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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. It is a given that you may feel shame, coupled with anxiety, deep embarrassment and fear telling anyone especially soon after you have been diagnosed with herpes. According to World Health Organization, an estimated 536 million people aged from 15-49 who were infected by the (HSV-2)  Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 worldwide in 2003. This global prevalence and incidence of herpes may go up if not treated properly because people with the virus usually don’t have the symptoms.
Therefore, it is possible to pass genital herpes on to your sexual partner because the virus may be present in your genital area. People with a weaken immune system, may have more severe outbreaks and serious complications such as blindness, liver damage and inflammation of the brain. Like any other STDs, if left untreated, herpes simplex virus can increase your chance of getting HIV.
But if you are looking for a total cure of your herpes virus and tired of over-the-counter treatment or prescription drug that don’t work, then continue to read because I’m going to tell you that will eliminate your herpes totally gone forever! The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is the newest scientific natural-based approach to treat your Herpes Virus effectively with no side effects at all. This downloadable e-book (PDF format) is authored by a former Herpes sufferer named Melanie Addington.
Melanie herself had been a real victim of the virus and since then, her boyfriend left her. Her father found an effective way to cure the root causes of herpes using the natural method.

Her natural permanent cure for herpes has helped thousands of people who suffered from HSV I and HSV II by attacking the herpes virus from 3 different angles simultaneously. If you are suffering from herpes, and have been on medicines and drugs for ages now, with no positive outcomes, this book is for you. Basically, this book is intended for all herpes patients, who have or have not been yet trapped into the business strategies of pharmaceuticals whose priority is not your health, but money. The website offers a money-back guarantee to all buyers if no signs of improvement are observed in sixty days. Not a single person, who tried the methods suggested in this book, has yet claimed for these to be ineffective. Being a fan of natural treatments, what Melanie has done is to arrange the most reasonable and scientifically strong methods in an easy-to-operate format.
With her findings, one is not only recovering from outbreaks, or getting a better immune system, or just getting rid of the virus.
You can buy the guidebook online, and can get the e-book along with it too, and that too with a 60-day money back guarantee. The book is currently on sale, and can be bought in just $37, instead of $59, which is a discount of almost 62%. As hard to believe as this may sound, this is yet a foolproof procedure and no flaws or shortcomings have yet come to view. All in all, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol is the most productive cure for treating and fighting off herpes.
I was diagnosed with HSV2 6 months ago and been with many doctors, but they can’t get rid of my herpes.

While according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s data, there are more than 776,000 infected with HSV-2 among  men and women in the United States alone in 2008. Instead of wasting tonnes of money on medicines that are only designed to hide your illness instead of helping you recover, buy this book once and for all and follow the easy guidelines to help rid you of the illness from its roots. This book is intended to educate people all over the globe and to help them recover on their own; easily and cheaply. However, this may not be necessary, because the claims that have been made by the writer have all proved to be true so far, as suggested by thousands of people who have benefited from this book. Three different parts of the virus are being tackled, all at one through these methods, so that the herpes virus is killed once and for all. Instead, all three are done simultaneously, and that is why this is the most effective method till date.
With these easy, inexpensive and highly coherent details put in this book; you will never regret buying it.
Even though she has been taking several medications such as Zovirax and Famvir, she always had recurrent breakouts.
What I don’t like this product is that it takes time to heal but I am very much determined to get rid of this nasty herpes in my life forever.

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