandescent bulbs with energy-saving models like Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs or CFLs, you are using 75% less power. Aside from saving energy, these bulbs also last up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs.
Be aware of how standby wastes electricity.Extension Cord with SwitchIf you frequently leave your television set on standby mode instead of turning it off completely, the appliance actually consumes 5% to 15% of your overall monthly energy consumption. The same thing holds true for other electronic appliances which are left plugged in when not in use. If you would not like to individually turn off all your appliances when leaving the house or when they are not in use, invest in an extension cord or a switch which has one power off button – so that you can turn everything off all in one go.6.
Invest in maintenance tasks around the house.Cleaning your air conditioningCleaning your air conditioning unit, getting rid of the lint inside your dryer, changing your furnace filter and using a smart meter are maintenance tasks that may cost money unless you have a do-it-yourself solution – but will actually help you save electricity in the long run. For instance, a dirty dryer uses up to 30% more electricity than one which is full of lint – not to mention the fact that lint build-up can cause fires.7. Know how to save energy on different rooms in the house.It also pays to know how you can save energy on different rooms in the house.
Invest in solar energy.Invest in solar energyIf you haven’t already done so, invest in solar energy. If you have a swimming pool which you like to keep heated, you can invest in a solar water heater. If your house produces more than enough solar energy, you can even sell it back to the grid and make money out of it instead of spending on your own house’s electrical consumption.10.
Saving energy is not just about your electricity consumption.Efficient Shower HeadFinally, energy saving should not just be about electrical appliances. Installing an efficient shower head, not using the hot cycle when washing clothes, only running the dishwasher once it’s full – these are the other ways that you can combine saving water with energy conservation. As you can see, there are lots of small and big ways on how you can save on electricity at home, so start doing them now!

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