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The function of the Yin organs is to produce, transform, regulate and store fundamental substances such as qi (energy), blood, and body fluids. As you can see, Traditional Chinese Medicine is very different than Western medicine, and very complex. Sunrider removes the guesswork out of what herbs to use to improve and support your health. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a lot to the world in terms of its proven healing capabilities. The first Yellow Emperor, Huang Di, is said to be the author of the first classic work on Traditional Chinese Medicine (c.
Based on Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, TCM sees health as harmony within the body as well as between the body and the universe. Compassion for others and personal development are seen as important elements for maintaining health. Beijing Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine in greater Atlanta GA area since 2000. In a relatively systematic theoretical system thus formed, an embryonic form of theory, therapy, recipe and drug became the theoretical source of TCM internal medicine. For years, the Chinese government has put great efforts in promoting modernization of Chinese medicine.
TCM possess a unique theoretic system, rich clinical experience and excellent clinical effects. TCM is a health care system in which patients are treated with natural plant, animal, and mineral remedies. TCM uses approximately 1,000 plant and 36 animal species, including the tiger, rhinoceros, black bear, musk deer, and sea horse; the tiger, rhinoceros, and sea horse are endangered. In TCM the bones of Panthera tigris have been used in wines, plasters, and manufactured medicines to treat arthritis and other joint ailments. In 1993, China banned the domestic trade of tiger bones, and TCM removed tiger bone from its official pharmacopoeia. Surveys in 2006 by TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, showed that less than 3 percent of 663 medicine shops and dealers in 26 cities across China claimed to stock tiger bone. In June 2007, under pressure from tiger farm owners, China announced a plan to lift its trade ban on parts from farmed tigers.
Black bears in cages in a Chinese bear farm--World Society for the Protection of Animals.Bear bile is used in TCM to treat a wide variety of illnesses and injuries, including liver ailments and headaches. Musk from the musk deer is the basis of some 300 TCM prescriptions, of various remedies in Western homeopathic medicine, and of some perfumes. Thirty-two countries and regions are involved in harvesting some 20,000,000 seahorses each year; yet production already is failing to meet a worldwide demand that had reached 500 tons annually by the beginning of the 21st century. Although the use of animal parts in TCM is deeply engrained and such practices are slow to change, dialogue between conservationists and TCM practitioners is underway. Mending the Web of Life: Chinese Medicine and Species Conservation, launched in September 2006 at the Third International Congress of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, is the book for anyone concerned about the use of endangered animals and plants in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
Other sections of the book include the results of a peer-reviewed survey of practitioners discussing medicinal alternatives for species used in traditional concoctions, a chapter on the importance of cultivation in conserving plant species, an overview of laws and treaties of the United States governing the import and export of endangered species, and a list of suggested actions intended to foster a sense of direction in conservation efforts. The approach to species protection that is described in the book can be applied to any species threatened by extinction and also provides a perspective on our own responsibility to preserve biodiversity.
As a TCM practitioner, and advocate of tiger conservation all over the world, as well as many other endangered animals, and as an animal companion, I want to declare my support for species conservation and awareness. The ancient healers used body parts of animals that are wild in medicines when they were in large numbers and were truly wild. TCM is quackery nonsense; I am no friend of big pharmacy but I personally prefer fact based medicine.
I personally believe it is downright cruel and absolutely unnecessary to use animal products in anything, be it cosmetics and TCM, although I must admit I’m not vegan. It makes me really sad when people put these poor animals in small cages then use them for our health when they are endangered and there are other alternatives for the animal ingredients. This website was really useful for my assingment so thankyou so much, but i did cry reading it! Grauer’s gorillas may soon be extinct, conservationists say: According to findings compiled by an international team of conservationists, Grauer’s gorilla populations have plummeted 77 percent over the last 20 years, with fewer than 3,800 of the animals remaining. NYC takes step to retire many carriage horses: Two years after he embraced the polarizing cause of ending the Midtown horse-carriage trade, a request of some of his most generous campaign supporters, Mayor Bill de Blasio is set to reduce the size of the industry and confine its horses to Central Park.

An Binh City: It is unreasonable that in order to protect their personal assets that went natural property damage. Each organ is also represented by a different element, reflecting the Taoist philosophy that the human body contains all of the elements of nature.
The Yang organs are mainly responsible for digesting food and transmitting nutrients to the body. Sunrider brings the Western world the benefits of this ancient healing tradition in convenient herbal and food supplements formulated for our busy lifestyles. See the Healing Herbs page to learn how different Sunrider formulas support the body systems listed above. Every Sunrider product combines multiple ingredients that work together to nourish the body’s different systems. It is not surprising, therefore, between 65%-80% of the world’s health care services are classified as traditional medicine. As a result, there are now professionals trained in both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine to conduct research on the development of Chinese medicine. They are oriental system of natural healing without structural repair and dependence on synthetic drugs. Shennong, born in the 28th century BCE, according to legend, is credited with compiling a catalogue of 365 species of medicinal plants that became the basis of later herbological studies. There is little doubt that the trade in tiger bones for medicinal purposes was a major factor behind the tiger conservation crisis of the 1980s and ’90s. Many TCM practitioners now refuse to use medicines that contain tiger parts, preferring alternative remedies instead.
This plan is being opposed by India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Indonesia as well as by tiger conservation groups around the world. Its popularity has been a major factor in the reduction of the rhinoceros population in Africa and Asia.
China’s Hainan province, whose coastal areas near Yaxian (called Sanya locally) provide ideal living conditions for the seahorse, is making significant investments in seahorse farming. The Third International Congress of Traditional Medicine, held in Toronto in September 2006, is one example of this. But they cannot replace constant and aggressive vigilance against poachers of endangered species who continue their illegal activity.
It begins with a look at international conservation agreements, moves to a discussion of the concept of sustainable use, and then continues with a review of the identification of species and the effects of identification on the trade of these animals. What we really need to do is educate people that even in TCM, there are alternatives to animal products. ONE OF THESE DAY ALL THE ANIMALS THAT YOU CAPTURE, SKIN, AND KILL OR PUT ON DISPLAY WILL BE EXSTICT! Scientists Are Entertaining the Idea: A cognitive scientist and a philosopher have proposed that insects have the capacity for consciousness. I live in a small remote community and these camels come into our homes and defecate on our items. Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to balance how the organs work together while also balancing the properties of cold and heat, internal and external, deficiency and excess. The philosophy behind TCM is holistic health care, from diagnosis to treatment to maintenance. Either now or future, based on its own potential, TCM will play an increasingly important role in promoting the development of a world medicine, and attract more attention from people around the world. Increasingly, however, modern medicines and remedies also contain animal and plant derivatives. Today there are as few as 5,000 to 7,000 tigers in the wild; they are designated as endangered on the 2007 World Conservation Union Red List of Threatened Species.
One of the most promising alternatives, according to presenters at The First International Symposium on Endangered Species Used in Traditional East Asian Medicine in Hong Kong in 1997, is the bone of a wild mole rat, Mysospalax baileyi or sailing; other possibilities discussed were the bones of dogs, cows, goats, and other domestic animals. If China legalizes trade in parts from farmed tigers, experts agree, the poaching of wild tigers will increase. According to the World Wildlife Fund, only about 3,100 black rhinos in Africa and 2,800 of all three Asian species (Sumatran, Javan, and Indian) in Asia still survive.
Because of the significant reduction in the population of wild Asiatic black bears that has resulted, bear farming was introduced in China in 1984.
Today approximately 90 health and medicine products containing seahorses are sold in China and elsewhere. The rising demand, according to the World Nature Foundation, had resulted, already in 1996, in the reduction of populations of the known 35 varieties of seahorses by more than half.

Sponsored by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the Congress was organized around the belief that the ecosystems on which TCM was built must be preserved.
Because poaching can be as lucrative as the narcotics trade, offenders are often willing to take great risks to be involved.
Utilizing the principles of TCM itself, the book was created with TCM practitioners in mind. Seriously, how many clinically orchestrated double blind studies have been done on the medicinal benefits of seahorse??? I often go see my TCM doctor who does not use any animal products at all, so I don’t see why other doctors have to use it.
After just one month using Sunrider products, I noticed a significant improvement in my health (as documented in my first blog). The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics, consisting of Plain Questions and Miraculous Pivots, has 18 volumes, each with 81 articles. In China, there are two systems– Western medicine and Chinese traditional medicine in one hospital. Given growing populations, increasing wealth, and the spreading popularity of natural remedies around the world, the demand for these medicines and remedies is rising.
TCM is all about restoring smooth movement of vital energy and the balance between yin and yang forces in its patients.
During its centuries of development, TCM spread throughout China and then into Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.
Black, Sumatran, and Javan rhinos are designated as critically endangered on the 2007 World Conservation Union Red List of Threatened Species, the Indian as endangered, and the African White variety as near threatened.
On these farms bears are confined to small cages where their bile is extracted through catheters, a painful and sometimes deadly ordeal.
Currently the seahorse is not listed as endangered and there are no international regulations on trade, a tragedy in the making. Regulations, where lacking, must be put in place, and enforcement by governments and international agencies must be swift.
Say you have 20% of the Chinese population carrying out illegal processes, such as importing fake goods, hunting endangered animals, etc. Based on a patient’s situation, both sides can discuss and treat a patient with Western medicine and Chinese traditional medicine. The rising demand, combined with reduced habitat, has caused an alarming increase in the number of plant and animal species (used for medicinal purposes) at risk.
It has been a major part of traditional Chinese culture and continues to play an important role in medical treatment in China today. Despite protective laws, poaching continues—still motivated by the Asian market for rhinoceros horn. Most important, TCM practitioners and patients must continue to reject remedies that contain parts of endangered and protected animals.
So we should do something about the minimise cruelty, but we should understand why this things works first, after that how we can change the situation and on the end we can talk not to use them at all. This article highlights some of the threatened and endangered animal species used in traditional Chinese medicine, the most widely practiced traditional system. Captive-breeding is now the only hope for some species until protection can be provided in the wild. Farming, which China claims to have success with, and medicinal alternatives may help save the musk deer. The three main alternatives under consideration in China, according to presenters at the international symposium in Hong Kong referred to above, are the muskrat, two species of civet, and synthetic materials.
If there are those of you who think the entire Chinese race should be accused because of this, I ask you to reflect on your own culture, your own people.
He calls on the United States, specifically, to pass national legislation to protect bears in this country and to inhibit international trading in bear parts.
The implications of harvesting large numbers of these animals for medicinal purposes, however, have not been fully explored. So hundreds of thousands of Rhinoceros have been killed and sold to TCM shamans over their large fingernails.

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