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Most of the people who suffer from cancer are always looking for new ways that can help them in any way, including different kinds of alternative treatments for cancer. Though alternative treatments for cancer cannot do much to cure cancer completely, but they can help a lot in dealing with the symptoms and signs that are caused due to the cancer. Always keep in mind that alternative therapies for cancer should just be used to supplement the treatment provided by your doctor, not to completely substitute medical care.
Though it is true that alternative treatments like acupuncture can reduce symptoms like pain and nausea, but they are usually not powerful enough to completely replace the medications provided by a doctor. Here is a list of the top 10 alternative cancer treatments which are considered to be safe as well as effective for treating the symptoms of cancer. Treatment with acupuncture involves insertion of tiny needles in different points of the body, which produces excellent results with a number of diseases. In many cases, acupuncture can also relieve other symptoms such as pain caused due to cancer.
Aromatherapy involves the use of aromatic oils to provide calming relief to the cancer patients.
Besides this, these scented oils are also heated in order to release their aroma into the air.
Biofeedback is a technique of training our mind to control different bodily functions, like blood flow and heart rate. The device makes use of flashing lights and beeping sounds as cues for finding out fluctuations and changes in your heart rate or muscle tension.
Tai chi is an exercise form, which includes deep breathing and gentle movements to relieve stress. The slow tai chi movements do not require much physical strength and can be adapted according to one’s own ability. Yoga is an extremely popular practice, which includes deep breathing exercises along with stretching exercises. Exercising regularly can help in managing the signs and symptoms caused after and during cancer treatment. If you are not in the habit of exercising regularly, consult your doctor and then begin a regular exercise program. During massage, a practitioner kneads the patient’s skin, tendons, and muscles to relieve stress and muscle tension, and help promote relaxation. According to studies, massage therapy has been proved to be quite effective in relieving pain caused due to cancer, as well as for relieving fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Relaxation techniques are different techniques of focusing one’s attention to calm the mind and relax the muscles. They can help cancer patients to sleep better, as well as alleviate fatigue and anxiety. After trying few of these alternative treatments for cancer, you will be able to find the best therapies that suit you perfectly. But when you begin to lose weight, you notice a red or brown discoloration to your urine, fatigue, fever, and possibly experience pain in your mid-back or sides, you should consider getting checked out right away. The American Cancer Society says that kidney cancer statistics are on the rise, and have been rising every since the 1970’s.
The rise in kidney cancer, also known as renal cell carcinoma, has a heck of a lot to do with the modern way of living. According to one study performed by scientists from Uruguay, a high meat intake, especially from barbecued meats, caused a 3.4 increase in the risk of developing kidney cancer in men. Either part of the kidney, or the entire kidney, is removed, along with the lymph nodes around it. Radiation and freezing the kidney tumour cells are also possible treatment options, but rarely do patients with kidney cancer receive chemotherapy. One of the easiest and safest ways of improving immune defences is by using nutrients and botanical extracts that have shown in studies to increase immune activity.
Supporting your immune system is so important and so vital, regardless of which type of cancer you have. Your body is capable of producing countless white blood cells, including macrophages and natural killer cells, which roam the body and attack not only cancer cells, but also infectious pathogens.
This is why you hear that cancer therapies, such as chemotherapy, both cure and cause cancer. In cases of kidney cancer, it is rare for doctors to recommend chemotherapy, because it simply doesn’t work very well as a treatment for this particular cancer. When choosing to integrate complementary medicine with your conventional therapies, it is important to be working alongside a naturopath or traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, as well as your oncologist. Lastly - but most importantly - I am the loving "father" of my two dogs Ruby and Pebbles, my horse Cossie, and husband to my beautiful wife, Fiona.
Get instant access to your FREE copy of my 10 day ecourse - Discover simple, all-natural, proven techniques. Cancer treatment has enjoyed half a century of healthy development, relying mainly on surgery, cytotoxic therapy and radiation. It is a well-known fact that fruits contain vitamins and minerals that are very useful for human’s body. Mangosteen, that grows well in tropic area and commonly in South Asia, is an example of fruits that have nutrional values which are phosphorous, zinc, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin B. Related Post "Mangosteen: Exotic Fruit as Alternative Treatment for Cancer"7 signs or symptoms of anemia in childrenUnhealthy lifestyle of modern societyHow to measure cholesterol levels?
Therefore, you must always consult a doctor before trying any alternative therapies on your own.
Some of the common symptoms include fatigue, anxiety, vomiting, nausea, difficulty in sleeping, pain, and stress.

Consult your doctor and find out the best possible balance between alternative treatments and traditional medicines. According to numerous studies, acupuncture can be quite helpful in getting rid of nausea, which is often caused due to chemotherapy. The process of acupuncture is completely safe if performed using sterilized needles by a licensed practitioner. Different varieties of oils infused with fragrances like lavender are used to provide relief by adding them in bathing water, or applying on the skin during massage. Aromatherapy is known to be effective in treating symptoms such as pain, stress, and nausea. Biofeedback therapists make use of an electronic device for monitoring different body functions, like heart rate and muscle tension.
It can be performed with the help of an instructor, or you can learn the techniques using self-learning videos and books.
It involves positioning the body in different poses which require stretching, twisting, and bending. Take the help of a qualified yoga instructor who has worked with people suffering from cancer in the past. Simple exercises like swimming and walking can help to get rid of stress and fatigues, and also helps you to sleep better. A typical hypnosis session involves a therapist hypnotizing you with gentle voice to help you relax and focus on your goals like reducing stress and controlling pain.
It can also be helpful in preventing anticipatory vomiting and nausea, which are often seen as a result of chemotherapy. Various techniques of massage are available these days; which can either be extremely gentle and light, or deep with lots of pressure.
Relaxation exercise and deep breathing can also be incorporated into the meditation session to get further relief. Relaxation techniques include activities like progressive muscle relaxation and visualization exercises. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Often kidney cancer has only very mild symptoms, and patients usually get diagnosed while being tested for something completely different. Men whom drink lots of alcohol, eat lots of red meat, and are overweight, are most at risk of developing this cancer (and especially men who smoke tobacco). If you work in a steel works or near coke ovens, studies show that there is a significantly greater risk that you will develop kidney cancer. Good news, there are lots of conventional therapies which are very effective and have a high success rate. This is the best chance that you have to stop the kidney tumours from metastasising and spreading to other parts of the body. Kidney cancer cells are highly resistant to chemotherapy, and studies show that using chemotherapy rarely benefits patients once surgery has been performed.
Interferon and interleukin, two drugs used in the treatment of kidney cancer, are able to muster immune defences against cancer cells and metastasis.
Many types of cancer treatment, no matter how absolutely necessary they are for patient survival, deplete the immune system by having a negative effect on bone marrow.
Perhaps this is fortunate, as kidney cancer is also very sensitive to immune therapies, as previously mentioned, with one German study showing kidney cancer patients, with metastasis, given interferon treatment lived significantly longer. Regardless of what treatment you are being given, I would urge anyone with kidney cancer to give special attention to botanical extracts and nutrients supported by research to support the immune system in a safe way that does cause resistance.
Now scientists are saying that Korean Ginseng has a huge role to play in the prevention, and possibly treatment, of cancer. Viral infections from cold and flu bugs have all shown in clinical trials to be treatable with Echinacea root extracts. Scientists have isolated an antioxidant from Danshen and studied it, quite in depth, for its anti-cancer effects on kidney cancer cells.
Vitamin D is required for healthy immune function, and sadly, studies show that deficiency in vitamin D is on the rise, especially in the elderly. When diagnosed with cancer, many people take to researching online and buying over-the-counter products. My professional background is Naturopathy, and I am also an International Author and Researcher that specialises in the treatment and management of kidney disease. Achievements and successes are well reflected in the longer survival period and better quality of life. You can get many benefits for eating fruits since many parts of fruits are suffused with many important nutrients such as anti-radicals, anti-aging agents, antioxidants which are important for fighting disease and even cancer-fighting agents. People like to eat mangosteen because of its unique flavors which are sweet, sour and sometimes bitter. All these signs and symptoms can be reduced to a great extent using different alternative treatments.
Also, people with bone cancer or other bone diseases like osteoporosis should always go for a gentle massage.
The sooner a person gets diagnosed, the better their chances for fast and effective recovery. Your kidneys are responsible for eliminating water-soluble toxins, waste products, acids and metabolites from the body. Surgery is, more often than not, the primary treatment recommended by doctors for kidney cancer.

Having one of your kidneys removed is no laughing matter though — it is a big step, with ramifications on your health that will last the rest of your life.
One study on Korean men showed that taking Korean Ginseng reduced the risk of multiple types of cancer by up to 40%. Echinacea also helps to cleanse the kidneys from heavy metals, including cadmium, and has anti-inflammatory effect on the body. This antioxidant, known as tanshinone IIA, causes cancer cells to self-terminate in laboratory and animal studies. As well as supplements, vitamin D3 is available from dairy, salmon, sardines, fish oil, cod liver oil, eggs and mushrooms. While there generally is no harm in that, most of the time, it’s better to have the support and focused approach of proper health professionals, who can advise you about therapeutic dosages, safety and drug interactions associated with natural and conventional products. Nonetheless, cancer still spreads locally, recurs, metastasizes and remains one of the top killers. Mangosteen which is commonly called as the queen of fruits not only has sweet white flesh, but also has many functions since it can be used for beauty and health treatment. Men and women with a poorer quality lifestyle will be exposing their kidneys to more toxins, acidity and oxidative damage. But consider what weekend after weekend of eating charcoal meat, drinking alcohol and smoking might do to your kidneys after several decades.
But at the end of the day, the evidence all points towards living a clean and toxin-free lifestyle in order to reduce your risk.
Whether part of the kidney or the entire kidney is removed depends on where the tumour is, its size, and if it has begun to spread. Some resources state that Echinacea should not be used long-term, but this simply is not true.
While, as a drug, tanshinone IIA is not yet readily available, Danshen extract is freely available through herbal stockists and practitioners. As with all medicines (natural or otherwise), please check the safety of it for your individual use. Overdosing on vitamin D3 is rare, but cases have occurred after taking doses upwards of 5,000IU daily.
It might seem frightening, but having a holistic support team is a huge step in your journey towards recovery and healing. Instead of concentrating on cancer removal, it has become obvious that supportive measures are also important. The first way is you need to take out the red flesh of the skin then blend it until become soft mixture. Laboratory studies have also confirmed that Korean Ginseng directly inhibits the growth of kidney tumours.
Danshen may affect some heart medications, such as digoxin and warfarin, so consult with your doctor before using this herb if you are on medications. If you are taking diuretics, check with your doctor before purchasing vitamin D3 supplements, as it may interfere with these medications. These include the means to improve quality of life during treatment and to contain tumor growth. Furthermore, it is revealed that the skin of mangosteen is more useful than the flesh and the seeds. Since the skin tastes bitter, you need to add natural sweetener which is pure honey because. Some of the chemicals in Ginseng may increase blood pressure, so be careful with this herb if you’re on medication. Echinacea is considered generally safe, though some caution should be used if you suffer from allergies to other plants in the Daisy family.
And the latest studies show that Vitamin D should always be taken with Vitamin K for best effect.
To this end, herbal medicine appears to offer holistic support via as yet unknown pathways. The skin is very high in antioxidants and one of the important antioxidants is xanthonoids which is able to cure disease and repair damage cells and also build a protection for some cells in our body. This volume reveals the practice of cancer treatment using herbs from all over the world, including China, India and Japan. Due to the ability of repairing damage cells, the skin is sometime used in traditional medicine to treat wounds, skin infections, urinary tract, dysentery and even cancer. It provides comprehensive information about the herbs commonly used, the logic of using the herbs, some of the mechanisms of action and other means of palliative treatment. After it becomes tender, do not rinse the skin from the boiled water because you need to put the water together with the skin in a blender. While cancer victims have a thirst for choosing their own supplementary treatment, health providers have a duty to explain to them the justifications and the options.
Besides reduce the bitter taste of the skin, adding honey into the juice can overcome some side effects that might appear after you drink the juice. You can always improvise the juice by adding other ingredients to make it taste better such as lemon juice, carrots and apples.

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